Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2009 Restructuring! III

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Chapter 2009 Restructuring! III

Noah's actions with the Nightwalker were just one of the many events proceeding at the same time that he conducted the restructuring of one of the Fundamental parts that made him.

The Legion of retreating Primordials he was with had no idea of what had just occurred with the Dream Master that had eradicated a Primordial Suzerain in their midst, their War Vessels and clusters of Adjudicator Legions and Will Bearers returning to a nearby established Primordial Stronghold where other Suzerains were stationed.

With heavy losses and in a time of defeat, Noah's exploits were known but not focused on as only Juliette, Akaris, and Representative Aileron reacted and talked with him in their Legion!

Even Suzerain Jiyeon was busy coordinating what to do next as nobody stood just to give Noah fanfare for his actions, with any rewards and acknowledgements occurring when the enemy was taken care of and the battles were over.

At this time, the Primordial Legions were put on hold to recuperate while they waited for commands on what to do next.

As a being who had shown his power and importance, Noah's Clone of Alexander was standing with Representative Aileron as they talked, the figures of Akaris and Juliette around them with difficult expressions while Katelyn's clone stood calmly not too far from Noah!

"It's not just here."

The valor of Representative Aileron was still present as he shook his head grimly while speaking.

"I've gotten word that while dealing with the forces from the Dream Dimension, the Pure-Blooded Domains of the Infinite Willow Trees were attacked by droves of Primordial Beasts with multiple Suzerains in the lead. The number of Prime and Emerging Realities that fell…"


Abysmal news all around.

The hearts of those nearby sank as they thought, what response would the Primordial Assembly make to very quickly take care of this issue?

When stuck as such a thought, the Primordial Stronghold they were in that was enacted like a floating fortress Relic in the Boundary Between Realities began to bustle with activity as the wills of many beings shot out powerfully.

New entrants had appeared from one of the spatial formations as for them to cause such a bustle of wills…


Representative Aileron raided his brows with surprise as his Legion also sent their wills over to see what changes had occurred.

A lonely Primordial Suzerain appeared in the center of the teleportation circle, but his sides were accompanied by two massive gray-furred Beasts whose eyes shone with coldness and apathy!

One had the form of a Twelve-Tailed Cosmic Jaguar while the other stood powerful in the form of a Colossal Stellar Gorilla- their furs pristine and gray as they seemingly pushed away any Wills that came around them.

"These are the reinforcements?"

Even Representative Aileron did not know what they were as he moved forward quizzically to understand the situation as one of the leaders, leaving behind Noah whose eyes were hiding lustrous beams of light after seeing 2 Abominations appear!

The Primordials were beginning to deploy their True power- and in a shocking manner at that as it seemed Abominations would not just be active in Dimensions- these creatures were also being released into the vast Realities as many forces would come to learn of their terror in the days to come!

To the surprise of the Legions here, the Suzerain leading the two unknown Beasts was the only reinforcement they obtained as this being talked with Suzerain Jiyeon and the others to lead him to the forces that caused them to retreat.

Jiyeon and the other Grotto Haven existences held a hint of excitement in their eyes while they gazed forward- seemingly knowing something about these Beasts as they agreed and quickly got ready to move to the surprise of those below them!

Just these reinforcements were enough?

Disbelief was present to those who didn't know as soon after, the Primordial Legions in this area would move to seek retribution against the Nightwalker and his forces.

Uniquely, they wouldn't be able to come across their only enemy as the Dream Master had already perished under someone else's hands!

Another event worthy of note was within the bounds of the Mirror Dimension, where the Dual Cultivation session between Katelyn's main body and another one of Noah's Clone still continued.

"What are those Beasts?"

Their figures were covered by a vibrant light that hid everything from our eyes as while connected, Katelyn asked lightly.

As if she knew that somehow, Noah would just know about them!

"Abominations that reject the very workings of Nature and Decreta…"

He replied while remaining focused, seeing the ridiculous changes that Dual Cultivation brought to others- especially with him at the center as after he forged his Third Dimensional Layer and then also attained the ZENITH Quintessential Kainos Emperor Bloodline, the effectiveness was dialed up by a whole level as Katelyn had nearly saturated her Ultima Strata Origin and was now getting ready to enact a Haven!

He had also attained a Mythical Natural Born Mirror Physique and one of the distinguished Mirror Dimension Lineages as he set all of this aside for now to focus on how he could utilize Dual Cultivation the best.

This involved designating a Clone to do so in the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality with Adelaide, Barbados, and the others while also doing the same with Hecate Eranelon in the Apollyon Dimension.

The Conquest within this hellish Dimension would also change and progress rapidly as the Orc Daemon Commander who was at the peak of the Ultima Strata and seemed like a somewhat tall wall hours ago…was now nothing to Noah as he could steadily expand his influence within Lilith's home Dimension!

All of this…was just another set of paths Noah was taking as in addition to this, Noah had designated another clone to begin an arduous task within a different Dimension.


Within another region of the Dimensional Holy Land, Noah's Clone stared at the radiant blue light surging in the distance from his main body as he spoke towards none other than Valdez Tepez.

The Kun Peng in human form that was now bound to Noah as a vassal sighed while nodding, a Dimensional rift beginning to open up before them as the deathly cold allure of the Niflheim Dimension could be felt!

Within this Dimension, there was a lot of chaos unfolding as beside it all, the forces of some of the Ancient Races were hidden here- along with traces of Commander Feng.

Noah wanted to meet these Hegemonies that had reigned in the past Ages before being toppled by OPPENHEIMER as he would also scout another Dimension that would be among those he would enact in his next three Dimensional Layers!