Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2018 This Is My Age! L

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Chapter 2018 This Is My Age! L

Gazes as if they were staring at a monster!

This was because they knew how long it took for them to ascend the Firmaments of Ascendancy and reach the stage they were at now.

Yet this being had done so in weeks as he now wielded the Sword of Avalon.

Just what was he?

<If this is to work, we need to understand each other and who each party really is. If I am to put the safety of the Avalon Dimension on the line and truly give you all my support, I need to know who I am supporting.>

Guinevere finished with such words as she then silently waited for Noah's reply.

The man in question though was looking at the Sword of Avalon in his hands as this terrific tool he wielded and should be the master of actually tattled his identity to the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast!

It reminded him that even with so many safeguards, even with concepts of destiny and even the Heart of Destiny masking things about him- terrifying beings still existed who had their ways.

In this case, the Sword of Avalon was intricately connected in a way that even Noah didn't fully know with Guinevere, and she now sought to know more about him than just his True Name.

The powerful existences were practical and put forth great forethought.

Who was this being that would lead Avalon and what qualifications did he have apart from pulling Sword from Stone?

He only gained half the support of Guinevere with this action as the other Dimensional Rulers like Morgana would not simply move under his command.

So who was he to them?!

He smiled as words flowed out of his mouth calmly.

"If I can choose the most direct way for you all to understand, it would be the term that Lilith herself used when I came across one of her Wills in the Desolate Mausoleum. The term Irregular."


Noah's eyes turned sharp as he spoke out the identity that he saw Lilith chose not to reveal.

This single word instantly caused the situated Dimensional Ruler to blaze with power and authority as their gazes towards him became even more pronounced, but Noah was unphased as he continued.

"But…I know not what this designation of Irregular means, so I do not even consider it when calculating my strength. Though such an identity should have much more of a meaning to you than whatever words I can boast about myself."


A term known by those truly powerful as they had experienced beings such as this cause changes in Ages or so long as they moved!

The most recent example was none other than OPPENHEIMER as when he was done, the very course of the Desolate Mausoleum and 9 Dimensions was changed.

Not every True Emperor of the past Ages was an Irregular, but most Irregulars had attained the Seat of the True Emperor of an Age.

This was common knowledge among those truly powerful!


The Dimensional Rulers were silent.

Even Guinevere tapped her throne lightly as another hand held her fair chin, her gaze distant as if she was thinking of other things entirely.

The light around her visage was mystical to see as on another throne, the figure of Arthus spoke with reality.

<An Irregular that has managed to pull the Sword of Avalon. This seems sufficient enough to me.>

Support from the father of Lancelot as this existence believed in his son's intuition!

But at the same time…

<What is sufficient for you may not be sufficient for others. Hatred himself was an Irregular, and yet he perished under the hands of another Irregular. Just having such a designation does not mean one is Destined for greatness or to attain the Seat of the True Emperor.>

With his ancient visage, Merlin spoke out calmly as at the same time, other Dimensional Rulers chimed in.

<He already has the Sword of Avalon. Aren't our choices forces unless this authority is stripped from him first?>

The visage of a middle-aged man with a vibrant crew cut and a sharp nose- it was Galahad who spoke out at this juncture!

Morgana and a few others uniquely remained quiet at this juncture as Noah listened to all of them closely with a smile.

His eyes then came back to land on Guinevere who still seemed lost in thought after his words as he spoke to her directly.

"Let me ask you, what Age are we currently in?"


His question was simple, and yet his mere words caused the Essence of All resources in the surroundings to begin surging.

The Essence of concepts began to whip around madly as they nearly caused the particles of the Essence of the Decretum of Avalon and the Essence of Natural Laws of Reality to join them!

An air of shocking reality and authority descended as the Dimensional Rulers felt this shocking change, their gazes turning somber to focus on the being who could cause this with a mere utterance of his words.

Just what was he about to reveal?

Guinevere's eyes were glazed with a powerful light as she looked like an ancient Empress who should be untouched by even the gazes of others as she humored Noah and replied languidly.

<The Age of Quintessence.>

The first Age of the Kainos Era.

The Age where the Emperors within would have to show how much more they excel over all others!

It begged the question of how others rose to rulership in the Age of Destiny, Age of Fortune, Age of Misery, or even the Age of Chaos and the many others that preceded these Ages.

But it was set in stone that the first Age of any Era was bound to be a profound one just like the last Age of an Era.


Noah nodded with serene eyes as above him and behind him, authority began to be unveiled.

"This is the Age of Quintessence, and in this age, I…."


A droning sound of majesty boomed out as the surging tendrils of essence became even more chaotic, a symphony of wonder and power beginning to resound as it caused the hearts of all beings to be moved!

Above Noah's head and slightly behind him, a shocking authority that was hidden this whole time began to materialize as the first thing that was seen was a vibrant multicolored backbone and skeleton of a throne- a throne whose outline was extremely clear to the eyes.

This throne alone held a terrifying authority of Quintessence, but what was even more shocking was the crown that began to be unveiled above it.

A crown that was seemingly kept afloat by a ring of multicolored light as the base of the crown itself shone with a ring of gorgeous sandy gold. Above the ring of gold was a pristine verdant green light as above this was another ring pulsing with purple light, a mixture of these three colors making up the rest of the crown as tendrils of these colors surrounded in and even formed the Ecritures that when revealed…caused the Dimensional Rulers situated on the thrones to stand up in shock!

Surging around the crown with immense power and authority were none other than the ecritures of…


Brilliant in grandeur.

Pristine in authority!

"This is the Age of Quintessence, and in this age, I….am the Quintessential Dimensional Emperor. I am the Quintessential Kainos Emperor!"


His Royal purple hair whipped around his head with valor and authority as he grasped the Sword Avalon tightly, his eyes locked onto Guinevere as his voice boomed out with authority.

<This Age we are all in…it shall be nobody else's as it is my Age and mine alone to shine!>


Shockingly, halfway through his words, his voice had changed to contain a tone of authority that only the Dimensional Rulers had been using.

This was because around this juncture, a certain Decretum had shot up to achieve a stupendous level of understanding.

It caused the Essence of Avalon in the surroundings to surge as with the Throne of the QUINTESSENTIAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR behind him, Noah spoke out with majesty.

<So now…is my identity sufficient to lead the forces of Avalon?>

Pure majesty and valor dripped around him as he seemed too luminous for others to even gaze at!