Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2017 Guinevere Lll

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Chapter 2017 Guinevere Lll

Anyone aiming for the Seat of the True Emperor…would have to be stepped on as they would be his enemy!

These words resounded in the minds of Dimensional Rulers as their wills were fully focused on him.

Far away from the Lake at the center of Insula Avallonis, Lancelot watched this scene as he couldn't help but feel disconcerted.

The "Primordial Genius" he had brought from the Kun Peng's Cataclysm Nest…why did he seem so far away now? Why did he give off the same aura of authority that only those with the most power carried themselves with?

It was a unique scene to see as he and many others continued to observe as the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast and the Imperius Avallonis stared each other down.

Her radiant purple hair with streaks of white shone with a dazzling light as she nodded.

<Very well.>

Her pure white dress and wings of the pure essence of Avalon vibrated as essence erupted from her, forming into multiple simple thrones floating above the lake.

She lightly came to sit on one as she motioned for the other Dimensional Rulers to do the same.

<As this involves the Lineage of all Avalonians and the 9 Dimension, we must convene and understand each other past mere claims and authority.>

With her at the lead, Dimensional Ruler Arthus, the Wizard of Avalon Merlin, Morgana…and all the remaining Dimensional Rulers took on humanoid forms and floated towards the simple Thrones with power!


Guinevere beckoned to the Wizard of Avalon as this ancient being sat on the simple throne while gripping his staff, bringing it down to come in contact with the lake water below them as a brilliant light of Illumination bloomed soon after.

It showed a stellar field of light that held 9 vibrantly colored obelisks within, obelisks shining purple, gold, green, crimson, silver, black…a myriad of 9 colors as Noah's eyes could see a close resemblance of these obelisks to the image of the 9 Anchors he had now seen twice!

<The 9 Dimensions…>

Guinevere's cold eyes shone as she began.

<Are planes that existed alongside what is now known as the Desolate Mausoleum. Many years ago, this was changed by the hands of those who were most powerful at that time as the Desolate Mausoleum became what it is known now and the 9 Dimensions became Anchors to it. Those who caused this change…we are their descendants.>


A storm of Providence rose and whipped the surroundings as within it, Seas of Destiny, Fortune, Karma, and Fate could be seen!

<The Dimensional Rulers across the 9 Dimensions are all descendants of the Lineages that fundamentally changed things all those years ago, with our purpose this whole time being to keep the status quo.>

The coldness and apathy in her exceedingly beautiful face had a trace of emotion in it as Noah could actually see minute specs of anger!

Such eyes shone with such intensity that they naturally released an enticing light that made the opposite sex feel a need to possess them.

But Noah remained unfettered as he sat on equal levels between Nature Integration Realm experts of an entire Dimension.

<Over the years, those capable have left as most existences who were First Generation descendants like Lilith's father have either left or perished, leaving everything in our hands.>


Among her many titles, the Dimensional Deceiver was also known as the Daughter of Hatred!

A Daughter.

Her father was someone considered a First Generation descendant of immeasurably powerful existences of countless ages past, and yet OPPENHEIMER had overcome this being and many others in the last Age to split apart the Main Reality!

<This was a Sacred Crusade we carried on our shoulders and would have eventually handed down to others, but OPPENHEIMER's actions changed all this as the very fabric of Reality is accelerating towards an apocalypse.>

The utmost apathy in her eyes gradually faded with more emotions as Guinevere didn't give a damn about saying OPPENHEIMER's name like so many others.

Her words caused Dimensional Ruler Arthus and the others to vibrate with authority as Morgana even scoffed beside Noah.

<Thus…I myself am not too inclined on this crusade any longer as what I want to do the most is preserve the home I have known for billions of years.>

Her serene eyes turned to gaze over the Insula Avallonis and the vast stretches of the skies she could see past it, speaking shocking words for someone in her position as some Dimensional Rulers even looked alarmed!

Morgana had a difficult expression as she seemed torn between duty and what she wanted herself, but she remained silent as Guinevere continued.

<I care not for what lies outside the Desolate Mausoleum. I care not for the lands our Ancestors left as I simply want the safety of what I call home. And that…is where the Sword of Avalon comes in. That is where you come in, Noah Osmont.>


Noah's True Name was uttered as his eyes flashed with a chilling light, locking onto Guinevere entirely as if nobody else existed!

In her glacially cold eyes, a hint of a smile appeared as she continued.

<The Sword of Avalon is a powerful tool, and I am connected to it.>


<The moment you accepted it and it harmonized with you, the least I could do is grasp who you really are.>

<Someone without much history, where even after learning of your name, the only information I could pull from our networks is your identity popping up as an enemy of Primordials on their Blacklist as you also go by Alexander King as one of them. What is most baffling though, is how little is known about you and how the timing of everything truly doesn't match.>

The timing of it all!

Guinevere was trying to grasp who Noah really was as the future would hold too many interests!

<If the information from the Primordials is to be believed, you were in the Firmaments of Ascendancy weeks ago, and then promptly stepped onto the stage of Reality, crossed the Stratas the weeks that followed as now…you somehow stand at the level of a Suzerain.>

Silence descended in the surroundings.

Arthus and Morgana along with all other Dimensional Rulers couldn't help but lock onto Noah and gaze at him with strange gazes.

Gazes as if they were looking at a monster!