Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2019 This Is My Age! Ll

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Chapter 2019 This Is My Age! Ll

<So now…is my identity sufficient to lead the forces of Avalon?>

The words struck the chords of the hearts of all beings here as they couldn't help but stare in a dumbfounded manner above Noah!


Morgana's eyes trembled as she unconsciously walked closer to Noah, scrutinizing the dazzling crown and throne above him as if it could somehow be faked.

Merlin stroked his beard with a grim expression as the gazes of all other Dimensional Rulers carried incredulity, the only one retaining her calmness being Guinevere as she still sat while only gazing at Noah.

Outside of the expectations of all others, she only gazed at his pristine authority as she picked up on something else within his words.

She sensed the pristine and completed authority of none other than the Decretum of Avalon as its essence seemed to be emerging and wrapping around Noah's body, cradling him carefully as if he was a newborn!

<You've achieved completion in the Decretum of Avalon?>

Her words held a hint of disbelief as she knew the Sword of Avalon closely.

One could say that apart from Noah, nobody else knew the Sword of Avalon more than her!

She knew that one of the biggest boons was one's understanding of Avalon being brought up to 75% as over the next few years as they harmonized with it, they would eventually attain complete understanding in this Decretum.

So she knew that just moments ago when this being pulled the Sword of Avalon, he was only at 75%. So how did he just achieve 100% Understanding?

<Oh, this?>

Noah pulled upon the foreign but pristine authority of Avalon into his voice as it reverberated with authority, his heart and will morphing as many prompts were blooming within the mind of his main body!

This was because during the saturation of the Third Dimensional Layer from 100 Trillion to 200 Trillion, he had achieved a complete understanding of the Decretum of Avalon!

<I mentioned before I left that I was waiting for something before passing judgment on the Traitor. That was me naturally waiting to achieve a complete understanding of the Decretum of Avalon after gaining an initial understanding of it this past day.>



Utter silence descended after Noah's words.

They sounded utterly ridiculous as the Wizard of Avalon couldn't help but release a vibrant light of authority, Noah feeling this light surging towards him as when he saw it wasn't intended to harm, he left it alone as it coiled and mixed with the authority around him!


The gaze of Merlin underwent a drastic change as he shook his head with even greater incredulity.

<He isn't lying…how is he not lying…?>

The words of the man before them were complete truths as the Dimensional Rulers didn't know how to take them!

How long had each of them taken to fully grasp the Decretum of Avalon?

The millions of years worth of hard work they had put in felt insignificant when they now heard that this being before them had only taken a day!


Silence descended upon the lake.

When the Dimensional Rulers put together the identity of an Irregular, the incredulous talent he showed, as well as an authority where in the Age of Quintessence, this existence was named the QUINTESSENTIAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR…they truly had no ways to refute!

So their eyes and wills faced their own internal battles as they thought about how to move from here.

Meanwhile, Noah's eyes remained on Guinevere to confirm his cementation of authority over the Sword of Avalon and her support.

This existence didn't make things easy even after seeing all this, her languid eyes seemingly taking everything in and nodding as she continued lightly.

<You've answered a large part of my question about your identity…but, I still have not learned who you are. Your character. What motivates you to seek the Seat of the True Emperor? What motivates you to stop the coming Apocalypse when there are others trying to do the same? Because if you tell me it's out of the goodness of your own heart and your vast compassion for the masses or to save the lives of those you have never met, I'll be sorely disappointed. >


<What…are you protecting, if you have anything at all to protect?>


The surrounding changed and became heavy once more.

Unlike the other Dimensional Rulers who were contemplating what to do as what Noah had revealed showed his shocking prospects and ability, it seemed that this was not what Guinevere was looking for!

She put aside Noah's identity as an Irregular and as the QUINTESSENTIAL DIMENSIONAL EMPEROR as what she truly wanted to understand was his heart.

For her to leave the protection of her home and to lead its forces to him, she wanted to understand why he did the things he was doing!

The why was always the most crucial thing in anyone's life- even those living for billions of years.

Noah silently looked at Guinevere's placid eyes before moving his gaze to the many Dimensional Rulers around them, his voice full of authority ringing out.

<There are too many eyes for me to pour out my heart in the way you seek.>


A simple set of words.

Yet a moment later, Guinevere's body lit up with incandescent light as Absolute Avalon Authority surged- coagulation above her head into radiant particles that formed into another version of her, but made purely from Avalon Essence!

The eyes of the clone and her true body then gazed towards Noah as even in the midst of all this, she was still testing him.

Noah smiled at this test as such a thing…was feasible once had had a complete understanding of the Decretum of Avalon- though he wouldn't be able to do it to the extent Guinevere was capable of. And such a form had its own boons that Noah would fully view the descriptions of later!


His body lit up with grandeur.

Purple radiance overflowed as above him, Absolute Avalon Authority amalgamated to form into a devilishly handsome figure of a tyrannical emperor that with a tap from Guinevere, the both of them began to ascend upwards and leave behind Insula Avallonis and their True bodies that remained with dissatisfied Dimensional Rulers who also wanted to be a part of this last conversation!