Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2021 Re-Saturation!

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Chapter 2021 Re-Saturation!

The vibrant luster of Providence surged in the surroundings as Noah looked at it closely.

This was also a law he wanted to grasp as with his rather ridiculous percentages and time he had within the Dimensional Holy Land, he felt like he would be able to grasp and learn it when he could already identify its essence.

Such a Fundamental Natural Law surged around them right now as in moments where one's actions or the actions of a few were ones that would have a tremendous effect on the lives of many in the coming future!

Seeing such a development, Noah naturally smiled towards Guinevere as he spoke back in the same tone.

"How about the other Dimensional Rulers? How quickly will you be able to make them fall in line?"

The support of one powerful Nature Integration existence was stupendous, but having 9 more was even more glorious as when he did this- all the Domains these beings controlled and the whole of Avalon Dimension would fall under Noah's grasp.

"Mmm…" The brief smile that lit up the surroundings was slowly tucked away as her glacial demeanor came back, Guinevere gazing below them at the points of light as she replied lightly.

"For them, power speaks the most volume. You've already won the favor of some with your identity and authority, the others will simply bend to power. Let us see how the show you have planned in the Dream Dimension with the Abomination goes as if it is dazzling enough, the rest of them should slowly come to support you."

Noah's eyes flashed with a sharp light at this reply as he nodded, also gazing below their feet as a hungry light came over his eyes.

"Then, without any more surprises suddenly rising…let me lay down the punishment of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor."


His thoughts were brazenly put out in the open when he was before Guinevere as she simply waved her hands coldly to cause their figures to rapidly descend, returning back to their True Bodies and to the faces of Dimensional Rulers who held dissatisfied expressions!

<Was whatever he had to say to you sufficient to move you?>

Morgana was the first to echo out with authority in her voice as the Absolute Avalon Clones returned and disappeared.

The languid eyes of Guinevere were as calm as ever as she replied blandly.



She didn't use his name as she instead spoke of his title- a choice that reminded the Dimensional Rulers who the being before them was as many of them couldn't reply straight away!

Her words caused the gaze of some to become even more clouded while others remained impassive, their standing towards Noah unknown.

<Let us first set things right though. Starting with the one who betrayed his entire Lineage to support a Dimensional Hellion Ruler to attain the authority of his home.>

Even before her words finished, Noah was already walking towards the bound Emerillon- the Heliotrope Lion Emperor whose power was still unshakable!

Even though his True Vitality Values were drawn down to the lowest level and his resource Regeneration was cut off, this being was still dangerous to the utmost level.

But while weakened so much and bound by Guinevere, it would be a simple matter to utilize the authority of 100% Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon to cause the dissolution of this being from his Integration of the very aspect of Reality!


What exactly did 100% mean?

To grasp this, we have to go through past prompts that had crossed before Noah's Main Body not too long ago.

<You have successfully re-saturized the Dream Dimensional Layer.>

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Dreams has been forcefully increased to 50%>

<You have successfully re-saturized the Prana Dimensional Layer.>

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Prana has been forcefully increased to 50%>

<You have successfully re-saturized the Avalon Dimensional Layer.>

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon has been forcefully increased to 100%>


At that juncture, pristine purple waterfalls of pure Avalon Essence had begun dripping above Noah's head from a rift that formed above him- this purest essence coming to bathe his Origin with a fantastical form of a profound distinction, honor, and authority!

It wrapped around his Origin to bring about a fundamental change as while this occured, the rest of the prompts had passed over his eyes.

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age significantly increases.>

<The Undefined Authority under you has greatly increased.>

<The re-saturated Paramount Kainos Dream, Prana, and Avalon Dimensional Realities grant a base addition of 450,000 Dimensional Damage and Defense Values, bringing your Overall Origin Base Value to 900,000.>

<Your Reserves of the Essence of Reality have been elevated to the Maximum of 1.6 Billion.>

<Your Maximum True Vitality Values have risen to 2 Trillion.>

His base reserves of the Essence of Reality were doubled, his baze Damage Values were doubled, and so was his True Vitality Values as after accounting for the Augmentation of Decreta and Natural Laws- these values were inflated even more!

Most things were beautifully augmented, yet Noah sadly didn't see any prompts on the changes for the number of Stanchions or Reality Passages after the process of re-saturation!

But he did see something else that came to wrap the prompts on this beautifully before the changes of Avalon showed themselves.

<3x Pure Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seeds has been obtained.>

The Pure Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seed that granted 25% in a Decretum or Natural Law, or half of that percentage in a Fundamental Natural Law!

Noah has gained an additional three after the re-saturization as he now held four in total.

Wondrously, with such a number…he could put them towards any Decretum of a Dimension to complete it in its entirety.

Or he could save them all to be utilized for the hard to trek Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics and any others he might soon attain!