Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2022 Fundamental!

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Chapter 2022 Fundamental!

Fundamental Natural Laws.

Just how distinct were they from normal Natural Laws? How different were they to the Decreta of Dimensions?

At times, observing their application in action was the most direct path of understanding!

Far away from Noah and yet close at the same time- within the Dream Dimension.

The nexus event worthy of note was unfolding in a spectacular fashion as for stretches of light years, the light of Absolute Dream Authority covered everything.

Like a vast and endless world of Dreams the size of multiple Grotto Sanctums, a domain was laid out by the ancient looking Dream Dimensional Ruler as all of the Abominations led by Bjorn were included in this domain- their gray scaled bodies lighting up with horrific Authority as they clawed towards the center of the Absolute Dream Domain in a frenzy!

Bjorn was at the edges of this Domain commanding the Abominations as his hand inscribed with <I> lit up with majesty and power, his Will and soul surging into it to intricately command these Abominations.

Uniquely, even while standing against Absolute Dream Authority- the whole domain merely acted like a quagmire for these Beasts as while they couldn't reject and nullify it complete like the normal essence of Decreta and Natural Laws, they seemed to at least be held down by it!

But this was all.


An Abomination taking on the form of an Abyss Draconian Velociraptor bellowed out with a heart shaking authority, its body being covered entirely by a gray authority that seemed brighter than all the rest.

This vibrant gray light pushed away Absolute Dream Authority as this Abominations turned into a missile that tore across space towards the lone ancient looking old man whose entire body seemed to be made of sand!

The speed was so fast in comparison to moving in a quagmire that the Dimensional Ruler could only shift his body aside, but his hand was still on the path of the crystalline jaws of the Abomination as a portion of it…


Was torn off.

Even though it was incorporeal and it could not be grasped upon, his hand was forced to briefly materialize when in the jaws of the Abomination as it was actually torn off.


The incorporeal Dimensional Ruler stared at his hand with apathy and coldness as in the gold domain with flowing rivers of Absolute Dream Authority- the many other Abominations roared out and lit up with the same light as their eyes took on an incandescent sheen.

At the edge of this Domain, Bjorn roared out with bloodshot eyes as more of his will poured out to command!

"End it!"


Like missiles let loose, the Abominations surged out and ignored Absolute Dream Authority.

The highest tier of authority within a Dimension…could be temporarily ignored by the Abominations so long as they activated an ability that covered them with an incandescent swirling gray authority.

This…was dreadful news for any existences within the 9 Anchors as even their strongest could fall down under Legions of Abominations!

These Abominations did not need to fully understand any Decreta or Laws in order to eliminate existences who had even integrated with Reality.

And Bjorn wanted to prove that as he watched with clarity while many jaws and claws of Abominations tore across space towards the lone Dimensional Ruler.

A Dimensional Ruler from the Dream Dimension that already had such existences few in number.

They were few, but they were old. Extremely old as this fact alone still allowed them to retain their Hegemony as one of the 9 Dimensions.

Age wasn't always a factor of strength, but when one had lived as old as this ancient Dimensional Ruler before us, it became a crucial feature!


As tens of Abominations neared his body to rip apart everything about him, the eyes of this Dimensional Ruler actually calmed as he closed them.

He was known by many names.

But the most crucial one was The Dreamer of Providence.

His body lit up with a radiant golden light that wasn't Absolute Dream Authority- but it was an Absolute Authority of another nature that made him seem like a burning golden sun.

It was the Absolute Authority of a Fundamental Natural Law that very few could actually understand to completion!


Like a singularity forming, Providence rushed out with an allure of majesty and power as it seemed undeniable.

It was around the same time that the deadly claws of Abominations neared as when the two came in contact….


Sparks that tore apart the fabrics of Reality bloomed.

The unique and heart shaking power within the bodies of the Abominations…could not so easily reject and nullify the Absolute Authority of Fundamental Natural Laws!

The essence of the Natural Law of Weak Nuclear Force was initiated as shockingly, an obscene nuclear fusion reaction bloomed from the point of contact between the Absolute Providence Authority and the terrifying gray light.

A nuclear fusion reaction that affected the fabric of Reality itself as soon after, even the Essence of the Fundamental Natural Law of Relativity was activated as space and time itself became warped, a shocking explosion budding at this moment as it carried an unknown number of Trillions in Damage Values!

The very fabric of Reality was torn as soon after…


A deafening explosion bloomed out as in this brief period of time, one could see the pristine and seamless bodies of the Abominations gain…some cracks.

Just some cracks.

A shocking explosion then followed that flung their figures and the figure of an apathetic old man countless light years away as it ripped apart the space time continuum itself.

It flung multiple Abominations and the Dreamer of Providence in one direction as even Bjorn's figure spat out golden blood and was flung light years away!

Uniquely, the body of the Dreamer of Providence did not resist the forces of the explosion.

He allowed the Absolute Providence Authority to wrap around him in a wondrous fashion as he closed his eyes and tore across the spacetime continuum, letting this essence lead him where it would as he trusted in Providence!

The force of the explosion was heavy as the figures off the Dreamer of Providence and tens of Abominations were flung extremely far away, but their path uniquely headed towards a certain location where they shouldn't have neared if Providence was flowing normally.

If this Fundamental Natural Law was not affected.

But it was.

So the bodies of the Dreamer of Providence and Tens of Abominations shot towards the direction of nothing else but Dungeon that a certain being had made.

A Dungeon that at its very core, a Pocket Dimensional Reality was swallowing the very domains of the Dream Dimension!