Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2023 Meeting Some, Killing Some! L

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Chapter 2023 Meeting Some, Killing Some! L

The workings of Destiny interweaved with Fate, Karma, and Fortune as they were swept up by Providence.

The very fabric of Reality was torn and shattered after a shocking impact as the results of this would soon come to unfold!

In the Dimensional Holy Land, Noah was gazing upon the boons brought forth by the ZENITH Quintessential Kainos Emperor Bloodline breaking the limits of his Origin- boons that were too many.

When he enjoyed the feeling of re-saturation, the authority of the 100% Understanding of the Decretum of Avalon had wrapped around him and ushered in new knowledge.

<Decretum of Avalon>:: An extremely high authority stemming from the Avalon Dimension. Sitting above Edicts and equaling only the Natural….-After arduously seeking understanding in this Decretum, you have achieved 100% Understanding and can freely wield Absolute Avalon Authority. Current Boosts granted to you through this understanding- 1,000% Augmentation to True Damage Values, True Defense Values, and True Vitality Values. Due to achieving full Understanding and gaining control over Absolute Avalon Authority, you gain an additional increase of 1,000% while moving within the Avalon Dimension, and you can choose to forge an Absolute Avalon Clone that can nullify upto 80% of incoming True Dimensional Avalon Damage Value, or you can utilize Absolute Avalon Authority to wrap around you in a protective shield that can nullify 80% of incoming True Dimensional Avalon Damage Values. The utilization of Absolute Avalon Authority is only the doorstep as when you have integrated yourself into it, even more powerful paths shall open. Once integrated, only those who have achieved 100% Understanding in a Natural Law or Decreta can manage to segregate you while in your weakest state. For the Quintessential Kainos Emperor, Integration shall happen naturally after the completion of the 6th Dimensional Layer….

A bundle of information that Noah was still exploring and having more enter his mind while he learned of Absolute Avalon Authority.

There were many aspects to it, but the most crucial one was the fact that an existence could utilize Absolute Avalon Authority to segregate those who had fused with the fabric of Reality and grant them true death!

This was the main aim as at this moment, his Avalon Dimensional Chassis stood before the massive figure of a Nature Integration expert with his Sword of Avalon raised.

He had risen from the thrones that Guinevere made for everyone as after gaining her support, nobody would stop him from doing what he was about to do!

The Sword of Avalon pulsed in his hand as it began to be wrapped in a milky purple light of Absolute Avalon Authority.

It had newly unlocked features after the full support from Guinevere, but Noah put all of this past him as his focus remained on eradicating this already heavily injured and bound Dimensional Ruler before any new surprises rose up!

The gazes of Merlin and some other Dimensional Rulers changed to become somber at this as the bound existence was a friend and a brother to them.

The fact that Noah was choosing to not pardon him and truly pass down judgment would be an action that remains in the hearts of these beings. An action that would be hard to shake off!

But the rewards for this were too crucial for Noah to give up- and another chance of getting such a powerful existence gift wrapped for him would not rise again so easily.


A droning resonance began to resound as a sad symphony hung in the air.

The True Vitality Values and Innate Dimensional Barrier of a Nature Integration expert were not present around Emerillon as Guinevere had made sure of that.

The body of this massive Heliotrope Lion Emperor was bound by chains of both Avalon and a myriad of Natural Laws and Fundamental Natural Laws, unable to even regenerate its resources as its Vitality was currently down below 100 Trillion!

<With this action, we set an example.>


Guinevere's voice rang out from behind as she floated while watching this scene with coldness.

<With this action, we make a statement as the support of Avalonians can only fall towards the Imperius Avallonis.>

A thorough declaration of her support resounded as Noah's Tri-Pupiled eyes released astounding brightness, the Sword within his hands enlarging massive while surrounded by the dazzling purple light that was pure Absolute Avalon Authority!

He didn't cast a skill and wanted to feel the segregation process himself as it would grant him a better understanding, so he watched with utmost attention as the Sword of Avalon swung down.

The sullen and nonresponsive Heliotrope Lion Emperor rose its head at this time as it came to stare at Noah with apathy and ancientness, its eyes reflecting the Sword of Avalon that right before it fully sunk into its head…the milky purple light began to change and be tinged with blue.

A pristine, Royal, and gorgeous cerulean Blue!


Absolute Pure Mana Output.

Its shocking effects actually bloomed here as well!

The Quintessential Natural Born Infinite Mana Physique was so domineering that it took any of Noah's output and changed it, and with the nullification of 80% True Avalon Damage Values that Avalonian Nature Integration experts had, it would be hard to kill them with such an essence!

So it might have taken Noah a long time to grind down this existence while un-integrating his Aspects of Existence, but if the authority he wielded was replaced….


A profound effect bloomed that even caused the nearby Dimensional Rulers to once more gaze forward in shock.

The tinge and change of blue wasn't simply a change in color.

As it sunk into the head of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, the milky cerulean light that had covered the Sword of Avalon was an entirely different Absolute Authority!

<An Astounding Achievement!>

Beams of purple and blue light erupted out the moment the Sword sunk in!

<You have brought to fruition wisps of Absolute Mana Authority while not having a complete understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics!>


A shocking affirmation came in!