Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2024 Meeting Some, Killing Some! Ll

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Chapter 2024 Meeting Some, Killing Some! Ll

<You have brought to fruition wisps of Absolute Mana Authority while not having a complete understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics!>

Absolute Mana Authority!

An Absolute Fundamental Authority!

An authority that only the most powerful Dimensional Rulers who had completely understood a Fundamental Natural Law could utilize!

On Noah's side, he hadn't done anything but rely on Absolute Pure Mana Output that had shockingly even changed the nature of the Absolute Avalon Authority he was attacking with.

Truth be told…even he didn't know that this was possible!

He expected the skills he cast to be affected and changed by Absolute Pure Mana Output- but he never expected its extent to even reach an output of Absolute Authorities.

<Your Understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics moderately increases.>

<Your Understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics moderately increases.>

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age significantly increases.>


The Sword of Avalon had pierced into the head of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor whose eyes were illuminated by an incandescent blue.

He couldn't do anything while bound, so Noah closed his eyes and set his will into the Essence released by the Sword of Avalon and into the mysteries of the Nature Integration Realm as he found himself gazing into a fantastical scene.

The existence before him that he was attacking…it was like he didn't fully exist when his senses reached out.

It was like his Sword was simply piercing through a space of Avalon itself.

Nature Integration.

This was the wondrous aspect and uniqueness of it.

A being truly integrated themselves into Nature as diversity this process and eradicating them was nearly impossible.

This was why the gazes of Merlin and a few Dimensional Rulers who still didn't wish to see the death of Emerillon changed when Noah erupted with wisps of Absolute Mana Authority.

They truly didn't believe he could actually kill this brother of theirs even if he had ridiculously understood the Decretum of Avalon in such a short period of time.

Because…while he could theoretically segregate his target- this would only be something feasible with his Integration of the Decretum of Avalon.

But what about the other aspects he integrated himself into?

The Heliotrope Lion Emperor had also integrated himself with the Natural Laws of Gravitation, Elasticity, and Oscillation. The Decretum of Avalon would be someone easy to segregate, but the Integration of the Natural Laws? This would either require a significant amount of time or too much Absolute Avalon Authority that the being before them might not be able to spade!

It would be nearly impossible…unless an authority exceeding most Decreta and Natural Laws appeared.

And ridiculously, such a thing did appear as wisps of Absolute Mana Authority weaved into the integrated aspects of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, Noah's senses observing the shocking changes as he saw the very core of a being be ripped away from its solid fusion with Nature!

Even though it was small in volume, the wisps of Absolute Mana Authority surged like a precise scalpel and carved out the Origin, Body, and Soul of Emerillon out of its Integration with precision- putting its body out in the open gradually and capable of being harmed to the point of no return.

Like watching a stable radiant sea have a chunk of itself carved out, being separated from nature and brought out into the open as only after it was separated from Nature could one destroy it!

This was an Aspect that made killing Nature Integration experts so tricky.

Even if you continued to damage them- so long as you didn't remove their integrated state with the Natural Laws or Decretum that formed the very fabric of Reality- you would not be able to kill them!

This was also what made it nearly impossible to kill existences who had integrated multiple Decreta and Natural Laws- especially Fundamental Natural Laws.

Bring that had integrated with Manadynamics or Entropy…would need existences who had done the same or with a similar tier of Law to destroy!

For the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, Noah had to only segregate the Natural Laws of Gravitation, Elasticity, Oscillation, and the Decretum of Avalon.


The Sword of Avalon buzzed as Absolute Avalon Authority surged out and stupendously transformed into small wisps of Absolute Mana Authority.

It carved out the three Natural Laws and Avalon is it made a Boundary Between it and Nature as this process was slow for Noah to do currently- but he would become faster with it in time!

The moment that he had entirely carved out the aspects of Existence of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor from Nature…



A sea of blue spread out.

Too fast for the naked eyes of Suzerains, but very clear in the eyes of Nature Integration existences as they saw the Assassin Emperor of Severance clad in a dangerous cerulean light surge into the core of Emerillon.

This aged existence continued to keep his gaze upon Noah calmly as he didn't beg or falter even when his Aspects of Existence were segregated from Nature.

Even as the symphony of death neared!


Noah's own body shone with a multicolored luster as one of the 12 chances to utilize Quintessential Treasure Cache was activated.


No sound could be heard as only the allure of vibrant light could be seen.

Separated from Nature, the Aspects of Existence of Emerillon were submerged with over 100 Trillion Damage Values from Noah's single attack as his very core felt dissolution and destruction!

Rays of Resplendent light were shooting out, but it was like all sound was blotted out as even the symphony could no longer be heard.

The scene contained a lugubrious sense of majesty as watching the light dimming within the calm eyes of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor was rather sorrowful!

The surroundings of Insula Avallonis seemed to dim just a little along with the loss of life as even Noah's Tyrannical gaze did not feel any triumph or excitement from this moment.

The first Nature Integration Realm existence perished by his hands under unique circumstances, but the tone was much different than any previous times when he overcame a great enemy!