Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2025 Meeting Some, Killing Some! Lll

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Chapter 2025 Meeting Some, Killing Some! Lll

A sad light illuminated the purple horizon as the light faded from the eyes of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor and was drawn in entirely into Noah's body.

Like an empty husk, everything about this Nature Integration expert faded as his whole body glimmered away into purple dust- everything about it having been absorbed by Noah as its light passed through the connection of the Avalon Dimension Chassis and towards his main body!

This light underwent quantitative and qualitative change under Absolute Loot Authority as above Noah's main body in the Dimensional Holy Land, a massive and radiant Quintessential Treasure Cache began to form.

Its light was vibrant as it shockingly surged with tendrils of dense fortune, destiny, Karma, Fate…and the fantastical allure of Providence.

That was the stage that Absolute Loot Authority had reached!

The wonders to come out of the Quintessential Treasure Cache backed by Absolute Loot Authority were bound to be something shocking.

But there were even more surprises that came with the process of killing a Nature Integration expert.

While not entirely connected, they were related as it was Noah's usage of Absolute Avalon Authority to attack as Absolute Pure Mana Output turned this into wisps of the Absolute Fundamental Authority of Manadynamics!

It created a fantastical result at the end.

<Your Understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics has reached 25%>

<Initial Understanding in the opposing Fundamental Natural Law of Entropy is beginning to bloom.>



A symphony of a blaring horn boomed out. While a Quintessential Treasure Cache formed above him, his visage erupted with a cerulean light that began to interweave with a malevolent obsidian crimson light!

Manadynamics and Entropy.

If you found an existence proficient in one, there were more than likely proficient in the other!

Noah had finally crossed the threshold of one of these Fundamental Natural Laws as he now began gaining initial understanding on the other.

And while this occured…

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age significantly increases>

His Quintessential Kainos Authority rose to ever greater levels as an existence of his stature eradicated someone so much higher.

As someone like him actually killed a Nature Integration Realm existence!

And as he killed a weakened being of such a level that was already near death from the actions of other beings similar in power, something occurred in this same period of time.

Something not in the Avalon Dimension or the Dimensional Holy Land of his Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality, but instead in the Dream Dimension!

It was a disturbance that caused his Dream Dimensional Chassis to open its golden eyes from the depths of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon.

The clone had been twirling with the Essence of Dreams with purpose and understanding when all of sudden, it felt massive fluctuations of power and Essence as a golden shooting star made its way directly toward the Dungeon.

But this golden star was not alone as with it, tens of gray lights followed!

Gray lights that the moment Noah fully ascertained what they were, he couldn't help but curse.



The golden and gray lights crossed the Boundary of the Dungeon with ease, the figure enshrouded in the golden light that Noah recognized as Providence suddenly twisting in the air as if he wasn't just being propelled by a shocking force- his figure descending and coming to land right before the entrance of the first floor of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon!

But the gray light of Abominations smashed onto the sandy gold earth and caused multiple indentations due to their rejection of the surrounding essence.


Noah couldn't help but curse as this was entirely unexpected- nor had he had any indication of it happening.

A Dimensional Ruler clad in the essence of Providence arrived with tens of Abominations!

His preparations…were for a single Abomination that should have been arriving at this location while chasing a Suzerain soon.

Yet Providence had thrown something else entirely as grok the inner Boundary of the Dungeon…



The bodies of the Abominations twitched and rose with authority.

A few cracks could be seen over their hardened gray scales and skin, but there was nothing more apart from that as they bared their fangs right away towards the enemy they had even chased here!

An enemy whose expression was unfettered- the visage of an ancient old man standing strong as his form shone with golden grandeur as he instant turned and began slowly walking into the first floor of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon.

And terrifically, the Abominations roared out an followed right anger as this sudden development of events caused Noah to scramble for a solution!

While the Dream Dimensional Chassis would deal with this, the Main Body did not wish to wait.

Even though challenges were constantly blooming, he still wanted to gaze upon the Quintessential Treasure Cache that stemmed from the upgrades of the Resplendent Treasure Emperor and a Nature Integration expert.



So he spoke with authority.

And the radiant multicolored chest opened up like an ancient monastery that was lost through time.

An opening that came with gorgeous prompts!

<+3 ZENITH Blood Drops of the Nyavagoth True Emperor from the Age of Terror has been attained.>

<The Absolute Mirror Dimensional Relic Spear of Reflection has been obtained.>

<The Failed Modus Operandi of Reality Integration from the Age of Exploration has been obtained.>

<The Broken Connate Fantasia Dimensional Relic Fabric Tearer has been obtained.>

<The Excerpt of the Watcher from the First Age of the Olden Era has been obtained.>

<50 Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas have been obtained>

<The Remnants of the Dictatorial Nature Absorbing Arts have been obtained.>

<The Connate Dimensional Relic Wings of Magic have been obtained.>

<The Reality Altering Construct of the Golden Forge has been obtained.>

<The Excerpt of the Fallen from the Last Age of the Olden Era has been obtained.>

<The Transcendent DHARMA Relic Crown of the Ascendant has been obtained.>

<The Gigantomachy Origin Physique Refinement Modus Operandi has been obtained.>

Surging waves of fortune overflowed in a stellar fashion as Noah's Expansive Space lit up brightly!

Ridiculous names of treasures continued to rise before him as their brightness overcame everything else in his Expansive Space, promising magisterial wonders that Noah could not even imagine!