Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2026 A Cache Spanning Across TheAges! L

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Chapter 2026 A Cache Spanning Across TheAges! L

Too many wonders fell before Noah's eyes!

In the Expansive Space, ridiculous Loot like the Excerpts of existences from the First Age of the Olden Era and the Last Age of the Olden Era appeared.

Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas…Connate Relics…Modus Operandi…and even drops of terrifying Bloodlines!

It was all too fantastical as he let his eyes be drawn over by destiny.

He let his will surge out to see which item drew him the most!


A low symphony began to buzz as his will came upon a page.

An ancient page that held fissures and swirling waves of the Fundamental Natural Law of Providence.

It was the page that was termed <Failed Modus Operandi of Reality Integration>!

<Failed Modus Operandi of Reality Integration>:: A technique from the Age of Exploration that an Irregular close to attaining the Seat of the True Emperor of this Age had forged. Staying true to the meaning of his Age, he explored a different pathway of Nature Integration apart from Integrating ones Aspects of Existence with Decreta and Natural Laws to become part of the fabric of Reality. This Failed technique tried to explore things in the other direction as its forger tried to instead have the fabric of Reality become a part of him and control Natural Laws and Decreta to fall under his command. The input into his Aspects was too much as his Origin faced instant destruction and he instead became assimilated into the fabric of Reality. The methods of this technique begin with…


In Noah's eyes, time came to a halt.

Nothing seemed to matter but the ancient page before his eyes as when he read its contents, he couldn't shake them off!

All Nature Integration existences became a part of the Fabric of Reality when they integrated Natural Laws and Decreta.

But what if one tried to force the very fabric of Reality to become a part of them?

An Irregular had tried such a marvelous idea as…it cost him his life and the Seat of the True Emperor!

But as soon as Noah saw it, it was like a seed that sprouted into a wildfire that he could not put out.

This…was the first loot to come out of the Quintessential Treasure Cache.

Something that caused Noah to look at his own path and Realm progression as he had to wonder…would he follow what he had currently set or would he try to innovate once more and do something that even an Irregular had failed at many Ages ago?!

The question was a hard one as with reluctance, Noah pulled his eyes away and sought to see if the answer could be found in any of the other loot to come out.

<ZENITH Blood Drops of the Nyavagoth>:: Three drops of blood were lost through time during a perilous battle. They stemmed from Chthonian Emperor Nyavagoth ehp had attained the Seat of the True Emperor in the Age of Terror. If you can replicate their bloodline, you can attain a Unique body constitution that allowed this existence to passively swallow the essence of Nature through his cells, gaining understanding in Decreta and Natural Laws over time…


In the Expansive Space, three crimson black Cosmos could be seen as they released a terrifying life force and Vitality.

Well, they seemed like stellar Cosmos but they were merely drops of blood!

Noah had to commend Absolute Loot Authority as it truly granted him what he needed the most, the Lineage of a terrifying past True Emperor being something that one couldn't easily put a value on.

As for replicating it?


Noah's will shone with the light of Gravitation as he drew these three drops of blood towards his Body. Whether one would be enough to attain the Bloodline and the other drops of blood could baptize Noah in some way was unknown, but he had no problem assimilating them into his own ZENITH Quintessential Kainos Emperor Bloodline and seeing what the results would be!

Like an expansive black hole, the Obsidian crimson drops of blood disappeared into him as his body instantly began to pulse with a fiendish air.

An air of ancientness and wildness permeated outwards as his body took everything in and tried to make something out of it!

And while this occured, his eyes were drawn into another loot in the Expansive Space.

This one was unique as it was a multicolored ball of light that seemed to contain a pristine bundle of information.

It was the <The Reality Altering Construct of the Golden Forge>!

<The Reality Altering Construct of the Golden Forge>:: A unique systemic construct from the Age of Fortune. The True Emperor of this Age had obtained her seat by doing nothing but elevating the height of this construct, bringing to fruition a Golden Forge that passively generated Connate Relics, Panaceas, Lineages, Techniques, and many other things that were lost in the river of Providence across the Ages. The True Emperor had remained in her homeworld and continuously elevated her construct while consuming everything it gave, and by the time she left her home to explore, she found that she was the one with the most strength and Fortune in her Age…


Noah was speechless.

Things could also be done like this?

The workings of a terrifying construct entered his mind as it granted shocking prospects, its usage having already shown guaranteed results as all that Noah had to do was grasp exactly what it was and if he could make this the next aspect of his system!

Reading it's description and beginning to assimilate its boundless information caused Noah to be even more excited for the rest of the loot!

His eyes and will sought them out as they landed on another Resplendent glow.

It was another ancient looking page, but this one was torn and divided as it didn't seem complete.

It was the Excerpt of the Fallen from the Last Age!

<Excerpt of the Fallen from the Last Age>:: An excerpt from the Age of Destiny that contains records of those who had fallen under the reign of the True Emperor of this Age. It contains memories of a few Destined Emperors that can be accessed with an input of the Essence of a Fundamental Natural Law and three Decreta. Accessible Records include <Feng's Demise>, <The Fall of the Kun Peng Emperor>, <The End of Hatred>, and <Eowyn's Adversity>.


A page that contained shocking bundles of information.

A page that even for it to be read- strict requirements were in place!