Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2027 The End Of Hatred! L

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Chapter 2027 The End Of Hatred! L

The Excerpt of the Fallen from the Last Age floated within Noah's Expansive Space grandly as his will couldn't pull away from it.

There were many things he wanted to see within it, hit body lighting up with the Essence of Manadynamics, Avalon, Dream, and Prana as he allowed them all to surge into this golden page.

The Essence of a Fundamental Natural Law and three Decreta surged into it as Noah saw the ancient page swirl with a fantastical light, his nearby will sucked into it as he came into a unique space!

A unique space that was a blank void except for ten massive doors.

Each door was a memory as above one relatively small door, Noah could see <The Fall of the Kun Peng Emperor>.

At a slightly larger door, <Eowyn's Adversity> could be seen written above!

The doors varied in size as <The End of Hatred> was not even the largest, with the largest door actually being titled…<The Last Stand>!

Noah's will received bundles of information soon after as he understood exactly how the Excerpt of the Fallen from the Last Age worked.

The larger the door, the more Units of the Fundamental Natural Law and three Decreta that were required as Noah directly placed more and more…into the door holding the vibrant words of <The End of Hatred>.

The exploration of Loot was stopped briefly as Noah wanted to see just what was held in the ancient page of the Excerpt of the Fallen from the Last Age!

His essence was rapidly expended as seconds passed. His will slowly began to have a sinking feeling as if he was entering an entirely different location, his vision being taken away soon after as he entered utmost darkness.

<Excerpt of the Fallen from the Last Age>:: Title- The End of Hatred.

The skies or the earthen layers could not be seen.

Even the void of space was barely perceptible as every single fabric of Reality was filled with the Essence of dense and actively moving Natural Laws, Fundamental Natural Laws, and the Decreta of multiple Dimensions!

Occasionally, these dancing clusters of essence would be drawn upon by two wills as they formed into sharp swords that tore against their enemy.

The figures of those in combat were imperceptible to the common eye as they shone with a blinding radiance, where the mechanics of the blooming battle would be understood very little unless one had reached the same stage as them!

One was a massive demonic existence while the other was humanoid and shining with a glorious luster.

Their bodies were swirling with dense Seas of Absolute Fundamental Authority and Absolute Decreta Authority as their wills fought for supremacy!

The spacetime continuum was constantly ruptured and reinstated, the flow of space and time constantly put in shambles- but these figures fought like they superseded all of this.

The demonic figure in particular was shining with a light of glory as his voice emanated powerfully for many light years.

<What exactly are you trying to do?>


A voice alone that carried the authority of the Fundamental Absolute authority of Manadynamics and Entropy.

While his voice echoed out, his hand moved like countless blinding suns as they shone with a luster that even Connate Dimensional Relics could not match!


The Natural Laws of Weak Nuclear Force and Strong Nuclear Force tumbled as the very structure of Reality was broken and reformed in real time- the enemy on the receiving end of this moving with utmost calm as any attack that flowed towards his glorious visage…would seemingly disintegrate the moment it neared his skin.

<I'm looking for a change….any change at all.>

His voice was entirely unexpected.

It was filled with warmth and a calculative glare that didn't have any malice or killing intent towards the enemy it faced!

Yet the surging tendrils and rivers of essence moving under his command were undeniable as they neared the visage of the Demonic Emperor.

Of Hatred!


A blaring sound boomed out.

<I see.>

Radiant light erupted around the body of Hatred as the fabric of Reality was torn.

Above his barely perceptible demonic visage, Reality peeled open like a mirror as it reflected the visage of Hatred from another possible path- from a parallel reality that ran alongside his!

This other Hatred opened its eyes with blinding coldness as it moved out of its parallel path and came towards the plane with the occurring battle, this scene repeating multiple more times as behind Hatred, below him, and to the side- mirrors parallel paths revealed themselves as other versions of him moved in synchrony to surge out and surround a single enemy!


The Natural Laws that kept together the fabric of Reality were thrown into chaos as horrendous destructive forces all surged towards a lonely humanoid figure full of radiance.

A figure that even amidst such a cataclysmic change, calmness remained as towards the incoming waves of attacks that could erase an existence, he reacted simply as his best began to shine…with an incandescent gray radiance!


This light came to cover his whole body as the Essence of Natural Laws and Decreta seemed pushed aside for a second.

This light glimmered with a domineering might as it prevented all the deadly waves of catastrophe from even nearing- wings of resplendent gray light forming on the back of the humanoid as he turned into a streak of gray light that instantly passed through one of the many bodies of Hatred in the chaotic space!


The Segregation of Natural Laws and Decreta occurred nigh simultaneously as the gray light did not stop.

Its wings buzzed as this light became ever faster, intent on ripping apart as many Hatreds as possible as the only way to track it was with the allure of a dazzling multicolored crown and the structure of a throne that seemed nearly complete above it!

<Your goal is a fool's errand.>

Amidst all of this, the voice of the Central Hatred resounded out as Swords of Apollyon, Niflheim, Avalon, Prana, Fantasia, Dream, Mirror…Swords of a myriad of Dimensions formed while mixing with tendrils of Natural Laws to try and stop the advancement of a single man.

<Even if you succeed…you still fail at the same time.>