Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2028 The End Of Hatred! Ll

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Chapter 2028 The End Of Hatred! Ll

<Even if you succeed…you still fail at the same time.>

The voice of Hatred was old and filled with certainty.

And yet the man he faced did not care, becoming ever faster as crescent moons of gray light as vast as Sanctums proliferated and bloomed out with purpose!

His reply was simple.

<Maybe. But I will at least live to find out.>


A deadly verdict.

A verdict that OPPENHEIMER would deliver on this day!



A blooming ray of light returned Noah's consciousness after witnessing fantastical scenes, his Will being taken back to the void of space with many doors.

An Excerpt! This was all it was as it was just a piece of information, with this ancient page being torn and worn out as it didn't give the full record!

But it showed shocking scenes as just a single one managed to show Noah a hidden history with his eyes barely taking a glimpse at the battle mechanics of extremely powerful existences.

It also showed OPPENHEIMER covered with a pristine gray light Noah could say with certainty was connected to the Abominations, with the power of this existence being nonsensical as he was fine even while facing multiple Hatreds from parallel Realities!

His background and capabilities were still just great mysteries that would maybe be somewhat solved if Noah went through all of the memories here.

His eyes were vibrant as they stared at the other doors, but he held back on rampantly going through everything as he waited a few seconds for his resources to fully recover before infusing them onto another door.

Outside of the Excerpt of the Fallen from the Last Age where a portion of Noah's will was pulled in, his main body was releasing waves of incandescent allure as the drops of blood he had devoured and the bundles of information he was interpreting about the Construct of the Golden Forge were made clear to his eyes.

For the Three drops of blood…

<The ZENITH Lineage of the Nyavagoth had been assimilated into the Lineage of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor.>

His very cells lit up brightly with an Obsidian crimson light as his body began to suck in the surrounding essence like a vortex.

<The feature of Devouring Terror of Nature has been granted under the Lineage of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor. It allows you to devour the surrounding essence of Nature and Decreta at the self-designated cost of the Mana and the Essence of Reality to control the pace and speed of absorption. After sufficient Units of essence of the targeted Natural Law or Decreta have been reached, initial understanding will be granted. The effectiveness of [Devouring Terror of Nature] is then reduced a thousandfold for the continued passive Devouring and increasing of Understanding in the targeted Natural Laws and Decreta.>


The explosive force that his body released was domineering as what he wanted to gain understanding in the most right now…was Providence!

And the concentration of Providence was always coiling in small amounts within Nature, but he knew of a place that held an overabundance of such essence.

One was the Empyral Domain of Nature in the Main Reality, and the other was around an existence that had just walked into the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon!

As Noah thought about what he would do, more prompts continued to rain down.

<The residual blood of the Nyavagoth is resonating with the dense life force of the VITALITY Ecritures within your blood and your EMPYRAL Bones.>

<The Authority within the Blood of Nyavagoth wishes to see the proliferation of life force and the stabilization of your foundation, increasing the progression of change for your EMPYRAL Bones as it wishes to turn your whole bony skeletal structure into EMPYRAL.>


A crimson green maddening force of life erupted out as Noah gazed at his refulgent stellar body calmly.


What he had was unprecedented in this Age and more than likely in many past Ages, with the only mysteries being OPPENHEIMER and a few others as he would love to learn how the hell a being like Hatred pulled upon parallel paths to take his other selves within them to use as a form of attack.

There were still many unfathomable mysteries across the Desolate Mausoleum and 9 Dimensions that he would have to wade through over time, but the more crucial aspect of all of this seemed to be the Fundamental Natural Laws and their integration.

So while his Main Body observed the changes in his Bloodline and began to delve into the Reality Altering Construct of the Golden Forge, a major portion of his will came to focus on his Dream Dimensional Chassis in the Dream Dimension.

Here, a figure clad in Providence was making his way across the floors of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon!

The floors were intricately designed worlds and realms with their own unique environments as throughout them, many Infinite Dream Automatons were stretched out.

Though at this juncture, they didn't do anything but stare coldly at the figure of the Ancient old man who didn't even glance towards them while moving forward!

This was a Dimensional Ruler.

A mere Infinite Dream Automaton wouldn't do a single thing to him as Noah played things by the ear and watched as this being ascended towards the top floor where he resided.

In every area that he passed, the Infinite Dream Automatons would fade away soon after as in the seconds that followed, deep roars and howls would come as tens of gray-scaled Abominations also scaled upwards!

The Dreamer of Providence ascended like this as terrifying Beasts followed him from behind, finally coming across a massive golden sandy door floating at the peak of a void filled with tendrils of aether that he floated towards and pushed.

It was the door that led to the Final Boss Room one would only reach after arduously defeating Infinite Dream Automatons and other existences Noah wanted to put within the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon!

But this being arrived here simply as the scene changed once more.

He appeared on a straight golden hall that was lined up by dazzling colors of countless Seeds of Reality that were piled up like mountains, the allure of other loot like Physique Refining Pearls, False Grotto Nacres, and genuine Grotto Nacres making up the mountains of wealth on the sides of this massive golden hall that led straight towards a golden throne!

A throne…that currently had the Dream Dimensional Chassis sitting on calmly, his figure already beginning to erupt with a devouring force that only attracted the Essence of Nature the moment that the Dream Dimensional Ruler entered.

He activated the <Devouring Terror of Nature> as per its description…he could set its resource cost to determine just how quickly his absorption was.

So for the resource cost of Mana…he did not put a cap on it.

For the resource cost of the Essence of Reality, he began with 1 Billion Units!


The dense particles of Providence around the Dreamer of Providence began to be pulled away with fervor as just as he had been doing…this being walked forward as his aged eyes now locked onto Noah's visage!