Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2029 Convergence! L

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Chapter 2029 Convergence! L

The scene was a unique one to see as a Dimensional Ruler walked forward calmly in a long golden hall lined up by mountains of loot.

He gazed at the seeds of Reality holding stellar Cosmos, the Nacres holding illusory rivers of Realities and everything else with an appreciative light as he continued forward.

His figure was draped in pristine sandy gold robes as his hair was tinged with streaks of gold and white, a rough beard present on his chin as his eyes shone with calm and brilliance!

The Essence of Providence densely swirling around him as he walked forward, with this being pinching his fingers every now and then and erupting with Absolute Fundamental Authority, then nodding his head lightly…and then continuing to move forward!

He neared Noah's massive golden throne without a word as when he got to the steps that led right to it, his bright eyes gazed at Noah up and down while he stroked his chin- and he simply nodded towards Noah.


No words.

The two beings stared at each other as Noah cared not for this, his body vibrating with <Devouring Terror of Nature> as one could visibly see the Essence of Providence and any potent surrounding Essence of Natural Laws surging towards him!

The concentration of natural essence to absorb in the surroundings would take too long and was too thin, but the Essence actively erupting from an existence like the one before him was too concentrated.

The more this being released Providence, the faster that Noah could gain an initial understanding of it!

So he also stared back wordlessly as this unique Dimensional Ruler stroked his chin thoughtfully while gazing at him up and down, and he then…went on to slum and sit on the golden steps leading to his throne while stretching his body as if he truly was a tired old man!


His visage turned around as just like Noah, he faced the doorway at the end where the roars of Abominations could already be heard from afar.

While stretching his body that pulsed with shocking power, this being finally spoke.

<Ah, these old bones aren't as strong as they used to be. It's good that the younger generation will step in to help old things like us.>


The Dreamer of Providence spoke calmly while nodding with understanding at his own words, Noah speechless at this as he was already forming a plan on how to solve the immeasurably difficult problem!

Since this being had spoken, Noah replied back.

"Who might you be?"

His Tri-Pupiled eyes were shining brightly, but they couldn't obtain anything from this being as he was purposefully wrapped in mystery.

<Friends call me Old Dreamer, enemies call me the Dreamer of Providence. I'm just an old man that has been living for too long, and yet my time still has not come.>


As he spoke he waved his hands with a spatial light as some Seeds of Reality from the mountain of loot came towards him, grabbing some and putting them in his mouth to chew on them like peanuts! He nodded his head in appreciation while he did so, and the roars opposite to them continued to get even louder!

Noah's eyes were sharp as while discerning with destiny and trying to grasp Providence, he asked calmly.

"And why did you step into my Abode and lead all of these monstrous Abominations here, Old Dreamer?"

His friends called him Old Dreamer. His enemies called him the Dreamer of Providence.


Providence flourished in even greater abundance around the figure of this old man as a smile spread on his lips while he continued to chew on the Seeds of Reality!

<As I mentioned, it is not my time to die yet. The pesky Abominations on their way here and their handler who will no doubt be coming soon wanted to defy the workings of Providence, so I was led here. So long as I am here…I shouldn't lose my life?>

His tone turned quizzically towards the end as if even he wasn't sure!

Noah shook his head with annoyance as his preparations had not fully finished before he was thrust into this nexus event.

The next set of Annihilation Techniques were not fully formed as he would have to divert a Clone to fully finish this now, with his Main Body remaining absorbed in understanding the loot from the Quintessential Treasure Cache.

The issue of tens of Abominations coming and even more on their way after that…his Dream Dimensional Chassis could not handle this alone as he would need aid from another Clone!

"I have measly power at the Grotto Haven level, what makes you think being in my domain will aid in any way against creatures that you cannot handle?"

Noah asked inquisitively as he wanted to understand Providence more! Just what information did it grant others about him, or was it just surface level as nothing crucial was known about him?

<Mmm, I also found that baffling…>

The Old Dreamer turned towards Noah briefly with sharp eyes as he continued.

<...but I've learned not to question Providence. I'm also curious to see how this pans out so much so that I'm ignoring the fact that you are Devouring the nearby domains of the Dream Dimension and even the Essence of Decreta and Natural Laws. I'll seek your aid in understanding this later.>


His eyes held a hint of profound wisdom as he smiled, turning back to see the gray scales of a Claw tearing apart the doorway as the Abominations neared!

<Against constructs that even Dimensional Rulers cannot stand against, how will a single existence that hasn't integrated with Nature stand against them? I'm curious about this the most. But if you're planning on doing anything…it would have to be very soon, my young friend.>


The bellows of Abominations that dispersed Decreta and Natural Laws stretched out.

Tears in space stretched out as the first Claw of an Abomination making its way over forcefully tore open the void and turned its apathetic gray eyes into the grand golden boss room!