Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2033 Cruciality! L

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Chapter 2033 Cruciality! L

The scene was disastrously tense the moment that Bjorn arrived.

His visage was wild and unfettered as standing before multiple Dimensional Rulers, he instantly covered his body clad in Absolute Gravitational Authority as he knew the lightest touch and authority from a Nature Integration Realm experts would be deadly against him- and having multiple before him meant he had to be all the more careful!


Two Abominations in the forms of Celestial Apes covered his defensively as he was ready to utilize their power at any moment to stand against the might of Dimensional Rulers.

He still had confidence as he knew the obscene power of the Legion of Abominations he carried. But…he would never simply rely on confidence when facing beings who had fully comprehended Fundamental Natural Laws and more.

He would rely on the power behind him as while he made multiple preparations, the biggest one was the ecriture of <I> shining brilliantly on the back of his hand.

It granted him the authority over this Legion of Abominations, but he wasn't the main holder of this authority. There was the existence who granted him access.

There was the Tribunal Ruler…Aegon.

A signal traversed across space and time.

It ignored any possible restrictions from the domain of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon and the Dream Dimension entirely as it carried a radiant gray light, crossing into the folds of the Desolate Mausoleum and arriving at the depths of the Main Reality!

Inside a massive Empyral Domain of Nature that spanned the size of too many Sanctums, an existence adorned in simple white robes opened his eyes while the Essence of Entropy, Relativity, and Manadynamics calmed down around him.

His hair was prisitienly black and flowing behind him in a wild fashion, his bronze face carrying exquisite handsomeness that would dazzle the eyes of all!

His eyes showed Age and experience of billions of years as the Absolute Authority of three Fundamental Natural Laws danced around him, the number of normal Natural Laws he had fully grasped unknown as he gave a glimpse to what the title of a Tribunal Ruler meant.

Free and unfettered access to the Main Empyral Domain of Nature at the center of the Main Reality!

Access that allowed them to easily bathe in the essence of Natural Laws and Fundamental Natural Laws in a way no other beings in the Desolate Mausoleum or in the 9 Dimensions could enjoy!

It allowed them to accumulate shocking power after the end of the Age of Destiny to the current period of time.

This being opened his eyes at this juncture as when he flipped his hand, an ecriture of <I> adorned with golden grandeur and inscribed wings of authority was shining.

His will surged into it as his eyes flashed not too long after, eventually rising up to gaze towards a certain direction as they released a brilliant luster and sent a portion of his Will forward!

In no time, this portion of Will attracted the Essence of Fundamental Natural Laws and formed a body that materialized in an entirely new location.

When it opened its eyes, it was within the bounds of a dazzling throne burning with flames of authority that others could not even peer through.

It was here that his strong voice boomed out towards 11 other similar Thrones also blazing with fiery authority.

<My Representative has met not just one of the Dream Dimensional Rulers, but also the sudden reinforcements of 5 additional Dimensional Rulers- all of them from the Avalon Dimension.>


As he spoke, his throne released a radiant light that showed off a scene from the Dream Dimension.

A scene of piles of Mountainous treasures lining up towards a golden throne where two figures clad in gold and purple were near to- their faces covered by a hazy light of brilliance as they couldn't be seen at this moment!

But beside them..

<Guinevere, Arthus, Morgana, Merlin, and Galahad…I don't recall there being any strong connection with them and the Dreamer of Providence…>


The voice of Tribunal Ruler Althea echoed out in its mesmerizing tone as they knew all the Dimensional Rulers shows before them!

After all, to overcome one's enemy, one had to know them the best.

<A single Legion is able to handle two to three Dimensional Rulers if an exceptional Commander is leading it…even if Bjorn fits this category and exceeds it, he still made the right choice to reach out. I propose…that we use this chance to fully begin out aims with the Dream Dimension, while at the same time taking down the strongest Rulers of the Avalon Dimension. I propose to send one of my bodies there.>


A shocking assertion left Aegon's throne as it caused a slight silence to pervaded the surroundings!

It was because his actions would mean many things.

Too many things!

<Our direct involvement will more than likely cause those in the Prana and Quantum Dimension to move with haste…not to mention Lilith.>

The voice of another Tribunal Ruler echoed out as Aegon remained silent.

This wasn't the voice he cared for the most as be waited, and he didn't wait too long as…

<What do you think?>

The mesmerizing voice of none other than the Eminent Mastermind, Noah, echoed out.

It seemed directed towards two other Tribunal Thrones that mainly retained their thoughts, but one spoke out at this moment in a feminine tone as it seemed to speak for the other as well.

<We cannot fear the start of the movements of our enemies when they are bound to move sooner or later. But if we do move, let us guarantee complete results. Have a body of Althea join this juncture as well.>


A surge of Providence exploded out that the perceptive eyes of all Tribunal Rulers picked up.

Aegon alone was overkill as he would be going and taking multiple Legions of Abominations with him.

One of his bodies alone would have been enough for them to achieve their aims as this particular Tribunal Ruler had actually proposed to send Althea to guarantee results!