Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2034 Cruciality! Ll

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Chapter 2034 Cruciality! Ll

The Tribunal Rulers Aegon and Althea to be the ones to head into the Dream Dimension aside from a single Representative under Aegon!

It was utterly overkill, but the Tribunal knew not to play loosely with fate.

They were beings that understood Providence as even if the job could be more than completed with the visage of a single Tribunal Ruler, having a second one would do no harm.

Tribunal Ruler Althea sent her will from her Throne as she was in agreement.

Behind her blazing throne, a fair hand rose up and looked behind it at the vibrant runic ecriture <II> as her eyes flashed with many thoughts.

Away from her, Aegon affirmed his side as well while the voice to have brought forth this idea continued.

<Then…the two of you need to aim for the death all Dimensional Rulers in that enclosed domain, and the acceleration of the Apocalypse of the Dream Anchor.>


<The moment one anchor falls, the others must soon follow. When you pass word of you victory and the fall of the 5 Avalonian Dimensional Rulers, we shall siege Avalon next.>

One terrifying set of words after another echoed out as the Tribunal Rulers were in agreement after the words a single mysterious existence among them.

The Siege of the Dimensional Rulers of the 9 Dimensions as eventually, they were going for the apocalypse of these Anchors! The meaning behind these actions were grand as the consequences were ones that would cause one to pause and ponder!

Then, there was the existence behind one of the blazing thrones that had brought this idea forward.

Just who was this Tribunal Ruler whose words weighed so heavily?

One of the few pieces of information that very few beings knew to this day was tied to her. Information that was only whispers of rumors in the ears of Primordial Grotto Haven existences but much more well known within the Tribunal.

The information that among those that OPPENHEIMER held dear…this Tribunal Ruler was among the very top!

But others didn't talk about this so freely.

After everything was decided, the chosen parties began to move.

The Wills within this unique domain remained dormant and active as in other locations, their Bodies began to move!

In the Main Empyral Domain of Nature, Tribunal Ruler Aegon was looking at a second version of himself when the aura of a heart shaking existence neared his position, the visage of Althea coming by as her striking red hair caused everything to brighten up.

She was adorned in a cerulean white crystalline battle Armament that vibrated with the Essence of Manadynamics, her hand carrying a massive and exquisite crimson bow that terrifically shone with Entropy!

<Ready to go?>

She calmly communicated with Aegon as he turned to nod towards her, the bodies of these Tribunal Rulers shining with Dream Essence as a gateway very quickly began to form before them!

The ecritures inscribed on their hands glimmered with a pristine light as while gazing at the forming gateway, the forms of gray scaled and gray furred Abominations began to rise behind them as they came out of their own enclosed domain.

They were even more massive and pristine as they seemed a tier greater than the Legion Bjorn controlled, titanic Abominations even being seen among their ranks as such a force…


Began to surge towards a single location.

It was the use of an absolutely unstoppable force to achieve a single result.

A single ultimatum!

Across the spacetime continuum.

In a domain filled with Mirrors, Noah's Clone adorned himself in a tightfitting matte black shirt and pants as he stared out into the expanse of reflections around him.

His heart felt unsettled even as he crazily rose in power, with his Main Body having already made great progress in the Fourth Dimensional Layer as he could see the reflection of prompts already begin.

Yet Destiny was becoming hard to discern as Noah knew something crucial was about to unfold.

"You're okay?"

Behind him, Katelyn tied her silver hair up as she was adorned in a silver white battledress, her body released vibrant waves of life force and power as she was shockingly standing at the early stages of Grotto Haven!

She…an existence who had only formed her Reality not too long ago!

Her achieving this stage was a testament that wasn't mainly due to her talent and power, but to the extent of boons one could achieve when Dual Cultivating with Noah as his body truly was akin to a Panacea for others.

He didn't even need to spend an Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panacea to bring his women to this stage as with Katelyn reaching it, he was making sure others were receiving the same favor and treatment!

But even amidst all of this, he felt unsettled.

Katelyn came to stand beside him as he spoke out.

"Just the weaving of destiny becoming harder to read. Let's go. I'm curious to see how the two Lineages of the Mirror Dimension rule and how we can elevate you the fastest within their ranks…"

His eyes flashed with ingenuity as the pathway of this clone in the Mirror Dimension resumed after a lengthy break of Dual Cultivation.

Katelyn nodded with a light smile as the coldness and apathy in her eyes had reduced greatly, her figure beside Noah carrying a vibrant and refreshing feeling as she hadn't had a chance to be so carefree around anyone her whole life!

Her carefreeness was only dimmed when she thought of the state of her sister, but she kept this in the back of her mind as she moved forward.

The two of them began to float away from the crystalline castle they had been in all this time as at this juncture…


A blaring horn that only Noah could hear boomed out as a dark and heavy symphony began to resound.

Before the eyes of this clone, his Main Body, and all other Clones spread out across the Dimensions and Reality, a blaring prompt with crimson gold borders bloomed.

<Multiple Clones under you have advanced in the Hero's Journey as they are entering the [Point of Death and Rebirth]>