Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2038 The Heart Of Mana! Ll

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Chapter 2038 The Heart Of Mana! Ll

The Heart of Mana!

It promised many things, but the most crucial of all was that abilities that had a cost less than 5 Billion Units of the Essence of Reality…Noah could effectively cast them as many times as he wished with no resource cost!

His highest usage abilities right reached a range of what, 1-1.5 Billion Units of the Essence of Reality?


He was covered in such a shocking way as this wasn't the end of it. This number would rise in the future depending on Noah's power as it would grow along with him.

His Heart of Mana would always continue to exceed itself so long as he did so!

And one of the more fantastical things to come out of it all was something termed True Reality Cast and Attack Speed.

Such a Value was increased by 10,000%.

Take into account a numerical value of 1- where Noah could vast a single skill in a microsecond. Now…he would be able to cast it within the span of a hundredth of a microsecond! Then the speed at which this skill attacked would also be multiplied by 100 times!

It meant an opening for new forms of combat as Noah only had to design the perfect skills for it.


His Heart of Mana began to beat as every single beat sent a surge of essence across his body.

It caused him to feel revitalized and euphoric as if he could every minute movement of essence across his Vessels and very cells!

This…was the feeling of an Absolute Fundamental Authority as soon after, this feeling of understanding spanned away from his body and applied outside of him.

Noah's Tri-Pupiled eyes saw scenes of wonder and majesty as he felt the Absolute Mana Authority surging within him and then resonating with the very fabric of Reality, keeping the flow and order of essence from a small scale and on a large scale as its effects were pervasive.

<You have seen the way.>

<You have gained access to utilizing 100 Units of Absolute Mana Authority.>

<Your Understanding of the Natural Law of Entropy has increased to 10%>

With the progression of Manadynamics, so came Entropy which went hand in hand.

Unveiling the mysteries of this law also granted the secrets of Entropy as understanding was forcefully increased by a tenth!

But the wonder at this juncture was Manadynamics as its information bloomed before him.

Fundamental Natural Law <Manadynamics>:: A ruling authority that governs the absolute workings of Reality. Understanding it to completion means comprehending this aspect of Reality as you can easily influence it in an unimaginable manner. With the understanding of Manadynamics, one can come to the realization that essence can neither be created nor destroyed, simply changed into different forms. With full understanding, you can now transform Mana into different forms of energy while utilizing Absolute Mana Authority…Current understanding of the Natural Law of Manadynamics 100%. Current Boosts granted to abilities infused with the Essence of Manadynamics- 1,000% Augmentation to All Essence Reserves, Essence Exchange Values, True Damage Values, True Defense Values, and True Vitality Values. With a full understanding of this fundamental law, one of the keys of Reality has been attained…]

Its description was clear cut and simple in nature as it granted exactly what it previously promised and more with its authority being used to form the Heart of Mana.

It propelled his resources to ridiculous levels.

It further increased his Damage and Defense Values!

It granted him everything he needed as all he had to do now was wait for his Fourth Dimensional Layer to be saturated and increase his base Values.

Now, he just had to finish a ridiculously high resource cost Form of the Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Technique!

"Another few microseconds…"

Noah's eyes were like lanterns of light as he set the chain of four skills and watched for the birth of something beautiful.

He had scrapped his prior ideas after watching the pathway of destruction as now, he was going for an ability capable of nuking everything constantly- an ability that covered a wide area as he would keep it active until all his enemies perished!

The initial sequence of Ascendant Severing Soul Star, Assassin Emperor of Severance, and the Saintess of Fiery Damnation that produced the Second Form of Unparalleled Emperor's Blitzkrieg was kept.

What Noah wanted to add as the Fourth chain of skill though…it required him to go through an extra step!

"Infuse the Essence of Entropy into the Nomological Edict of Apocalypse. Use any required Absolute Dream Authority to complete it instantly."

He voiced out to Lavalliere who had been very quiet ever since the Old Dreamer appeared, and even quieter as she watched Abominations swarm the area she previously called home!

Her Will affirmed his words and carried them out as Noah felt the rapid birth of a new HERESY Edict.

While this occurred, he finished optimizing the Third Form of the Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Technique!

"Then…chain the Domain of Apocalypse as the Fourth Skill!"


The Domain of Apocalypse! An area of effect ability that released a terrifying domain that locked down everything- it was a skill that was reinforced and strengthened by <Herald of Ragnarok>, <Outer Eldritch Corruption>, and <Wrath of the Cardinal Sins> as its display was that of grandeur and power.

<The Nomological Edict of Apocalypse has been elevated to the Tier of HERESY.>

<The Third Form of the Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Techniques has been designated.>

<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg has been born.>


Waves of profound essence reverberated outwards as Noah's eyes shone with even greater confidence!

This preparation was done, but it didn't mean he had to stop there.

"Designate the Fifth Skill Chain for the Fourth Form of the Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Techniques…>

He also forged forward to complete the Fourth Form as well!

In the Dream Dimension.

The enemies had just arrived and began closing in as nobody had yet to make a move.

The point of most tension came as the terrifying auras that brought the Legions of Abominations were about to reveal themselves and appear in the Boss Room, but it was at this juncture that the body of the existences seated upon the Throne began to burn with authority.

Absolute Fundamental Authority!

No, it wasn't just the golden figure seated upon the Throne- but also the one adorned with purple beside it as they both began to burn with Absolute Mana Authority.

Cerulean blue flames tinted the golden surroundings as their voices came out domineeringly and in sequence as they also didn't follow the script!

<Third Form.>


<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg.>


The fabric of Reality lit up like a radiant blue sun.

The first move was made, and it wasn't by any of the Nature Integration Realm existences- but by the two Emperors situated in the middle of all this!