Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2039 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! L

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Chapter 2039 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! L

<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg.>

The Third Form of the Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Techniques, but what exactly did it entail?!

[Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Technique- Third Form]:: An amalgamation of 4 abilities of the Star of Illumination, Assassin Emperor of Severance, the Saintess of Fiery Damnation, and Domain of Apocalypse. It has brought to fruition the ability of <The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg>. With you as the center, a magistracy is released as it is formed with the Fundamental Essence of Manadynamics at its core. Your body is the anchor as it forms a Blitzkrieg Monolith that releases terrifying waves of Gravitation across the whole domain, pushing enemies to its fringes as the closer they are to you, the more repulsive Gravitational force they will feel. In the fringes of the laid out domain, multiple Unparalleled Emperor's Blitzkrieg Lemniscates will constantly be spinning with the cataclysmic essence of Entropy and Manadynamics- smashing onto any enemies nearby as a single Lemniscate completely replicates capabilities of the Second Form with the removal of a time limitation, and a single one can be formed by 100 Million Units of the Essence of Reality and positioned as you will within the laid out Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg. Within this domain, an exit is extremely hard to make unless one obtains sufficient time to utilize Absolute Fundamental Authority to break through, where if they cannot leave- the only fate awaiting them is to be ground down by the oppressive Gravitational forces and the essences of Entropy and Manadynamics. The final output Damage Value of this ability is set to a minimum of 50 Trillion True Dimensional Damage Values after accounting for your base boosts and multipliers. This minimum Damage can change and fluctuate in the future depending on your own base Damage and multipliers. Cost to cast: 500 Million Units of the Essence of Reality and 10 Trillion Mana. Cost to maintain the active domain: 500 Million Units of the Essence of Reality every 3 Microseconds…

The description alone was fantastical, but it didn't do it justice to relay just what terror Noah could release with it.

And the clue to this was the fact that to cast it and to cast the extra abilities in it would all take no resources from him!


His heart pulsed as it provided everything that was required.

Then came the boons of True Reality Cast and Attack Speed.

Noah already had instant cast and instant attack as his attacks both were cast and hit his enemies the moment he cast them- but this instant could be redefined depending on a being's power!

An instant for weak beings could be within a second as stronger beings could have their instant be microseconds.

Noah had so far been moving on the time scale of microseconds as his attacks instantly reached his enemies within this time scale!

Now, this was changed with the 10,000% increased True Reality Cast and Attack Speed.

His instant changed to a hundredth of a Microsecond as the ability he called out fully bloomed at a speed that even Dimensional Rulers gazed upon with sharp eyes!

This was because the visage of Bjorn that stood behind Abominations became covered by the cerulean light of the Domain before he could even react.

The tens of Abominations around him only felt the pull of Gravitation that they should be able to reject due to their nature, but…they were surprised to find that they were somewhat still affected!

This was because after everything…Absolute Pure Mana Output came into the picture to turn all of the essences and Absolute Natural Authorities in this attack to be based on pure mana- changing their nature while keeping their effects as the pull of gravity within the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg stemmed from unique Mana!

The Program had yet to receive an input when it felt its body rise.

Its gray scales glinted to reject whatever authority wrapped around it, it's Will surprised to find this authority not fully stripped from it as its body still floated in the air that had been tinged a gorgeous blue.

When it gazed at everything, it noticed that a cerulean circular domain had covered everything- with vibrant and deadly pulsing clusters of essence that formed into Infinity symbols beginnings to form in this cerulean domain.

Each one shone with the Absolute Fundamental Authority of a law that their Origins had the least effectiveness in rejecting.

An authority that even they could not escape during their making as it was too Universal.please visit .

The Infinity symbols bloomed one after another in the circular domain as they began to swirl like deadly scythes of destruction, the body of this Program releasing a cold glint of gray light as it saw a surging Infinity symbol forge its path directly towards it!

It could feel an aura of what it identified to be Entropy…but why did it carry the quality of that Prime Essence? That Prime Authority?

It had yet to receive another input from its Commander as it assumed the naturally programmed defensive measure.

Since it couldn't fully identify this coming attack, it would evade it.


Or so it tried as terrifically, it seemed the surging Infinity symbols had even greater forces of Gravitation that caused its body to be drawn to it as soon enough…


An impact occurred.

And the will of the Program was once more surprised!

This was because even though the Damage could barely be considered in the entrance stages of one who had become one with Nature, it was actually able to cause its gray scales…to fracture and chip off!

And worst of all…


Its cold eyes noticed astonishingly blue flames wrapping around the infinity symbol. They were the Flames of the Absolute Authority of that Prime Essence as they didn't have the normal quality they should have- but they instead carried a Gravitational force that was even heavier than the Natural Law of Gravitation itself as after this infinity symbol smashed into it and waves of Absolute Authority attacked it- the pull of gravity pulled the body of this Program along its path as it couldn't break away so easily!


This scene was not singular.

Before it could receive another input, the program realized that dozens of massive infinity symbols carrying Absolute Fundamental Authority of extremely pure Mana were rotating across this Expansive cerulean domain, the bodies of others like it and even its temporary master being carried by the pull of gravity as everything turned into disarray!