Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2037 The Heart Of Mana! L

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Chapter 2037 The Heart Of Mana! L

The scene outside of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon turned to that of horror as a sea of gray light appeared!

A sea of Abominations!

It was a sea that planned to devour everyone here and then critically wound the Dream Dimension.

At such a juncture, Noah's eyes became exceedingly calm and regal.

The Point of Death and Rebirth was beginning here.

As for how that would play out…he would make sure this depended on him!

The movement of space and time stopped in his eyes.

Once more, he focused on an instant.

He then stretched out this single instant…into an endless period of time as his will came to focus solely on his main body in the Dimensional Holy Land with the time dilation of 20,000:1!

Here, his thoughts moved rapidly as he tuned out the prompts of his Fourth Dimensional Layer being formed and its slight boosts- boosts that would elevate his True Damage Values somewhat, but this would not be the decider in a battle against Nature Integration Realm experts!

What would be crucial was Absolute Fundamental Authority.

So his gaze focused on the prompts of the advancement of Manadynamics and the wonders that it would bring.

<The Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics has exceeded 50%.>

<Due to your unique mutation as an Infinite Conduit, the evolution towards attaining a Heart of Mana has begun.>


The beat of his heart rang crystal clear as it was already connected to his Mana Vessels.

Now, the Heart itself was being changed to a Heart of Mana as this was another one of Noah's weapons!

A weapon that he believed in conjunction with the Absolute Fundamental Authority of Manadynamics and the Absolute Pure Mana Output of his Physique…should allow him to run wild and save his Clones from what was to come.

The essence of Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seeds and Universal Nature Crystals burned within him and elevated him ever higher.

<The Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics has exceeded 75%.>

The jumps in percentages were fantastical, but Noah still didn't stop there.please visit ƒ𝔯e𝗲𝙬𝒆𝚋𝓃oѵℯl.𝒄𝑜m.

His will gathered every part of Fortune, Karma, Destiny, and Fate that he could as he directed it towards this wondrous progression and advancement of a Fundamental Natural Law…and the birth of the Heart of Mana!

<Destiny has flourished.>

<Fortune has flourished.>

<Karma has flourished>

<Fate has flourished.>


4 milky colors mixed and intertwined as amidst all this…Noah recalled the greater feeling of a Law that stood above these four concepts.

His ever-changing Heart shone with a cerulean light as he felt its beat, and a wonder came to fruition at this time.

<You Aspects of Existence begin to seek Providence.>


The Lineage of the Nyavagoth he had swallowed trembled as the feature it had brought came to fruition at this juncture.

The feature Noah had been utilizing to devour the essence of the Fundamental Natural Law of Providence from the Old Dreamer!

<The Devouring Terror of Nature has taken in a sufficient concentration of Providence as the flourishing of Destiny, Fortune, Fate, and Karma have hastened its forthcoming.>

<You have attained an initial understanding of Providence.>


His visage was stellar.

His body was covered by a vast array of colors!

But at this juncture, the vast Seas of blue Mana also became bathed with a fantastical gold color.


Noah uttered out the name of this Fundamental Natural Law as the little understanding he had in it now…he focused everything about it that he could on the process of elevating Manadynamics and its subsequent boosts.


<The convergence of fortuitous events and Providence brings about an unexpected result.>

<The effect of the Last Utilized Quintessential Kainos Natural Decretum Seed has been doubled.>


Providence flourished.

The percentage of Manadynamics surged upwards as Noah's heart that was changing with it shone with incandescent cerulean light- a light so bright that waves of its luminescence emanated from him and bathed the whole Dimensional Holy Land!

It then exceeded its boundaries and went to bathe over the many Cosmos within the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality as Noah's people turned towards the direction of the blinding rays of light in wonder and exasperation.

Dr. Hall had been granted access to the Dimensional Holy Land as his eyes reflected this profound luminosity, the secret of nature being unveiled by him as he couldn't help but tremble!

The light was so blinding and domineering that were it not for the veils of secrecy covering the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality, it would have even covered the vast stretches of Infinite Realities.

The moment it shone the brightest, cerulean-bordered prompts bloomed before Noah's eyes.

<Your Understanding of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics has reached 100%.>


<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age significantly increases.>

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age significantly increases.>

<The Heart of Mana is announcing its arrival.>

From his chest, brilliance akin to a burning blue sun spread out.

Along with it, boundless information filled Noah's mind.

<The Heart of Mana>:: Born from a mutation of the Quintessential Kainos Emperor and his authority as an Infinite Conduit, it was brought to fruition by Manadynamics and bathed in its Fundamental Absolute Authority to bring about something unique. The Heart of Mana is an Absolute Connate Reality Engine powered purely by Mana and capable of alterations in the Resources of the fabric of Reality. Its level of power is cognizant of your own power as the level of alteration it can exert is reflected by your current realm and understanding of the very fabric of Reality. At its current stage, the Heart of Mana shall pay all the resource costs of skills requiring less than 10 Units of Absolute Decreta and Natural Law Authority, 5 Billion Units of the Essence of Reality, 50 Billion Units of the Essence of Decreta and Natural Laws, and grant an alteration of an unlimited usage of the essence for concepts below Natural Laws. When exceeding the set numerical boundaries, the Heart of Mana shall pay half the cost of the cast ability as with this Absolute Connate Reality Engine, resources are bound to not be a problem for you. It has resonated with your Vessels as the efficiency of essence has been optimized to greater levels, increasing your True Reality Cast and Attack Speed Values by 10,000%. Its numerical boundaries can be exceeded and changed depending on your own power as this is yet to be its final form…


The tool he was seeking for the most had arrived as when he gazed at it, even the words to describe it left his mind!

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