Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2043 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! V

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Chapter 2043 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! V

The Beacon of Thorny Consecration was cast multiple times as the Heart of Mana paid the price seamlessly, Noah strengthening those standing beside him as before any regrouping would be done, all of them found themselves swarmed by the hundreds of Abominations that weren't being pulled by a Gravitational force anymore!

The Old Dreamer's gaze was sunken as he watched a claw of a Simian Phoenix clash with the cerulean blue barrier that had just wrapped itself around him, seeing the shocking force of Absolute Mana Authority that erupted thereafter as the Claw of the Abomination…shockingly fractured and fissured from the thorn damage.


Under the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg, the Abominations would be constantly hit with multiple Unparalleled Emperor's Blitzkriegs as their scales chipped and they slowly accumulated damage over time, and under the Beacon of Thorny Consecration- entire portions of their bodies could be fractured as it showed Mana was working!

Absolute Fundamental Authority was working- and the Absolute Mana Authority was the deadliest at this point in time.

But even in the midst of all this, the Old Dreamer looked at the devastation of the surrounding Dream Dimension as he seemed forlorn and saddened, his injuries all healed as the Beacon of Thorny Consecration pulsed with grandeur around him.

The fabric of the Dream Dimension torn by the swing of the gray sword were not healing.

The surrounding looked gray and lifeless as the one to do this didn't seem done!

<Why must all this be done? Why can we not all live in our hopes and dreams while resonating with Nature? Why must you all always spread death and destruction?>

His words were heavy as Aegon impassively gazed towards him.

<For you to be so old and yet to talk like a child.>

His words were cold and directed towards the Old Dreamer, but his eyes were locked onto the visage of the man holding the Sword of Avalon who had once more erupted with stupendous Absolute Mana Authority and spread it across the battlefield.

To allow the Abominations to move more easily…

<You need to die.>




Aegon wanted to take care of the one that had been disrupting the pace of the battle as he motioned to Althea who shockingly…

Raised her fair white hand to grasp a radiant gray bow.

A Bow that released dreadful Authority similar to the gray sword Aegon wielded as this terrifying Tribunal Ruler began to tug on its bowstring!

Out of all enemies here, Noah's visage had been shining the most with his constant usage of Absolute Mana Authority that the Tribunal Rulers actually focused on him as the first one to eliminate and not even the actual Dimensional Rulers!

He outshone them all and became the prime target as he now had to bear all of this weight, so he pulled out his ultimate tool once more while Guinevere and the other Dimensional Rulers neared his position.

One way or another, they were all gravitating towards him.

Towards an existence that had yet to even integrate with the fabric of Reality.

<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg>

<The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg>...

In the span of a hundredth of a Microsecond, his voice resounded once more as 6 radiant blue domains instantly bloomed again after they were just destroyed.

The shocking Gravitational force stemming from Absolute Mana Authority began to drag Abominations uncontrollably while massive infinity symbols formed to smash into them and all others in the surroundings, the damage being even greater than before as Noah's own strength was rising with his Fourth Dimensional Layer nearly complete!

At such a juncture, the Avalon Dimensional Chassis floated beside Guinevere's massive draconic form as he looked straight towards Aegon and Althea who was drawing on a terrifying weapon to strike towards who should be the weakest being here.

With his gaze locked onto them, Noah didn't even spare them any words as he came close to Guinevere and spoke lightly.

<Sword and Body As One>.


The eyes of Guinevere came to lock onto him coldly.

She seemed to toil over a thought as a moment after, she accepted a pristine authority that was coming from the buzzing Sword of Avalon- one of its unlocked features after Noah was fully recognized being utilized at this juncture.

The Sword of Avalon and Guinevere shared a connection- but it went far deeper than that.

<Sword and Body As One>.

A hidden feature that Noah had seen in the path of destruction when viewing the Point of Death and Rebirth.

A hidden feature that allowed him to grasp the Sword of Avalon that was fused with a Nature Integration Realm existence! please visit .

The power of Nature the palm of his hands!

This was why Guinevere had a brief hesitation as she believed it would be better if she continued to move and protect Noah herself.

But seeing his eyes and their conviction, she recalled her own promise as she agreed to the unity.


A Royal purple beam of light blindingly pushed away everything as the massive visage of the Connate Avalonian Sacred Dragon Beast disappeared.

At the same time, the Sword of Avalon increased in size and grandeur as the Avalon Dimensional Chassis grasping it began to tremble!

And during all this…the incandescent gray bow was drawn by Althea as she let loose a horrific gray arrow that looked like a deathly Spear of gray light!


It flittered across space as if no restrictions existences, piercing multiple Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkriegs as its pristine gray authority was reduced every time it crossed paths with the Absolute Mana Authority, this arrow wondrously appearing before Noah's visage moments later.

It was an arrow that promised death and destruction as even with it appearing before him, Noah did not panic.


He felt the beat of his Heart of Mana.

He felt his trembling body grasping the now massive Sword of Avalon that was releasing the pristine aura of Nature Integration as he pulled it back.

He pulled back the Sword until its tip lined up with the Boundary of the circular Beacon of Thorny Consecration as tens of Unparalleled Emperor's Blitzkrieg infinity symbols also converged in this one area- this area that was exactly where the gray arrow shot out by Althea would be striking!


A glorious symphony of horns and drums began to respond as while surrounded by surges of cerulean blue Absolute Fundamental Authority, Noah faced the attack of a Tribunal Ruler head on.


The impact was blinding as it canceled out all sound.

While getting the aid of a powerful Nature Integration existence and fusing them into the Sword of Avalon as well as layering multiple of his own skills…


The impact of an undeniable repulsive force could be seen as the radiant gray arrow clashed and couldn't pierce the many layers of Absolute Fundamental Authority, Noah's hands grasping the Sword of Avalon trembling ever more as a draconic cry came from it as its Sword tip pointed upwards!

This motion instantly changed the direction of the weakened attack as the gray arrow denying the authority of Reality itself was actually…deflected.


Noah heard the beat of his heart yet again.

His chest was unbelievably heaving up and down as every part of his body felt strenuous and worn out.

But he…had withstood the genuine attack of a Nature Integration expert.

He had deflected it…but he had withstood it nonetheless!

A strike of a Tribunal Ruler!


The roars of swirling Abominations were the only thing that could be heard as the battlefield turned silent.

From the side that had shot the attacks, Aegon raised his brows as Althea had a dazzling smile form on her face.


Her voice was mesmerizing and filled with Fundamental Authority as her fingers moved on the bowstring in quick succession.

And soon after, 10 massive gray Spear like arrows even more oppressive than the last one manifested before the massive gray bow.


They then shot out with brutality and wanton destruction!