Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2042 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! LV

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Chapter 2042 Outshine Dimensional Rulers! LV

Providence surged as he made a grandiose choice!

With some of his Clones having 10% Vitality Values remaining and others at 20%, he truly stopped their Vitality Regeneration in order to keep them in this stupendous state brought about by the ability <In the Darkest Hour>.

It was a dangerous action, but the enemies were truly too great this time around as he met them too early.please visit 𝙛𝘳ee𝓌e𝗯n𝗼ѵ𝙚𝗹.𝒄𝚘m.

He had an idea of who they are as after perusing the billions of years worth of memories of the Heliotrope Lion Emperor, Noah gained a glimpse of the overall history and mythos of the 9 Dimensions and Desolate Mausoleum!

He knew that of the little knowledge others had of Primordials, they knew of the Named Ones that stood at the very top.

Noah's current self…could not stand against such beings as he needed all the aid he could get!

So he remained in the unique state of extremely low health that granted him great boosts.

His Clones as vibrated with grandeur as the Devouring Terror of Nature continued to work, sucking up all of the particles of Providence in the surroundings as after Noah also glimpsed Entropy…his cells sought out this essence as well!

Manadynamics was stupendous as it kept balance in the energies of nature.

Yet…what about the Fundamental Natural Law of Entropy that had been getting strengthened ever since the Main Reality was split as it would ultimately lead everything to cataclysm?

Noah had to also grasp his hand around this as he stared at his enemies that wielded their Absolute Authority so effortlessly.

His Tri-Pupiled eyes swirled as he didn't obtain much!

<Aegon>:: Tribunal Ruler, Named One, Seeker of the End…????

<Althea>:: Tribunal Ruler, Named One, Seeker of the End…????

A singularity name and titles.

This was all that was revealed by them as after his shocking attack with a gray sword, Aegon gazed at everything with disdain as his body continued to light up with authority, this being undoubtedly not stopping here!


A draconic cry echoed out as Guinevere and the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers shook away the slight injuries and released their authorities.

As for Noah…his Clones were currently delicate bombs that could be eradicated if Aegon swung his sword one more time, so Noah had to first protect them.

If he negated their Vitality Regeneration, then he had to wrap a barrier of protection around them!

So the Avalon Dimensional Chassis uttered out at the same time as the Dream Dimensional Chassis and all other Clones present here.

<Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Techniques…>

He uttered out the first set of words in his mind, and thereafter…

<Fourth Form>.


A vibrant green and golden light shot out.

The Third Form of the Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Techniques with 4 Linked Abilities was the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg.

The Fourth Form with 5 Linked Abilities was…

<Beacon of Thorny Consecration>!


Above each of Noah's Clones, a sea of verdant Prana Essence gushed out as the golden allure of Providence wrapped around it.

An aura full of life and wonder filled everything as with its activation, it was subtly altered by Absolute Pure Mana Output as the vibrant lights became tinged with a cerulean light.

This was an ability Noah had put together right after the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg, with the sequence of linked abilities being entirely different as Noah had to utilize Absolute Dream Authority from Lavalliere in great numbers to bring multiple skills to the REIFIED level and then link them together through Skill Succession!

The result was a worthy one.

[Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Technique- Fourth Form]:: An amalgamation of 5 REIFIED abilities of Celestial Lich's Armament of Devotion, Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust, Aura Master, Irminsul's Dimensional Lifebloom, and Prana's Embrace. It has brought to fruition the ability <Beacon of Thorny Consecration>. For 10 Microseconds, the target becomes wrapped with a protective Beacon of consecrated authority that can also deal True Thorn Damage to any enemies that attack them. The essence of Prana is predominant along with Entropy, Manadynamics, and Providence in the formation of the Beacon that grants a barrier of 300 Trillion True Dimensional Defense Values, 300 Trillion True Vitality Regeneration every 5 Microseconds, and the reality-altering quality of Thorny Consecration that deals two times the currently granted True Dimensional Defense Value whenever an attack lands on this beacon of authority. The granted 300 Trillion Defense Barrier will regenerate fully every microsecond if its values are used up. The final output Defense Value of this ability is set to a minimum of 300 Trillion True Dimensional Defense Values after accounting for your base boosts and multipliers. This minimum Defense can change and fluctuate in the future depending on your own base Defense, Vitality Values, and multipliers. Cost to cast: 2.5 Billion Units of the Essence of Reality and 1,000 Trillion Mana. Cost to keep Active past 10 Microseconds: 100 Million Units of the Essence of Reality every Microsecond.

Its original colors were green and gold, but it was transformed by Absolute Pure Mana Output to be entirely blue as the image of countless spinning Lemniscate symbols manifested to form a magisterial cerulean barrier.

Each infinity symbol was minuscule and dripping with Seas of life force as they formed into this circular barrier, Noah not enjoying the benefits of Vitality Regeneration as he only had the barrier of 300 Trillion Defense Values!

Paired up with his own healing Innate Dimensional Barrier and the still active Celestial Lich's Armament of Devotion?

Noah could at least survive a single deadly move against these ridiculous enemies before his defense values were regenerated to full again!

This wasn't to mention the Thorn Damage aspect of this ability where any enemy attacking him would receive an attack that was twice that of the 300 Trillion Defense Value!

With the unquantified changes that would occur through Absolute Pure Mana Output, wouldn't Noah have to only sit there while his enemies attacked him until they themselves died naturally?


The thought was fantastical as inside his body, Noah's Heart of Mana surged.

<Beacon of Thorny Consecration>

His voice echoed out consecutively as the Beacon of Thorny Consecration didn't just appear around Noah.

Soon after…


The bodies of Guinevere and other Dimensional Rulers became wrapped with this fantastical light of life and protection!