Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2044 Eowyn’s Plea L

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Chapter 2044 Eowyn’s Plea L

Bjorn gazed at the scene playing out in wonder as Tribunal Ruler Althea released an attack that even a tenth of would have destroyed him.

It was an attack to keep multiple Dimensional Rulers occupied as when he saw his Teacher accompanied by her, he knew that this venture was over for their enemies!

There were very few beings that knew about the rankings of Tribunal Rulers, but Bjorn was one of the few blessed with such knowledge.

He raised his hand to look at the runic ecriture of <I> as he thought of what his Teacher had told him.

The <I> represented the lowest.

Tribunal Ruler Aegon was branded with this authority as in terms of strength, he could actually be considered the lowest among the Tribunal Rulers even if he was exceptional in other areas!

He alone would have been enough to take care of the enemies here today, but someone stronger than him with the ecriture of <II> appeared as with Althea in the picture? Things were as good as over!

Now, what remained to be seen was the mystery behind the convergence of all of these Dimensional Rulers.

Why at this moment, all of them were circling and protecting the being wielding the Sword of Avalon!

'The Legend of the Avalon Dimension holds such weight?'

His figure remained protected behind three Abominations and even further behind his Teacher and Tribunal Ruler Althea as he watched how this would unfold.

But one thing he knew for sure.

His enemies would face Colossal losses today, with the only question being to what extent!



A bellow exploded out far from the destroyed Boss Room of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon, half of it being torn and grayed out as its authority was nearly decimated.

This bellow came from the southern direction of the Dream Dimension as a dark and gold aura surged over- the other Dimensional Rulers of the Dream Dimension finally making their way over as the Old Dreamer did not just sit idle!

Apart from this Obsidian gold light that had bellowed out, another aura could be felt coming from the east as it seemed like a golden sandy cloud that covered everything.

And from the west, 2 auras came hand in hand as they shone like the sun!

4 Dimensional Rulers!

What remained of the authority of the Dream Dimension after it was decimated so long ago by OPPENHEIMER clustered towards this one area.

The Obsidian and gold cluster of authority was The Aged Slumber, The Dimensional Ruler of Nightmares- Jajagan!

It carried Legions of Nightmares behind it as they surged forward with ferocity.

The sandy gold cloud was another Ruler that was known as The Longest Dream- one of the first ones to have received the message of the Dimensional Inimicus appearing as among those here, he could be considered the eldest!

The other two were known as the Dreamer of Ages and the Nightmare of Old as they also surged over with their own Legions.

Such powerful beings arrived to see a heart-shaking attack thrown out by a Tribunal Ruler- an attack aimed towards a devilishly handsome existence wielding Nature itself in his hands as shockingly, the Dimensional Rulers in the surroundings clustered towards him to withstand this attack alongside him!

6 Vibrant blue domains with ever-increasing infinity symbols surged with terrific Absolute Mana Authority as they scrambled Abominations that were roaring out with power.

At such a juncture, the impact bloomed.


Like a singularity forming Realities themselves.

The forces of nature were thrown haywire as only the Absolute Mana Authority remained, the scene clearing to show the purple-clad man still holding the Sword of Avalon as his aura rose ever higher.

He had also achieved <In the Darkest Hour> as his surroundings were grayed out and fissured, with the Dimensional Rulers in the surroundings blown back with slight injuries- but none heavily struck!

The blue circles of light around them that were the Beacon of Thorny Consecration were immensely helpful as they quickly began to heal, and if one turned to look at Dimensional Ruler Althea…


They could see her fair skin actually have sharp white marks that represented damage being dealt to her- this being the Absolute Mana Authority of the Beacon of Thorny Consecration that returned back 600 Trillion True Damage Values filled with Absolute Fundamental Authority as since she shot out ten attacks that all hit the cerulean boundaries…her Innate Dimensional Barrier was actually exceeded.


It was exceeded as the authority had gone to land on her fair skin- but even then, it had only caused tiny white scratches as her Vitality Values and defenses were simply obscene!

But it was enough to even cause Aegon to squint his eyes.

He turned towards the wielder of the Sword of Avalon that remained standing even after attacks from two Tribunal Rulers.

He gazed at the unwilling and exasperated face of Morgana who floated back towards him the fastest with her Enchanted Nature Integration Beasts that were emote injured than anyone else, and he then gazed at the Dimensional Rulers in the battlefield and the 4 more that were coming over!


<We'll do that.>

Before he could speak again, Althea interrupted him as she spoke with authority.

<We'll be embroiled in a battle with them for too long while grinding them down as more Rulers might come. So let us achieve the prime objective first and see if we can take down some who make any mistakes.>

Her figure was dazzling to look at as she spoke, her beauty unmatched by any others here as Aegon nodded at her words!

He grasped the gray sword he held tightly as his hands pulsed blue.

Amidst this blue, a thin and imperceptible gray mixed in as the gray sword began to shine with blinding light- beginning to expand wider and wider!

The bow in Althea's hands did the same as with her, she fantastically pointed this weapon away from the clustering Dimensional Rulers and aimed it right below her.

Towards the cratered and ruptured areas of the Dream Dimension that were already affected by Aegon's first strike.

These terrifying weapons finally aimed at their True target.

They were never weapons to wield against Dimensional Rulers or any other existences!

They were weapons to be wielded against Dimensions themselves and any construct that was connected with it!