Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2045 Eowyn’s Plea Ll

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Chapter 2045 Eowyn’s Plea Ll

Weapons forged exclusively for the purpose of decimating Dimensions!

Of course, they worked against Dimensional Rulers even if it wasn't their main objective.

At this juncture, the two Tribunal Rulers put in a significant amount of their authority into these weapons as a massive gray Spear formed from the bowstring that Althea pulled back- this Spear releasing an illusory light that covered Althea entirely as its grandeur even painted the golden skies gray!

The Sword grasped within Aegon's hands enlarged massively as soon after, it sunk down with authority and fervor as with such concentration of essence around it, one knew this would reach deep and heavily into the Dream Dimension!



A sorrowful symphony began to play as the Old Dreamer and the other 4 Dimensional Rulers felt a searing pain within their Hearts.

The Latent Will of the Dream Dimension cried out to them to defend it as it faced an unprecedented attack- an attack that nobody thought was even a possibility!

At attack that could actually injure a Dimension.

It instantly caused the Dreamer of Ages and the Nightmare of Old to surge towards the targeted area to defend, Aegon's lips curving up at this as he actually saw the mistake Althea mentioned so quickly.

These two Dimensional Rulers weren't alone as The Longest Dream sprouted from the golden cloud to reveal the figure of a dashing middle-aged man, Absolute Dream Authority surging around him as he had 5 golden crowns spinning above his head with reality!

This being's eyes were covered with a light of Providence as he calculated, seeing what would result from standing in the way of this attack as the result was a dreadful one.

He sighed with ancientness as his body also turned into a streak of light, ignoring the consequences as he truly could not.

Apart from the Old Dreamer, the Longest Dream had lived and thrived the longest in the Dream Dimension as he couldn't just watch its authority be injured so greatly if he could help it.

Even if he had to put himself on a path of destruction!

So he surged forward.

But he wasn't the only existence connected to the Dream Dimension that felt the searing pain and foreboding future.

There was also another existence that felt this- an existence connected to the man wielding the Sword of Avalon!


Lavalliere- no, Eowyn's voice was filled with emotion at this time as she wasn't even gazing at the sandy gold earth that the Tribunal Rulers targeted, and she was instead gazing at the Longest Dream.

At this ancient existence as he fearlessly charged towards the point where terrifying attacks meant to would a Dimension itself were surging towards!

A similar scene played out in her mind that occurred too many years ago as she couldn't help but feel her soul aching, and she couldn't help but cry out towards the Longest Dream!



A surge of Providence bloomed out as the words reached the Longest Dream right away, his figure brought to an instant halt as he shockingly gazed towards Noah's direction- his eyes holding confusion and immense joy as he heard this voice.

This voice!


A brief pause.

It stopped the Longest Dream, but the Nightmare of Old and Dreamer of Ages continued forward nonetheless as they barely stood on the pathway between the horrific attack and the Dream Dimension, Absolute Dream Authority surging from them to try and change causality itself as one didn't know if it would be enough!



A blinding gray light covered everything.

Amidst the sorrowful symphony, an even heavier cry could be heard as a surging golden light rose to defend.

And then, the most horrific sound echoed out as it traveled for too many light years.


A sound of something breaking and stretching.

And it was truly so as for countless light years, the sandy gold earth became split apart as a fissure stretched out endlessly with the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon as the center!

In both directions, it stretched out as it was deep, jagged, and horrific.

Gray sparkling light covered it as the forces of Avalon rose up above having defended themselves as best as they could, their faces solemn when they stared at such a scene.

This was because from the massive stretching fissure, the gray sparkling light didn't sit still as it was moving and pervading outwards.

The sandy gold luster of the earth nearby quickly became lost as this effect was continuing throughout!


It was a heavy and shocking reality as the ones to cause all this gazed down with somewhat exhausted gazes as the hands of Aegon that held the massive gray sword trembled slightly.

They could only conduct such a move once in a short period of time as a large amount of their authority was drawn out.

But the results…


A cry from the Old Dreamer could be heard as he held on to half of the body of the Dreamer of Ages.

This figure was formed as a constantly shifting existence taking on the forms of a Sphinx, Phoenix, Dragon, or a myriad of other creatures across the Ages- but half of his body was gone as the other half was being pervaded with a gray light.

Absolute Fundamental Authority surged from the Old Dreamer and into the body of this Dimensional Ruler to stop the advancement of this deadly gray essence, and when his head rose…he couldn't find the Nightmare of Old anywhere!

Only an Obsidian point of light could be seen as the very epicenter of the released attack as this point had allowed the attack to not be as severe.

A Dream Dimensional Ruler was dead and another one was heavily injured, with the Essence of the Dream Dimension greatly affected as anyone proficient in the Decretum of Dreams could hear a sorrowful cry stretching out!

<Why…why must all this be done?!>

The Old Dreamer bellowed out in rage as his power rose like a tide towards the two Tribunal Rulers.


The Aged Slumber, The Dimensional Ruler of Nightmares- Jajagan…he also surged out with maddening anger towards the Tribunal Rulers as all those here could see this attack had taken a great toll on these two beings, and now was the time to attack!



The figures of hundreds of Abominations rose to stand before their ways as three of the 6 Cerulean Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkriegs were destroyed once again.

At the same time, another Dream Dimensional Ruler sorrowfully stared at the fissure spreading out endlessly below them as he neared the position of the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers, his gaze honing in on the two identical beings shining purple and gold.


His gaze was quizzical and forlorn even amidst this situation as he had to tune everything out to seek where the voice he had nearly forgotten had stemmed from.

But this voice didn't reply to him yet.

This voice had instead turned deep within and connected with Noah's consciousness, gazing upon the devastation of the Dream Dimension outside of them as it asked the Quintessential Kainos Emperor.

<Could…could you allow something for me? I promise to repay you.>

Her voice was sorrowful and filled with hope as she began her plea!