Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2046 Eowyn’s Plea Lll

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Chapter 2046 Eowyn’s Plea Lll

The Essence that tore her apart too many years ago.

Eowyn saw it once more and with a refined brilliance as from the weapons that two Tribunal Rulers wielded, they struck down to heavily injure the whole fabric of the Dimension they were in!

This injury was a unique one as even with her remaining shackles, Eowyn could see its nature as she was once closely connected to the Dream Dimension.

She saw the vast and endlessly jagged gray rupture that seemed to stretch out endlessly pulse with the gray light- where it was actually proliferating over time as the sandy gold of the Dream Dimension became dimmer in the surroundings!

It was…actually generating this essence and spreading the gray light over time.

Frankly, it didn't matter from which position the Tribunal Rulers had done this in as eventually, this gray light would grow to infect the whole Dimension unless they could somehow combat it and stop its advancement!

Seeing its rapid proliferation and the beings gathered here, she knew the situation was way past this.

She knew that her old home was now accelerating towards an apocalypse that should have taken many more millions or even billions of years to occur!

But based on how this gray essence spread…would it now take years? Months? Or mere days for a Dimension to fall?


Her soul ached as she tugged upon the chains that bound her.

After the fissure, she then turned to gaze upon the face she had not sought even after being bound to Noah.

The Longest Dream.

One of the truly old Dimensional Rulers alongside the Dreamer of Providence as his very being was connected by the authority of the Dream Dimension.

If this Dimension died…would its decretum survive?

Would existences forged and born in this Decretum survive?

Actually, even Eowyn couldn't be sure!

But if the core of something faded, would a concept of it still remain?

Such a terrifying thought couldn't leave her mind as she wanted to stop it.

She wanted to do what she wasn't able to do before!

She wanted to win against this gray essence that decimated her origin while her own mother sacrificed herself before the Empyral Deceiver.

She didn't want to see such an expression that her father showed at this moment as he stared at the Dream and Avalon Dimensional Chassis where her voice had stemmed from!

So she turned towards the only man that might just have the means to turn her hopes into a reality.

<Could…could you allow something for me? I promise to repay you.>

An instant was stretched out into an endless period of time within their thoughts.

In their consciousness that Noah's Main Body allowed to be affected by the time dilation of the Dimensional Holy Land, his Will gazed upon the chained Lavalliere.

The chained Eowyn whose figure was bathed in light became clearer to reveal a young woman with overflowing golden hair that seemed to melt into the chains binding her!

Noah gazed at her as the Essence of Providence swirled around him.

It contained the essences of Destiny, Fortune, Fate, and Karma as it would feed bursts of information to Noah every now and then as he tried to discern the initial understanding of Providence!

With it, the paths he could see were actually reduced- but they pointed to more splendor! And at this moment, he was seeing the formation of an unexpected and immense path.

A path at the end of the Point of Death and Rebirth!

And it revolved around the chained figure before him.

He nodded towards her lightly as she continued.

<I'll need all your remaining Grotto Panaceas and any Loot close to it in ranking. I'll even possibly need some of the things from your Quintessential Treasure Cache.>


Her request was heavy as it involved a subject Noah considered of utmost importance!

But he didn't say anything as he continued to let her speak.

<With all of those resources, I should be able to break a majority of what binds me and regain a semblance of my authority. Thereafter…I can use the connection I have with the Dream Dimension to offer it a pathway to survival! I will even convince The Longest Dream to do so as even though I do not have the utmost confidence in it…the Latent Will is a logical construct that would not vehemently deny a pathway to safety.>


Wild waves of Providence surged as Noah's eyes released beams of profound light.

He still said nothing as Eowyn's plea continued!

<That shall be my repayment.>

The girl bound by many chains raised her head towards Noah as her sandy gold eyes shone with determination.

<I shall try my best to offer you the Dream Dimension, so please…save it. Save my father. Save the countless Dreams and Nightmares within!>

Her plea was a noble one…and it was something Noah had absolutely no qualms about!

The only thing was that it came at a stupendously great cost.

But…what price tag could be placed on the chance to attain an entire Dimension?


Noah waved his hands as his Expansive Space began to empty out, everything within it beginning to surge into the unique domain of Thought that Eowyn was contained in as Grotto Panaceas, Golden Dimensional Reality Panaceas, and Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas all went towards the chained Eowyn.

From the Loot of the Quintessential Treasure Cache,<The Transcendent DHARMA Relic Crown of the Ascendant> from the Quintessential Treasure Cache was sent forth as a sacrifice.

<The Absolute Mirror Dimensional Relic Spear of Reflection> was sent in next as Eowyn also saw Noah's determination!

This was because what she promised him was a chance.

Even she didn't fully know whether the Latent Will of the Dream Dimension would agree!

When <The Broken Connate Fantasia Dimensional Relic Fabric Tearer> surged towards her, Eowyn had to speak up.

<Let's stop with this and see how many Uses arise. They should be enough to break most shackles and grant me access to the Authority of a Dream Dimensional Ruler.>

She spoke up as she couldn't bear to see Noah give up any more of his stupendous treasures!

She hoped it would be enough.

She hoped her plea would be answered!


A profound golden light erupted out as Absolute Dream Authority and Providence surged up like an endless sea.