Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2048 Rebirth! Ll

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Chapter 2048 Rebirth! Ll

The Tribunal Rulers left as in their wake, a massive fissure stretching out across the vast Domains of the Dream Dimension was expanding along with…a few Legions of Abominations.


Their roars continued to ring out as even amidst the sorrowful situation, a single being never let up as The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg was laid down multiple times a new to contain a few hundred Abominations.

Noah's Clones didn't let up with them as he had just given up many resources to see if a grand pathway would open, and he wanted to see if he could replenish his Reserves with these Abominations!

If they died under him, just what loot would they provide?

Would he be able to break down the gray essence they utilized that rejected the very fabric of Reality? Would they grant him anything close to the Grotto Panaceas or Dimensional Reality Panaceas?

There were many questions to be answered as the only way for this was him breaking past their obscene defenses.

The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkrieg would grind them down while the Beacon of Thorny Consecration was wrapped around every clone present, Noah having them surge towards Abominations to go into close combat as every hit landing on the Beacon of Thorny Consecration was 600 Trillion Damage Values smashing into these enemies!

600 Trillion.

This was Damage provided by the Fourth Form of the Quintessential Emperor's Annihilation Techniques and not what Noah's True Damage Values could reach currently, but it was a number that one could comfortably say beginner Nature Integration Realm existences could dish out.

Not just the numerical value itself…but it was the Absolute Authority of a Decreta or Natural Law contained in it that made it possible for it to be considered a strike from a Nature Integration expert!

Just pure True Damage Values alone were not enough.

And even though the Grotto Haven stage had existences ranging from 1 to 100 Trillion in terms of Damage Values, you could never truly find a Nature Integration existence that only dealt a range of 100-500 Trillion Damage Values.

They didn't exist!

There were no such things as beginner Nature Integration Realm existences currently as even those just stepping on this stage would greatly vary in the hundreds of Trillions of their Damage Values depending on the Authority they integrated with and how many!

And as they integrated more and more natural laws, the greater their strength was propelled upwards.

Yet…Noah was beginning to touch upon this stage as with fervor, he controlled Unparalleled Emperor's Blitzkrieg Lemniscates and his Clones to surround all remaining Abominations and aim to break them down into things he could make use of!


The constant impact of Absolute Mana Authority caught the eyes of the solemn Dimensional Rulers as at this juncture, the Longest Dream was staring at the figures of Noah's Clone and the dense Absolute Fundamental Authority surrounding the cerulean bubbles of domains stretched out.

In the midst of the gray and gold landscape of this environment, the blue held a hint of beauty as the Longest Dream spoke lightly.

<He was the one to save you and elevate you here? The life and death of the Dream Dimension may fall under his hands?>

He had been conversing with his daughter and feeling the surge of many emotions, his aged and ancient heart finally feeling after many years as even in the midst of all this, he found his daughter's words ludicrous!

<How would a single existence be capable of saving a whole Dimension from a coming Cataclysm? Unless one has the Seat of the True Emperor to even reset an Age itself, such a thing…>


Shocking words left his mouth as this being that had lived through multiple Ages revealed unheard-of information about the capabilities of the one to attain the Seat of the True Emperor!

Capable of even resetting the very spacetime continuum of an Age and affecting the very laws of the fabric of Reality!

This was a grand action, but even this was just one possibility as when one compared the actions of OPPENHEIMER…an even greater glimpse of the many possibilities of the Seat of the True Emperor arose.

At such a juncture, Eowyn's consciousness remained silent as she wasn't able to freely speak.

In the fringes of his mind, the Longest Dream studied his daughter's will closely as from her expression, many thoughts arose as when he put together multiple events and possible scenarios, as well as what the actions Eowyn was talking about would mean…

<Don't tell me…he is the Dimensional Inimicus?>


The being encroaching upon the authority of the Dream Dimension!

From stopping this encroachment, his daughter actually wanted to aid such a being and leave his path as the way out for the Dream Dimension!


The Absolute Authority within the body of the Longest Dream began to burn.

But his daughter's voice remained heavy and resilient in his heart as he didn't make a move right away!

<Please, trust me. His quality of encroachment will allow him to devour the surrounding domains of the Dream Dimension. If he wasn't here, we actually would not even stand a chance of saving it. Father, with your Age and connection…please.>

Eowyn's voice buzzed in his mind as many memories surged for the Longest Dream.

His visage seemed tired and torn as he gazed at the gray fissure below, his eyes locking onto the being in question as Noah's Dream Dimensional Chassis was gazing back at him while grasping an object that shone like the sun at this moment!

It was…the Pocket Dimensional Reality that was at the core of the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon.

Providence surged in the surroundings as the sorrowful voice that only Dream Dimensional Rulers could hear had stopped as it was utterly silent. This was because Eowyn had begun to send her thoughts towards it as the silence wasn't a great sign, her voice once more ringing in her father's head as she spurred him on!

And against his better judgment and what he himself believed…


He sighed and turned towards the skies!