Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2047 Rebirth L

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Chapter 2047 Rebirth L

The Point of Death and Rebirth.

This metaphorical stage could involve a great deal of things, with the results always being unexpected.

If Noah could overcome such a thing and triumph, would it not apply to anything else?

Could there be a death and Rebirth of something else entirely that he could benefit from?!

The answer, as always…was unknown!


Waves of pristine authority shot out from multiple Dimensional Rulers and surged towards the two Tribunal Rulers who looked like they had expanded a great deal of their authority.

After all, the action of irreparably hurting a Dimension was not a feasible one to begin with. But to manage to do this with terrifying weapons with just two existences?

It took a toll on them!

So Althea spoke to Aegon while her right hand burned with Authority that subtly commanded the Abominations to stand between them and their enemies.

<I do not wish to have a tiresome long drawn-out battle here. Since the prime objective has been achieved, let the Abominations preoccupy them and do the rest. As the Dream Anchor entirely fades away and loses its hold over the Desolate Mausoleum, we will become all that more powerful while the Decretum of Dreams continues to weaken…>

Her calculative words were only met with Aegon's smile, this Ruler turning towards the figure of Bjorn behind him as he commended this young Commander and waved his hands, causing a spatial light to wrap around him!

The same spatial light bloomed over himself and Althea along with a few hundred Abominations as after achieving such a dazzling feat, they simply left.

While wrapped up in the spatial folds of the space time continuum, Althea's face lit up with brightness as her voice could still be heard leaving behind dangerous words.

<We'll add the holder of the Sword of Avalon to those that need to be watched. His usage of Absolute Mana Authority for everything should have been something occurring much later down the line, not right at the introduction of the Abominations…>


After a devastating attack, the Tribunal Rulers made a quick exit as a few Legions of Abominations were left behind!

These alone were enough to dispel and keep the wrath of the Dream Dimensional Rulers at bay as in the wake of the massive gray fissure and its ever-expanding gray light, some Ruler arrived and released Seas of Authority onto it.

The Aged Slumber, Jajagan, arrived before the fissure as his obsidian form constantly changed into different Nightmares, but his visage released vibrant Absolute Dream Authority in the periphery of the fissure as…


It coiled and tangled with the gray essence before ultimately being dispersed, its infectious spread continuing!

From afar, Morgana and the other Avalonian Dimensional Rulers watched with solemn faces as the Sword of Avalon that Noah grasped shone brightly, Guinevere's figure being released from it as she flittered across space to instantly appeared on the periphery of the gray fissure as well.

In her humanoid form, her fair hands released Absolute Mana Authority as the same collision of essence occurred, but it wasn't dispersed as in the area her authority covered, the spread of the gray essence was held at bay!

But the area that such a taxing Authority could cover was extremely small in comparison to the endlessly stretching fissure.

The solemness in her eyes only increased as her eyes shone with innumerable thoughts, the roars of Abominations and the silent sound of sorrow that only Dream Dimensional Rulers could hear ringing out in this vast space.

In the midst of all this, the Longest Dream neared Noah's position as by nature, Arthus and Morgana with her Nature Integration Enchanted Beasts blocked his path, with Morgana's tone low as her voice echoed out.

< It's been a long fucking day, can we deal with the remnant Abominations before anything else?>

She didn't know about the connection this being had with the Imperius Avallonis as her heart was currently very unsettled, with her authority being hurt in a different way as she found in this Expansive battlefield and fight against Tribunal Rulers and Abominations, she was only able to make up the ranks and contribute very little!

But the Longest Dream didn't pay attention to her as his gaze remained on Noah, his eyes becoming more forceful as he called out again.


His gaze seemed to question and doubt as if to dispel all this, a golden light shot out from Noah's chest that he caught, the aura of familiarity he felt with this light causing the body of the aged existence to nearly tremble as it was a segment of a consciousness that delved into his mind!

His eyes closed to see this consciousness as waves of Providence began to surge from his body.

When looking at this scene, it begged the question of power and Lineage among Dimensional Rulers as more often than not, those at the very peak of Dimensions were either connected to each other by Lineage or extremely close in friendship.

This was simply because powerful families amassed most of the resources as when one being in a Lineage attained Rulership, it was all that much more likely for those in their Lineage to do the same!

An example was Hatred and his Lineage that now reigned over the Apollyon Dimension.

Or the two powerful Lineages ruling over the Mirror Dimension!

Or as the case in the Dream Dimension, there were three Dimensional Rulers belonging to the same Lineage many years ago.

The Longest Dream thought he was the only one left in this Lineage as now…the voice of his daughter and then her consciousness appeared once more!

Yet during this fantastical reunion, he would find a proposal she put forth to shake his heart even more as while Eowyn's small portion of will began to communicate with her Father, her main portion hidden within the depths of Noah's soul was currently breaking apart the many shackles that bound her after sacrificing a great deal of treasures!

Treasures that would be enough to produce multiple Grotto Haven existences in terms of the Obsidian Dimensional Reality Panaceas, or Relics that Dimensional Rulers could own as weapons!

It was enough to release her from her strongest bonds as her figure became more clear and distinct, a fantastical authority beginning to surge around her as it was…that of a Ruler.

The distinct authority of a Dream Dimensional Ruler that the moment it became distinct, she grasped onto it and spread it outwards from Noah's soul.

It emanated from his Avalon and Dream Dimensional Bodies as it spread out into the surroundings- as it tried to lock onto the sorrowful cry that only Dream Dimensional Rulers could hear!

The sorrowful cry that would lead to its source which was the Latent Will of the Dream Dimension.

Thinking of her promise to Noah and the resources he had given her that would halt his progress in forming his Dimensional Layers, Eowyn's will surged with determination as she went to open up an astounding pathway.

A pathway that was only brought to fruition due to the Tribunal Rulers' actions and the convergence of factors that only surrounded a single being!

Yes, it was a Point of Death and Rebirth.

But Noah had veered it from himself as it was now the Dream Dimension undergoing this tribulation, with the only thing left to discover being whether it would accept death…or take the path of Rebirth!