Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2049 Rebirth! Lll

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Chapter 2049 Rebirth! Lll

A tired sigh left his mouth as the Longest Dream turned to gaze at the sandy gold skies that had lost their luster.

He then…sent his Will out towards the same Latent Will that his daughter was communicating with as at this juncture, even the preoccupied Dreamer of Providence couldn't help but raise his head to gaze over this direction- a shocking cluster of destiny and Providence surging here as when the voice of one of the oldest beings in this domain reached out to the Latent Will and considering its own logical nature…


It caused for the surrounding lands to begin to tremble.

Noah observed the surroundings with a heavy heart while communicating with Eowyn, his heart expectant of many things as he had pulled many dangerous stops to survive this ordeal!

Even now, many of his Clones retained the effects of <In the Darkest Hour> as his perception of Nature and even the Decretum of Dreams was extremely clear around him.

So when he gazed at an ancient looking Dimensional Ruler that sighed and then gazed at the skies, he soon felt the changes as an oppressive and mighty Will that seemed to stem from the surroundings came to lock onto him and press down with an immense feeling of suffocation!



A booming and emotionless voice echoed in his mind as it almost held a tone of sullen triumph at having found something it had been looking for this whole time.

This…was the Latent Will of the Dream Dimension as while feeling its focus on him and his identity as the Dimensional Inimicus being revealed, Noah remained unfettered and actually raised the Pocket Dimensional Reality to the golden skies!

His gaze was impassive as he voiced out loud with tyrannical confidence.



The Pocket Dimensional Reality was like a golden shining sun that rose to the golden skies, a weak force of absorption pulsing from it and tugging at the surroundings as Noah released it while releasing three more words towards the Latent Will!

<Death…or Rebirth.>


Cataclysm…or another path!

After a long-lost authority reached out towards it and another authority that had lived with it for a long time did the same, this Latent Will following Laws and logic did not waver one way or another.

It felt the absorptive force of the Pocket Dimensional Reality that the Dimensional Inimicus released as from the ideology of eliminating this enemy…a transformation bloomed as ever so subtly, the Latent Will did not resist and allowed parts of itself to be taken in by this absorptive force!


The skies of the Dream Dimension began to tremble.

Into the Pocket Dimensional Reality, parts of the Latent Will of the Dream Dimension flowed in as in an instant, it traversed space and time as it came into the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality!

Its Will came alive as it came to find itself on a dazzling sandy gold planar floor that had vibrant golden Cosmos rotating beautifully above it, the area in Noah's Infinite Reality where the parts of the Dream Dimension were being forged coming under the eyes of the Latent Will of the Dream Dimension!

It felt the stability and the structure that allowed the Decretum of Dreams to permeate in this place.

It felt the closeness to the Domain it always knew as this Latent Will followed its logical nature.

When choosing from the spreading infection that would destroy it in a matter of time or relocating into this new area…


An explosive surge of Providence overflowed at the center of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality as the Latent Will of the Dream Dimension made the choice!

Back in the Dream Dimension, the slow rate of absorption of the Pocket Dimensional Reality Seed exploded out madly as in an instant- it formed into a point of singularity.

It was no longer forcefully Devouring the surrounding makeup and structure of the Dream Dimension as at this moment, this Dimension itself was surging into it!

Noah felt his Heart of Mana begin to beat wildly when he saw this, his cold gaze not helping but gain rising happiness and disbelief at this situation actually unfolding this way as he focused on his connection with the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality.


Something he never could have imagined bloomed as he prepared for it!

<Yes, Master.>

The will of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality acquiesced as like a singularity that devoured everything, the very skies and earth of the Dream Dimension began to surge into the Pocket Dimensional Reality and be rebuilt in the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality.

It only took in Dream Essence and everything that made the Dream Dimension as the gray essence and fissure that was expanding with wild abandon…it was left isolated and alone as spacetime itself began to fluctuate!

Multiple weaving of Fundamental Natural Laws exploded out as even though it was a Dimension, they still made up the fabric of Nature around it.

Now, it was being torn down and devoured by something else as even they were affected and surged into the Pocket Dimensional Reality!


The scene was a dazzling one to see as the Dream Dimensional Rulers came to float behind The Longest Dream, Jajagan gazing forward with utmost coldness as he asked.

<What is this?>

A question in the minds of many as The Longest Dream replied lightly thereafter.

<A…relocation and escape from certain destruction.>

His voice was filled with authority while watching the dazzling scene, turning towards his colleagues as he remembered his daughter's words and the promises he had made as he sent his Will towards them to talk.

In another direction, Guinevere floated beside Noah's Avalon Dimensional Chassis as Morgana and the other Dimensional Rulers were around her, their eyes just as sharp as they stared at the point of singularity swallowing everything!

<Just what are you even doing…>

Even Guinevere was perplexed at this current situation as at this juncture, Noah couldn't help but smile.

<I'm merely facilitating a Rebirth. A Rebirth of a Dimension…>


Essence weaved madly as an astounding situation unfolded.

A situation that would have profound and permanent consequences that would alter the very makeup of the 9 Dimensions and Desolate Mausoleum!