Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2050 A Dimensional Cataclysm! L

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Chapter 2050 A Dimensional Cataclysm! L

Cause and effect.

A chance in one area was always reflected by a change in another area.

Fundamental Natural Law followed such a concept as in nature, everything tugged upon each other in an intricate weaving of a stupendous connection!

The 9 Dimensions were separate…but they were also a distinct whole that were utilized as Anchors for the Desolate Mausoleum.

So when one of the 9 Dimensions came under a period of rapid acceleration of Cataclysm, the changes were felt all around!

In the Desolate Mausoleum, changes had begun to take place that were even more grand and violent than when a certain someone had forged his First Dimensional Layer and tugged upon the Dream Dimension.

Essence was proliferating at an unstoppable rate as Seas of the Essence of Reality were filling Realities and even spreading to the Boundary Between Realities, vibrant colors filling everything.

Then, there were the changes felt by the powerful inhabitants of the 9 Dimensions themselves.

In the Apollyon Dimension.

In an extremely abstruse and unreachable domain, the visage of none other than The Daughter of Hatred was swimming in dense Absolute Apollyon Authority as her eyes blazed with the Absolute Authorities of multiple other Decreta.

At this juncture, her crimson eyes shone with a golden light as Absolute Dream Authority surged out, her eyes blinking in perplexity as she voiced out with a tone of disbelief!

<The Dream Dimension…accelerating towards a cataclysm? Did they make a move this fast?>


Her inquisitive eyes shone with profound light as she instantly thought of the forces of that man.

But if they truly had a hand to play in this, it didn't make too much sense!

After all, such a drastic action like accelerating the apocalypse of a particular Dimension would catch the eyes of All Dimensions and make their paths all that harder in the years to come.

<And when the Dream Dimension actually experiences an apocalypse…nobody will sit still. Especially the emotionless fools in the Quantum Dimension.>



Something unique to keep in mind was that at this juncture, being merely felt that the Apocalypse of the Dream Dimension was accelerated from its natural course as it would occur faster by an unknown number of years!

They knew that when it actually experienced an apocalypse, it was an action too profound as at that juncture, the forces of Primordials and Dimensional Rulers would have clashed countless times.

Yet…none of them realized at this juncture that the Cataclysm of the Dream Dimension would not occur within an unknown period of years.

It would occur in a much, much shorter time span as the consequences of such an action were something that even Primordials didn't anticipate!

In her own thoughts, Lilith switched from the Absolute Dream Authority to Providence as pondered, her soul feeling an unsettling tug as she couldn't let something go.

Just what exactly was tugging in the back of her mind that even an existence like her couldn't fully grasp?

The answer would come soon enough, but even then it would not be something to be easily believed!

Speed, pace, and progression.

They were extremely crucial as Noah's pace of absorption with the Pocket Dimensional Reality when utilizing the Absolute Kainos Dream Dungeon was very little.

So little that it was in fact incomparable to what was currently happening!

At this juncture when the Latent Will of the Dream Dimension itself was pulling along the endless stretches of this domain into the Pocket Dimensional Reality, it truly turned into a point of singularity that was swallowing everything at a shocking speed.

Earth and skies alike were sucked in as only Dimensional Rulers and Noah's bubbles of the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkriegs that contained Abominations were not pulled in!

It was an unprecedented pace of Cataclysm.

Because what was essentially happening was the Apocalypse of a Dimension…and its restructuring soon after.

And for Noah, it was so much more than this as after a certain extent, he began to see the inklings of life forms pulled into the Singularity.

Dreams and Nightmares.

The inhabitants of the Dream Dimension were also being pulled in as for them, a spatial light of transference wrapped around them!

So apart from it being an apocalypse and restructuring, Noah was also taking the vast Domains of this Dimension and adding them to his Infinite Dimensional Reality- along with the inhabitants within as this…was also Conquest.


Above his head, the Essence of the Tyrannical Emperor was roused in massive waves as it wasn't a True Star of Conquest shining above Noah's main body.

It was the True Dimensional Reality of Conquest.

An elevation of the True Star of Conquest after the Tyrannical Emperor reached the stage of Transcendent DHARMA!

It showed a stellar white river of a Dimensional Reality that twisted to form a vibrant lemniscate that shone above Noah's head- where he essentially had a massive vibrantly pulsing stellar white infinity symbol above his head that was currently collecting not the True Light of Conquest…but the True Dimensional Light of Conquest as it was a Dimension he was currently extending his authority to!

This light of Conquest would accumulate in the True Dimensional Reality of Conquest as with it…Noah could do too many things.

< True Dimensional Reality of Conquest>:: When enough domains of a Dimension or Realities are conquered, this True Dimensional Reality of Conquest shall form. The True Dimensional Light of Conquest and True Reality Light of Conquest shall build up within it the more domains and Realities are conquered, and after a sufficient has been reached, it can be utilized to empower even the completely understood Decretum of a Dimension or a Natural Law of Reality. The Benevolent Light of Empowerment can be obtained from this same light of Conquest to Quadruple and Quintuple Empower one's Aspects of Existence and Concepts. With enough Dimensional or Reality Light of Conquest, the Nomological Regime can also be activated to even forcefully elevate and Infuse a chosen Decreta or Natural Law into a Nomological Edict to bring it to HERESY or DHARMA…


The description of the boosts of the Tyrannical Emperor were simple and concise as the True Dimensional Reality of Conquest allowed Noah to gather a pristinely high leveled Light of Conquest that in sufficient amounts…could even empower his already completely understood Decrata or Natural Laws!

At this juncture, such a profound light of Conquest was bubbling within the stellar white Lemniscate above Noah's main body as Seas of the Light of Conquest had already formed!

This was because what was being swallowed up was a Dimension.

And…it was happening at such a fast and unbelievable pace that his own Infinite Dimensional Reality was experiencing a profound resonance- its Reserves of Essence, structure, and very core beginning to change as it was entirely swallowing something that had been here for too many Ages!!!