Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2051 A Dimensional Cataclysm! Ll

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Chapter 2051 A Dimensional Cataclysm! Ll

The basal layer of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality was rapidly transforming.

It was forming the planar level of the Dream Dimension as whatever was swallowed by the Pocket Dimensional Reality in the Dying Dream Dimension was restructured and rebuilt instantaneously!

Dense Absolute Dream Authority gathered and proliferated at the center of the forming sandy gold plane as above it, sandy gold Cosmos also began to bloom from their own singularities.

There were too many intricacies to talk about on what was happening at this juncture, but one of the major intricacies to gaze upon was the Latent Wills currently presiding in place.

With the proliferation of the planar layer of the Dream Dimension, the Latent Will of the Dying Dream Dimension also increased in weight within the Infinite Dimensional Reality as then…there was the Will that Noah was connected to!

There was the Infinite Dimensional Reality.

It didn't impose itself or try Devouring the Latent Will of the Dying Dream Dimension in any way as Noah had spoken to it already.


This was the shocking command given to the Infinite Dimensional Reality as the first step was to facilitate and observe the successful restructuring of the whole Dream Dimension, and then over time as it became permanently and intricately linked to it….it could then assimilate the Latent Will!

This was a shocking truth that lay in wait as the unbelievable pace of restructuring continued.

Seas of Absolute Dream Authority were proliferating crazily in all this as in the Dimensional Holy Land where Noah was being bathed on the True Dimensional and True Reality Light of Conquest, even more prompts had begun to wash over his eyes

<One of the 9 Dimensions is in the process of being assimilated into your Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality.>


The prompt shone with blue and gold borders as Providence was surging around Noah as the sheer gravity of this current situation was settling in.

<You have taken an unprecedented action not just in the Age of Quintessence, but across the many Ages past.>

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age quintessentially increases!>

<Your Authority as an Emperor of this Age quintessentially increases!>


His Authority scaled up exponentially as his throne and backbone of a crown lit up with fantastical lights, the structure of the Throne of Authority being refined even more as the aura Noah released became that much more pristine!

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Dreams is scaling towards completion.>

<The continued observation of the birth of the Dream Dimensional Layer within the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality will allow for a full understanding of the Decretum of Dreams at completion.>


Even more boons cascaded down as to top this all off…

<The new feature of <Absolute Authority> is being born in the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality as it has begun the process of assimilating the source of a Decretum into itself.>



The gravity of the situation was actually too heavy as the stage of things involved were too grand!

The Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality…everything about it was scaling upwards as from a cluster of Realities and a tiny beat of a domain of Dimensions, it was now incorporating a genuine Dimension as it was unknown where it would be at the end of this all.

And Noah…he had to figure out the most crucial part of this all as while the sandy golden plane Layer expanded and sandy gold Cosmos bloomed, Dreams and Nightmares were finding themselves in this new land as he was getting an influx of new existences.

This influx…eventually would include the Dream Dimensional Rulers.

He had discussed it with Eowyn before this as the critical moment was soon coming.

She had convinced her father, yes.

But there was Jajagan, the Old Dreamer, and the Dreamer of Ages aside from Eowyn and the Longest Dream!

Could Noah really trust to bring Nature Integration experts he did not have under his control inside the very depths of his home?

This…was a question deserving of answer as while his Main Body observed the ridiculously quick process of Apocalypse and Rebirth, the Dream Dimensional Chassis in the Dying Dream Dimension took the spot light.

While everything was being swallowed up by the singularity in the skies, Noah's Dream and Avalon Dimensional Bodies that were backed behind by Avalonian Dimensional Rulers came to float before the Longest Dream and the remaining Dream Dimensional Rulers- the authority of Eowyn was becoming unshackled gradually getting stronger as a pristine glow covered Noah!

Meetings were bound to take place during this tumultuous time in the Dying Dream Dimension, and even more meetings would occur as the effects of what was currently happening fully settled in.

In the Main Reality.

Within the depths of the hidden location where 12 stellar burning thrones floated pristinely.

The Wills of two beings returned as a light of authority spread out, Althea's voice being the first to ring out as she spoke mesmerizingly.

<The Dream Dimension is now accelerating towards an Apocalypse. We were only able to erase 1 Dream Dimensional Ruler…but with the cataclysmic of the Dimension, their Absolute Dream Authority will lose its strength to the extent that we can write off any interferences from this Dimension. The Avaloian Dimensional Rulers were not affected much as an unexpected variable appeared.>



An even more enigmatic voice stretched out after her words as the throne of the Eminent Mastermind, Noah, lit up with authority.

<What held the two of you back from fully utilizing this chance?>


Two Tribunal Rulers sent forth should have achieved an even greater result than this, so it had to be known just what had interfered!

This time, it was Aegon who replied with a sharp light.

<The holder of the Sword of Avalon…>


Aegon's throne shone with a sharp light as an illusory image showing the Avalon and Dream Dimensional Bodies appeared!

The features and details of every part of his body were pristinely clear as the eyes of 12 terrifying beings locked onto him.

<The Dimensional Rulers of Avalon revolved around him as even the Connate Avalonian Sacred Beast seems to obey his commands.>

Apart from his image, the scenes from the Dream Dimension began to play as the hue of cerulean blue of Absolute Mana Authority and everything else that had bloomed just moments ago came under the scrutinizing gazes of Tribunal Rulers!