Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2052 A Dimensional Cataclysm! Lll

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Chapter 2052 A Dimensional Cataclysm! Lll

<They seem to have seen through the weakness of the Abominations at first glance…with the holder of the Sword of Avalon being the most unique as he is releasing Pure Mana containing wisps of Absolute Fundamental Authority with every attack.>

An inquisitive voice echoed out in the stellar domain of 12 floating thrones burning with authority as a discussion was ongoing on what occurred in the Dream Dimension.

<Also, that is not his true face…he seems to be veiling himself as for Absolute Fundamental Authority to not be able to pierce it, he should possess one of the Fundamental Natural Treasures.>


The voice of the Eminent Mastermind, Noah, echoed out with grandeur as his throne shone with authority!

His words were answered by another ancient voice that had remained silent for the majority of this time.

<He could be a Chosen or Destined Emperor. But no matter. Countermeasures will be made for him in the future. But…You all are missing something crucial in this current situation..>


The voice was heavy and filled with great weight as an aged and wrinkled hand came out to play with the fabric of Reality around it.


Before he could even continue, most of the Tribunal Rulers felt like they knew what he was talking about as this being still continued nonetheless!

<Absolute Dream Authority is not weakening…while the concentration of essence and power of Natural Laws is still rising. And it is rising at an extremely fast pace as if the Cataclysm of the Dream Dimension is not going to happen gradually over an unknown number of years…but in these next moments.>


The Wills of multiple Tribunal Rulers used their Main Bodies to intricately sense the Main Reality and affirm their thoughts as their gazes turned sharp.


The Dream Dimension perishing should be a slow process.

The Decretum of Dreams should slowly be weakening…but it wasn't.

It was like the destruction was not at all happening!

But this didn't make sense as the role of the Dream Dimension as an Anchor was gradually fading away in authority as the concentration of Natural Laws was increasing.

So…just what exactly was happening here?


This was the only word Noah's main body could use to describe what he saw within the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality.

The biggest change that he realized at this moment was nothing else but…the size.

The cluster of hundreds of thousands of genuine Cosmos in the Infinite Dimensional Reality was vast, but it was now becoming eclipsed by the golden planar Dimension that was being forged below it!

The boundaries of the reforming Dream Dimension had already exceeded the vastness that Noah's normal Cosmos covered- and this was a great number of Cosmos from Noah Devouring multiple Emerging and Prime Realities while the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality roamed the Boundary Between Realities.

And the size of the reforming Dream Dimension only increased further as its expanse soon began to stretch out to the ends of the stellar horizons.

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Dreams has increased to 88%.>

Amidst all this, prompts continued to rise before his eyes as he watched the proliferation and Rebirth of an entire Dimension, his own Origin with a nearly complete Fourth Dimensional Layer vibrating as a sort of resonance also began to occur with Noah's own Dream Dimensional Layer.

His path was unique as he himself was forging 9 Dimensional Realities with his Origin, and this was the plan for the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality as at the end of it all…just what would occur?

If he could manage to forge 9 Dimensions in his Origin and also devour the remaining 8 Dimensions…just what glorious future awaited him?!


Hid thoughts were pushed aside with the vibrancy around him as the Dream Dimension was approaching completion as on top of the basal sandy gold floor, Millions upon millions of Dream Cosmos were forming from ever budding similarities, quadrillions of Dreams and Nightmares being brought into these Cosmos or in the blowing golden sands of the planar floor as the pace of the process was unmatched!

It meant soon enough…the entire source of the Dream Dimension would be used up.

When that happened and the last vestiges of the Dream Dimension crumbled…what would happen to the space it used to occupy?


The scene of Apocalypse was blooming all around them as in the Dying Dream Dimension, Noah and the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers faced the somber faces of the Dream Dimensional Rulers amidst all this!

Fissures and ruptures of the very fabric of Reality were stretching out endlessly as the only thing keeping the Wills of all beings in place was the spinning Pocket Dimensional Reality that sucked in anything to do with Dream Essence.

The fissure that had been stretching out endlessly continued to pulse by itself as its essence was not even reactive to the Devouring of the Pocket Dimensional Reality, everything about it isolated as the crucial thing right now for Noah were two things in this place.


One was the cluster of Abominations he had trapped in The Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkriegs, with their ridiculous Physiques slowly being ground down by him as a few nearly had their bodies half obliterated after being smashed into by Unparalleled Emperor's Blitzkriegs multiple times and Noah getting into close combat with them while reinforced by the Beacon of Thorny Consecration!

The other thing…was how to deal with the Dream Dimensional Layers as until he had assurances in his own power, he would not so easily grant them access to his own home.

So he gazed at the party of Dream Dimensional Rulers as Guinevere and the others stood beside him, his chest beginning to shine at this moment as a bound consciousness broke more of its shackles and for the first time ever…


Her will came out to release a profound brilliance and take form.

Tendrils of imperceptible chains of Providence and Absolute Dream Authority could be seen stretching towards the skies from her small figure as the visage of a long lost Dimensional Ruler that was from the generation that OPPENHEIMER had nearly wiped out made her appearance!