Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2053 Magistracy! L

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Chapter 2053 Magistracy! L

After being nearly destroyed by OPPENHEIMER an bound by the chains of Edicts, natural laws, and a Decretum, she had finally gained the capability to at least coagulate a form of hers outwards!

Her hair was radiantly gold as she had a simple golden robe draping over her skin, her face fair and unblemished as her beauty was only comparable to a single woman here- Guinevere.

Before she even fully formed, the Longest Dream let out a relieved smile as he floated before her and embraced her, the other Dream Dimensional Rulers gazing in shock towards this scene as they also recalled this figure!


Jajagan spoke out in a raspy voice as the others looked forward, Eoqyn getting out of her father's embrace as she came to stand beside Noah's Clones while beginning to speak.

<There isn't really much time for our reunion as some crucial things have to be taken care of first while the Cataclysm and Rebirth of the Dream Dimension occurs.>


Eowyn's visage was astounding to see as she spoke with royal grandeur and coldness that these Dimensional Rulers were used to too many years ago!

<Instead of facing true destruction, the Latent Dream Will decided to Rebirth its authority in a different location.>

<Made possible by…> The Old Dreamer turned his gaze towards Noah when Eowyn mentioned this as all Dimensional Rulers focused on him.

At this juncture, Noah remained silent no longer as he had allowed events to unfold as Eowyn wished while restraining his authority for too long.

So he spoke as a profound air of authority leaked from him!

<Made possible by me. Made possible because I possess a tool that was in the past encroaching upon and Absorbing the domains of the Dream Dimension.>


The dense Quintessential Authority that he had just increased in concentration pulsed out with fervor as he continued.

<Escaping the certain destruction of the Dream Dimension was only made possible due to this…and the fact that I am the Dimensional Inimicus.>


Explosive words that some beings like Guinevere and the Longest Dream already knew boomed out, Morgana and others who had not yet been privy to this changing their expressions as Noah ignored all this currently!

<Yet the Latent Will of the Dream Dimension decided to choose my methods in order to survive. As profound as that is, we do not have time to focus on it as now…the focus is on what you all will do after the Rebirth and relocation of the Dream Dimension. What matters is your response to the actions of Primordials that caused this…and the response of the other Dimensions to this action.>

His voice was steady while staring at powerful existences as apart from his own power, he had backing!

<After all this…> To Noah's voice, the aged face of the Longest Dream came to focus on Noah as he spoke with grandeur.

<...The Quantum Dimension will more than likely call a Dimensional Conclave where the Rulers of all Dimensions will assemble.>


A fantastical set of words bloomed from this being as Noah's eyes lit up brightly!

A Conclave of the 9 Dimensions.

Something only brought forth from dire actions as the destruction of a Dimension counted as one!

As thoughts of this just bloomed, changes occurred in the surroundings that caused all eyes and Wills to shift.

They gazed at the land and skies around them to see a mass of Obsidian void becoming more and more visible from afar, the last golden wisps of the Dream Dimension surging into the spinning Pocket Dimensional Reality that shone like a blazing golden sun.

Within the Obsidian void, the gray fissure still remained as it pulsed with an eerie aura that couldn't really expand any further!

The Dream Dimensional Rulers watched on with solemnity and melancholy as the last vestiges of their domain disappeared into the spinning golden sun, their surroundings soon turned entirely black as the only points of light in the midst of all this…were 6 cerulean domains that held swirling Abominations that would soon be broken down one after another.


A sorrowful symphony played as at this moment, the Pocket Dimensional Reality released a blinding light and disappeared- bringing any residual essence within it back to the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality.

At this moment, the Dream Dimension…was gone.


Silence permeated in the surroundings as Providence surged.

At the same time, every single being here and many more powerful beings from afar felt their souls blaze with powerful light as the power of Natural Laws felt an explosive rise within them!

Away from the black void of the past Dream Dimension.

In the Apollyon Dimension.

In a region of dense Absolute Apollyon Authority, Lilith rose up in shock as she felt Entropy, Manadynamics, and other Natural Laws she understood and integrated with begin to scale upwards in power!

<Impossible…instantaneous destruction of a Dimension? Even the Tribunal is not capable of that!>

Her devilish visage shone with utmost light as her fair hand tore across space, calling upon Absolute Dream Authority to create a Dimensional Gateway into this Dimension!

In another region entirely, this time within the Desolate Mausoleum.

The Five Empyral Domains of Nature blazed with multicolored light and expanded in size and concentration of Natural Laws in an obscene manner!

In the stellar domain with 12 thrones of authority and a pedestal holding a stellar Heart, utmost brilliance was erupting out as the mood was not the greatest.

<Instantaneous destruction…even the Essence of NULLITY would not be able to achieve that of a Dimension this quickly.>



The radiant and incandescent gray essence that covered the powerful weapons that Tribunal Rulers wielded as well as what covered the Abominations!

It was mentioned at this juncture as even the Tribunal Rulers were surprised at the pace of destruction of a Dimension that seemed to occur within moments!

Across many light years away from the Main Reality, another existence felt a reaction as his eyes opened wide.

His eyes… were the size of Cosmos as the extent of his body was utterly titanic.

His visage was veiled within the Boundary Between Realities as Absolute Dream Authority surged along with multiple Fundamental Natural Laws, the concentration essence even in the Boundary Between Realities surging as Seas of essence began to manifest!

The massive existence whose eyes alone were the size of Cosmos spoke with an extremely deep voice while hidden in the folds of the Boundary Between Realities.

<The first key has been turned…>


Profound wonder and Essence rose up all around as far away from this location, in the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality that was forming Seas of Golden essence- Noah was also viewing multiple prompts of new information.

<An irreversible nexus event has taken place.>


<The Authority of all Natural Laws of Reality quintessentially increases!>

<The Singularities of new Realities in the Desolate Mausoleum quintessentially increases!>