Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2054 Magistracy! Ll

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Chapter 2054 Magistracy! Ll

<An irreversible nexus event has taken place.>


<The Authority of all Natural Laws of Reality quintessentially increases!>

<The Singularities of new Realities in the Desolate Mausoleum quintessentially increases!>

A bubbling source of power.

This was what Noah felt as his body was surrounded by surges of authority and light, where his Quintessential Kainos Authority was increased to a stupendous level while his authority of the Fundamental Natural Law of Manadynamics also rode to greater heights!

Yet his expression was impassive in all this it also meant his actions had directly caused the explosive strength of the power of too many Nature Integration Realm existences.

One's foundation, EMPYRAL transformation, Origin, Physiques, Bloodlines, and many other things went to make their base stats as one person could have vastly different strengthening from the 1,000% Augmentation to True Damage Values compared to another.

The foundations of existences that had lived for billions of years were too profound as with the disappearance of the functions of one of the Anchors, the strengthening of Natural Laws allowed the most powerful beings…to get even more powerful!

Especially those who completely understood multiple Natural Laws- where beings like Lilith would be augmented the most!

So Noah took this change in strides as he focused on the utter and complete change before his eyes.

A sandy golden glow permeated across all of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality as Nkah faced many prompts about its elevation.

But the most important ones remained what it signified!

<The Source of the Dream Dimension has settled into your construct.>

<You have gained an unquantifiable authority over the Decretum of Dreams.>

<Your Understanding of the Decretum of Dreams has reached 100%>

<You have gained the recognition of the Dream Dimension and gained the right to be granted the title of a Dream Dimensional Ruler once you reach a sufficient ranking.>

<All features of the Infinite Dimensional Reality are undergoing an elevation.>

<The Atlatl of Reality has gained the weight of an entire Dimension as it undergoes a Quintessential Evolution.>

<The feature of Absolute Authority has added the Dream Dimension under its banner.>


Row after row of prompts continued to cascade down as Noah brought it to a stop at the words of <Absolute Authority>.

A new feature to have arisen from this all as what did it entail?

Noah's Tri-Pupiled eyes focused on this feature as details bloomed.

<Absolute Authority>:: A feature of the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality that is applicable to any authority it has devoured the Source of. It allows for an instant and complete understanding of the concept of the Source and a smooth method of integrating it unto yourself, as well as the authority of Entry into the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality for those who have been branded as the Rulers of the Source. It also allows for the parameters on the expansion or stabilization of the Source to be modified at will. Currently devoured Sources: Dream Dimension…


A feature with a simple and concise description!

Yet it solved Noah's current biggest problem on how to maneuver around the Dream Dimensional Rulers as well as have aspects with shocking implications.

This aspect was the capability of allowing the expansion or stabilization of the Dream Dimension!

What was currently happening that was leading the Desolate Mausoleum and 9 Dimensions towards an apocalypse?

It was the constant expansion of Dimensions and Realities that violated balance, with Entropy gaining an ever increasing edge as Noah's actions today which caused the increased proliferation of Realities would also hasten the pace of Cataclysm for the Desolate Mausoleum!

But his action had also stopped the Cataclysm of one Source as for the Dream Dimension…Noah could choose to stop its expansion and have it stabilize through the Gourmandizing Dimensional Reality's feature of <Absolute Authority>!

If he devoured other sources, including the vast Realities themselves…would this feature be the thing to actually stop the progression of an apocalypse?


Noah's Heart of Mana pulsed in his chest as Providence surged around him.

He felt the authority course within him while having such a grandiose thought, his eyes watching the radiant Seas of gold wading across the stellar Cosmos as a Dimension fully settled into his home!

But in his silent appreciation, his Will was brought to attention as a piercing voice traveled up from his Lineage.



He heard the voice of his son emanate from his blood as his body quickly disappeared, traversing across the spatial folds to quickly appear in the stellar space of a certain Cosmos that shone with Seas of Dream Essence and Mana.

Here, Noah's Will surged out to see the figure of Little Henry with the Emperor Penguin, Kazuhiko, and many others who were currently staring with alarm towards a certain spot!

A spot…that held the visage of none other than the Ender of Reality- Hyperion!


This being was currently bellowing out with immense pain and fervor as shockingly, his voice actually held authority.


An existence like him who like many of Noah's people had just recently achieved the stage of Reality and was traversing the Stratas…somehow emanated Authority in his voice!

His large draconic elephantine body was undergoing a process of destruction and Refinement as around him, wisps of Absolute Mana Authority were entering his body and causing his aura to rise.

'What is…' Even Noah couldn't fully explain the workings behind this as in the next moment, prompts began to rise before him.

<Due to your increase in Quintessential Kainos Authority, you are now capable of reading more about the workings of Reality.>

<The Desolate Mausoleum has regained a significant portion of its past authority and can exert its Will more efficiently.>

<The Desolate Mausoleum has sensed its pathway towards destruction as to achieve balance, it has begun infusing the Authority of Manadynamics into its constructs and exerting a greater level of control.>


An unintended consequence!

The Desolate Mausoleum was unshackled from one of its Anchors as it benefited a great deal.

But its proliferation of Realities was occurring even faster as it would hasten towards an apocalypse!

So it utilized this increased authority to do something rather drastic.

The creatures it had forged to destroy blooming Realities were being strengthened in a shocking manner as the Desolate Mausoleum actually wished to exert a greater level of control on them, and it infused wisps of the one Absolute Fundamental Authority that could bring balance onto Primordial Beasts!