Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2055 Magistracy! Lll

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Chapter 2055 Magistracy! Lll

Absolute Fundamental Authority was being cordially infused into Enders of Reality!

It was a tremendously painful process as for those who were weak, their Origins might not even be able to withstand such essence as for the Grotto Haven or Nature Integration Enders of Reality…their strength was about to be scaled upwards in a ridiculous manner.

So what Noah was seeing before him with Hyperion…it was actually happening to every single Ender of Reality.

Arcs of Absolute Mana Authority surged into Hyperion's body as his aura rose, his trunk blaring out like a horn as his eyes…gradually became more and more blank and emotionless as if he was losing himself and his sense of identity!

Seeing such a scene, Noah's gaze changed as his figure flittered forward, coming before Hyperion's body and releasing his own domain of Absolute Fundamental Authority!

In the Pure-Blooded Domains of the Reality Ursidae.

A massive stellar Ursidae the size of a Reality was watching the rising concentration of essence around him with focus, the defensive line of this region of the Pure-Blooded Domain staying behind him as he was a powerful Primordial at the stage of Grotto Haven that was currently defending this area against a surge of Primordial Beasts.

His Adjudicator Legions were stationed behind him as he was successful in repelling the enemy Suzerain multiple times since their attacks began when the forces of the Dream Dimension attacked.

Yet at this moment…


From the opposing side where his enemies should have been, he felt massive waves of authority erupting out as soon after- a boisterous laugh erupted that began with joy and gradually turned apathetic.

Then soon after, the terrifying authority this Suzerain Ursidae felt neared rapidly as in a show of shock and wonder, a massive 9 Winged Empyral Tiger that the Suzerain Ursidae had battled too many times appeared before him once more!

But this time…

Its skin looked peeled as in some areas, one could see stellar blue glows of authority.

The same blue glow that now covered its eyes with a radiant cerulean sheen as on its forehead- a runic ecriture depicting a semilunar shape shone brightly!

This Ender of Reality didn't even talk when it appeared before the Suzerain Ursidae as its claws thundered down- claws that carried an undeniable authority that very few would have access to!


Terror and dread filled the Primordial Suzerain that had lived for millions of years as it instantly felt its origin turn absolutely dark.

Its Innate Reality Barrier was torn apart like paper as in a speed it couldn't even react, the Claw tore down with an authority that instantly distinguished its Aspects of Existence.



The 9 Winged Empyral Tiger then roared out while looking at the Legions and Realities the Primordials were protecting, turning into a streak of light towards this direction as behind it, waves of Enders of Reality with newly granted authority surged forth!

A shift in power slowly began to bud as the singular action of the death and Rebirth of a single anchor…it truly had too many far-reaching effects.

Even now, Nature Integration Realm experts were just beginning to react to it as in the Apollyon Dimension, Lilith had a grave expression while her fair crimson tinted hand slashed at the space before her with an allure of a golden light- an allure of Absolute Dream Authority!

Yet no matter what she did, she couldn't connect to the Dream Dimension.

She couldn't open a gateway to it!

This made utterly no sense her mind told her it couldn't be destroyed since she could utilize its authority, yet what could possibly deny her entry into a Dimension she has mastered the Decretum of?!

<I refuse to believe it!>


Her devilish visage shone brightly as she now utilized a different method. She didn't try to connect to the Dream Dimension, but instead the spatial coordinates her soul remembered when she had been roaming in the Dream Dimension!


This…had a reaction.

Her hand shone with a multicolored light as she slashed out, a multicolored rift forming as behind this rift…Lilith could only see dense darkness.

With her eyes shining with utmost power and brutality, her true body that always resided in the Apollyon Dimension…entered the rift.

An instant passed.

Her surroundings changed as she crossed through veils of spacetime and arrived into…nothingness.


The words escaped her mesmerizing lips as her devilish visage glanced around in all directions.

Everywhere she looked that should have sandy golden waves of essence surging…had absolutely nothing.

It was all a blank void as it ascertained the Dream Dimension…had truly disappeared!

As the situation was simply that incomprehensible, she spread her senses far and wide.

Like a billowing storm, her will spread out in all directions as in a short period of time…


Her eyes brightened.

She could see a dazzling point of a cerulean light extremely far away from her current position- 6 points of shining blue lights that seemed like incandescent suns!

Near these lights was also a long stretch of a pulsing gray fissure that continued on for many light years.

Near these lights…were also the auras of multiple Nature Integration Realm experts.


Her figure instantly turned into an explosive light that surged towards this direction fearlessly!

This wasn't a Clone or formed Thought or Will.

This was the Main Body of arguably one of the most powerful Dimensional Hellion Rulers.

And it now surged towards the point where a certain battle had taken place!

And she was not alone.

Multiple Nature Integration Realm existences from all Dimensions and Realities had felt the unbelievable changes as those who utilized similar methods to Lilith…all began to arrive into the void of nothingness at this juncture.


From one direction, a verdant light shone as auras of Prana blazed with life.

In another direction, auras densely powerful with a blue Fantasia light appeared.

And one after another, auras representing the Mirror Dimension, Niflheim, Elysium…and a single abstruse yet dominating aura stemming from the Quantum Dimension bloomed at this juncture.

All of them saw the blank void.

All of them then felt the clustering of auras in a certain direction as well as the loud roars of Beasts.

All of them then surged towards 6 domains of cerulean lights where one man was trying to quickly take down Abominations for their Loot!