Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2056 Rulers From All Dimensions! L

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Chapter 2056 Rulers From All Dimensions! L

He had just finished a tough battle that even had the possibility of Death, and he just wanted to collect his boons successfully and go home to enjoy the feeling of achievement!

But…things would never be that easy.

Surrounded by the Avalonian and Dream Dimensional Rulers, Noah's visage turned towards certain directions at the same time as them as they felt the terrifying auras of multiple beings burn.

Within the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkriegs, countless infinity symbols had filled up the domains as pure mana smashed into the Abominations over and over again, their roars becoming ever louder as for some of them- half of their bodies were already destroyed!

Noah was close to begin destroying them one by one as ridiculously, these creatures required to be ground down with a total accumulation of a few Quadrillion Damage Values.

But he was close.

So close!

Yet, here came shockingly powerful interferences as his Clones worked with even more haste.

At the same time…

<The Prana Dimensional Chassis has advanced in the Hero's Journey as they are entering the [Point of Death and Rebirth]>


This prompt rose again before his eyes as Noah wanted to curse!

The pristine aura of Providence rose around him as the Prana Dimensional Chassis became wrapped in a spatial light and disappeared soon after.

And just in case, the Dream Dimensional Chassis also did the same as moments later, the first blazing aura arrived.

It was wild and filled with power as Noah was actually familiar with it, and he didn't expect to feel it again so soon as the titanic and devilish visage of a demoness appeared near them!

Her form seemed to constantly show different variations, but she always settled on an exceedingly beautiful demoness with curved crimson gold horns rising atop her head, her obsidian crimson hair crackling with flames of Absolute Authority as her figure was wrapped in a fiery tight fitting battledress that screamed HERESY.

The instant she arrived, the Longest Dream, Guinevere, and others blazed up with powerful auras while gazing at her with cold eyes.

Yet this Dimensional Hellion Ruler did not focus on them as wondrously, her gaze honed in on Noah's Avalon Dimensional Chassis and his other remaining Clones that were battling with Abominations in the dazzling cerulean domains!



Her body began to blaze with billowing power as it remained on Noah, waves of stupendous authority shooting out from her in waves.

<You are also involved in this? That is one too many instances that I'm comfortable with!>


She made a move the moment that she arrived.

Her soul was pristine and powerful as it told her many things.

The two Hearts she carried also told her even more as coming into what used to be the Dream Dimension and seeing this being somehow here after his movements in the Avalon Dimension…Lilith could not let it be.


The Longest Dream bellowed as waves of sandy gold Absolute Dream Authority surged out from him, the other Dream Dimensional Rulers doing the same as fantastical authority rose up like waves.

Morgana clicked her teeth as since she could already see Guinevere moving, sending her Enchanted Nature Integration Beasts over to defend as well- the enemy being a single being!

A single being that after feeling the coming auras and sensing her own wants, her gaze quickly became more stern.

As she saw multiple Dimensional Rulers moving against her, she only spoke with a tone of certainty.



<Not today.>

Her crimson eyes shone with authority as the fabric of space and time exploded around her.

Why was Lilith feared across Dimensions?

Why was she known as one of the strongest Dimensional Rulers?

The answer lay in the number of Authorities she controlled.

And at this juncture in particular, she did not have her clone or will present.

She had her main body here!

And this being that continued to appear at the center of Quintessential events…she had to get a grasp on him at this juncture!


From her visage, multiple Authorities of Decreta erupted, but they were still overshadowed by the allure of Absolute Fundamental Authority.





And two more unknown Fundamental Natural Laws blazed around her along with multiple Natural Laws as after the rapid strengthening of Natural Laws due to the disappearance of the Dream Dimension…it was hard to say where the power of existences like Lilith reached!

<Hellion Reign>.


Her voice was light and filled with majesty.

With her exceedingly beautiful face of her main body that matched Guinevere in beauty, she spoke as the very fabric of Reality around here changed.

The Fundamental Natural Law that weaved together even this void began to move at her words, turning into weapons against her enemies as the gazes of the Dreamer of Providence and others changed when they felt multiple stacked authorities of the very spacetime they stood on press upon them and push them away!


Her goal was not to battle them.

She merely wanted to push them away and focus on a single being!

And as if she had released a propulsive force of the very fabric of Reality that the Dimensional Rulers fought against, her figure pressed forward towards Noah's while Guinevere and the others were shockingly repulsed away.

Against nearly 10 Dimensional Rulers, she actually showed such prowess that she was pushing all of them back to just reach a single being.

This was a Dimensional Hellion Ruler who was spreading her reign across Dimensions.

This was the Dimensional Deceiver- Lilith, when she moved seriously!

Besides Noah, the recently unshackled Eowyn who was just reclaiming her authority floated in front of him valiantly as Absolute Dream Authority emanated from her and tried to alter the oppressive reality that Lilith released.

<Why hasn't an old Relic like you retired already?>


Her tone as Lavalliere was gradually changing as she took on the majesty and grace of the Dimensional Ruler Eowyn, standing fearlessly against Lilith's assault as for Noah himself…

His Origin pulsed as he was just about to make a grand move.