Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse-Chapter 2057 Rulers From All Dimensions! Ll

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Chapter 2057 Rulers From All Dimensions! Ll

Noah's Origin pulsed as he was just about to make a grand move!

A grand move that involved one of the biggest boons to come from Absorbing an entire Dimension!

He wanted to call upon the revamped feature that was even getting its name altered!

But Providence shone in his eyes.

And he became utterly calm under Lilith's relentless assault that utilized the very fabric of Reality to push Dimensional Rulers away as an instant layer…a singularity bloomed between him and Lilith's hands that were reaching out.

She was close.

So supremely close as her crimson-tinted fair hands were just about to reach Eowyn and his visage!

But a singularity that shockingly unfolded into a maddening Reality bloomed before them as it exploded with the Absolute Fundamental Authorities of multiple Natural Laws.


Someone had wondrously throne a singularity of a blooming Reality as an attack as it was filled with Absolute Fundamental Authority!

The impact was reality rending as it pushed Lilith back, her eyes becoming tinted with an even greater crimson light as she gazed up in annoyance while the Dimensional Rulers around Noah re-exerted their authority.

The perpetrator to have made the move and stopped the advancement of all this made themselves clear as above everyone in the void of nothingness, a kingly existence releasing waves of majesty gazed down with coldness.

A unique multicolored essence wrapped around his visage as he was exceedingly handsome, his hair radiantly dark as his eyes radiated starry light.

His fair face held a hint of a bronze hue as his forehead was branded with a constantly changing runic ecriture that released a multicolored light!

He was adorned in a simple gold and white Emperor's robe as his voice emanated out.

<What happened here?>


The Authority of a unique Dimension that seemed to lord over others appeared as it was none other than the Quantum Dimension.

With his entrance, the other Dimensional Rulers that had arrived after feeling the changes to the Dream Anchor appeared as their auras blazed powerfully while gazing at Lilith and all others in this location!

<What happened here?>


The voice of the Longest Dream boomed out with anger as his authority raged, looking towards the Dimensional Ruler from the Quantum Dimension with the same distaste he showed towards Lilith!

<That…is what happened here. The beings you all chose to not concern yourselves with…that is what occurred here!>

His voice reverberated outwards as he pointed towards the massive gray fissure that pulsed with a deadly light, his attention also pointing towards the Abominations contained in the Magistracy of the Apocalyptic Blitzkriegs!

The Ruler from Quantum Dimension gazed at the gray fissure along with the others, the Essence of life force rising at this juncture as 3 existences shining with the Essence of Prana floated towards the gray fissure as their wills covered it entirely.

All three had the appearances of Ancient and aged existences as they were in humanoid forms and draped over with incandescent verdant robes, the one at the forefront showing a ranked face that contained more Vitality than most beings here as he spoke out calmly.

<It is the Essence of NULLITY that is born outside of the Desolate Mausoleum and Dimensions. It has the capability to critically injure a Dimension and accelerate its pathway towards destruction…but not this fast. Not so instant.>

The voice filled with life echoed out as once more, the focus came on the Dream Dimensional Rulers as all new beings here wished to understand what had occurred!

<Why does any of that matter?>


The authoritative voice of Lilith boomed out at this juncture as she still released wild waves of power- seemingly unfettered even while standing in the midst of all of these Rulers!

<The Dream Dimension has seemingly been taken out as an anchor as it did not face Annihilation, and instead seems to have been entirely shifted away from its current location. So the important question is who is capable of carrying out such a thing? Because it sure as hell isn't the Tribunal!>


Against her words, the Dreamer of Providence rose up with a chilling voice.

<You would know whether it is the Tribunal or not, wouldn't you? Since you have been playing conqueror with them these past years?>


Authorities raged around rampantly as the might of multiple Rulers clashed against each other!

In the midst of all this, the Wills of these Rulers also focused on the 6 cerulean domains that had roaring Abominations, a woman with dazzling blue hair and an aura of the Essence of Fantasia surging around her coming close to these barriers and watching the Abominations within as well as Noah's figures that were seemingly ignoring the arrival of important Dimensional Rulers and continuing to attack the NULLITY Beasts.

<What I find most interesting…>

This woman had a curvaceous figure and a devastating allure as her blue hair shone with magic, her red lips parting to release more of her words as she focused on Noah's Avalon Dimensional Chassis and the Avalonian Dimensional Rulers.

< the newly crowned Imperius Avallonis. Why is an existence that has not reached Nature Integration being tasked with handling NULLITY Beasts as he even continues to do so at this juncture? And why was my dear Dimensional Queen Lilith reaching out towards him, what else do we not know here? >


One voice after another was rising.

There were too many distinguished beings here.

Too many beings with their own ideologies and ruling!

In the midst of all this, some of their focus came to wrap around Noah!

Eowyn stood beside him with shining eyes as Guinevere stepped up as the voice of authority from the Avalon Dimension.

<As the Imperius Avallonis who has yet to reach his peak of power, he simply asked to train himself against these remaining Abominations after two Tribunal Rulers who are responsible for all this retreated with Legions of Abominations ten times what remains here.>


Her austere visage came under everyone's eyes as at this juncture, the authoritative voice of the Quantum Dimensional Ruler rang out again.

<The Primordial Tribunal did all this? They are responsible for this unfathomable situation?>

His question brimmed with an unknown authority as if even amongst Dimensional Rulers, he was seemingly placing himself above them.

He asked the crux of the question that everyone wanted to know as at this point in time, Noah felt his will and heart become exceedingly calm!

Only the Avalonian and Dream Dimensional Rulers knew the truth.

And at this moment, all of them remained impassive to let their agreement be known!


The eyes of Lilith flashed as she had many thoughts she kept to herself, her voice echoing out melodious as Providence began to surge.

<We can simply reverse the Spacetime continuum to gaze upon what happened.>