Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1818: No Longer Human

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Chapter 1818: No Longer HumanTranslator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen activated the Human Realm domain and plucked a ginseng fruit from the tree. Then, he summoned Banana Fairy and let her eat it.

Zhou Wen had already eaten the ginseng fruit. It wasn’t of much use to him and couldn’t provide him further improvement.

Demonic Neonate refused to eat it at all. After some thought, he decided to let Banana Fairy try it first. If she could improve further, she might have a chance of restraining the Demon Bull’s nose ring.

“Banana Fairy’s stats +100.”

After eating a ginseng fruit, Banana Fairy’s stats increased tremendously, making Zhou Wen overjoyed.

Without any hesitation, he plucked the ginseng fruits and got Banana Fairy to eat them.

“Banana Fairy’s stats +85… Banana Fairy’s stats +79…”

Although the effects of every ginseng fruit were decreasing, her stats kept rising. In the blink of an eye, she had eaten 64 of them. All her stats had reached 998. She was just short of reaching the limit of 999.

After eating a few more, her stats didn’t increase at all.

Zhou Wen was a little obsessive-compulsive. He felt a little uncomfortable seeing that missing stat point. After all, the Wuzhuang Daoist Temple dungeon was a game. There would be plenty of opportunities to grind for ginseng fruits in the future. He immediately continued feeding her one after another.

That single point was as difficult as ascending to the heavens. When she ate the 70th fruit, she remained short of the last point.

There was no point in saving the last two. He fed them to Banana Fairy. Finally, after eating the 72nd fruit, all her stats reached 999.

She had to eat all 72 of them to max out her stats! Zhou Wen was still delighted. Knowing that the ginseng fruit had such an effect, he could raise the levels of the other Companion Beasts in the future.

He imagined taking a group of 999-stat Calamity preciouses to clear dungeons in the future. The scene made the corners of Zhou Wen’s mouth curl up.

However, after respawning the dungeon, he was somewhat depressed.

The respawn time for Wuzhuang Daoist Temple’s ginseng fruit was a year. To grind another 999-stat Calamity pet would take a year.

It’s better than nothing. Zhou Wen wasn’t in a rush. He could slowly grind in the future. It was better than nothing.

The legendary ginseng fruit could only be eaten once every nine thousand years. In comparison, a year wasn’t long.

I wonder if the 999-stat Calamity Banana Fairy can be of any use against the Demon Bull’s nose ring. Zhou Wen launched Mount Laojun again and charged forward with the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General and Banana Fairy.

The True Demon Crane was extremely stingy. It dropped dimensional crystals every time, but none of the truly good things dropped.

It wasn’t easy for him to reach the Demon Bull again. After a battle, the Demon Bull grabbed the nose ring with both hands and aimed it at Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen held the banana fan in one hand and fanned at the Demon Bull.

Banana Fairy’s Calamity Zone was called “Yin Yang World.” Together with the only skill, Supreme Yin Wind, an invisible tornado swept towards the Demon Bull.

Originally, as long as the nose ring shone on them, it would definitely spell death for Zhou Wen and the Fiend-Armored Tiger Soul General. They couldn’t even last a second. This time, he didn’t immediately kill them. After a second or two, the game screen went black.

The banana fan indeed has a restraining effect on the Demon Bull’s nose ring. It’s only because there’s a huge level difference between the two that the restraining effect is relatively ordinary. If they were both at the Apocalypse grade, it would probably be much easier to crack the Demon Bull’s nose ring. Zhou Wen was overjoyed.

Although the delay was only slightly more than a second, there were already all sorts of possibilities. As long as he killed the Demon Bull in that second, the nose ring naturally wouldn’t be a threat.

As for letting Banana Fairy advance to the Apocalypse grade, Zhou Wen didn’t even dare think about it. Even he couldn’t advance to the Apocalypse grade, much less Banana Fairy.

Zhou Wen began grinding Mount Laojun dungeon again and again, constantly searching for the possibility of killing the Demon Bull.

While Zhou Wen was grinding dungeons, the Zhang and Xia families had sent people to contact Li Xuan, hoping to relocate their entire family to Guide Ancient City.

These two families had deep foundations. It was unexpected for them to give up their ancestral business to come to Guide Ancient City. It left Zhou Wen and Li Xuan surprised.

However, they had always had a good relationship with the two families. Furthermore, Zhang Yuzhi and Xia Xuanyue were in Guide Ancient City. This matter went very smoothly.

After discussing all sorts of details, the two families gradually relocated to Guide Ancient City.

“Brother Zhang, I still want to hear your reasons,” Zhou Wen suddenly asked when he walked Zhang Chunqiu out.

“Even if you didn’t ask me, I still want to find an opportunity to chat with you about this matter.” Zhang Chunqiu paused before saying, “As you know, our family’s former Hero King has a deep relationship with Jing Daoxian.”

“I’ve heard of that.” Zhou Wen nodded.

“My patriarch had no choice but to harm his lover, the person Jing Daoxian liked. For that woman, Jing Daoxian nearly slaughtered all the upper echelons of the Federation.” Zhang Chunqiu hesitated for a moment before continuing, “I’m afraid this will happen again.”

“You’re saying that Wang Mingyuan had experienced the same thing…” Zhou Wen had heard a little from Jing Daoxian. Although he had some guesses, he was still somewhat surprised when he heard that.

“It’s a little different.” Zhang Chunqiu sighed and said, “Our Zhang family also happened to know something about Wang Mingyuan. His wife and daughter might have died in the chaos of war.”

“You mean that his wife and daughter didn’t die at the hands of a creature, but were killed by humans?” Zhou Wen understood what ‘chaos of war’ meant.

Zhang Chunqiu nodded. “I don’t know the details. My patriarch guessed that they might have been accidentally killed during the chaos.”

“Could it be that the person who killed his wife and daughter is very strong? Even Wang Mingyuan can’t take revenge?” Zhou Wen frowned.

“No, those people aren’t strong. Furthermore, they are already long dead. They died tragically. It was probably Wang Mingyuan’s doing.” Zhang Chunqiu shook his head.

“Then why…” Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled. Since Wang Mingyuan had taken revenge, why was the Zhang family so worried?

“Back then, my patriarch met Wang Mingyuan and even played a game of chess with him. Do you know what my patriarch said about him?” Zhang Chunqiu said with a complicated expression.

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word as he looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

“This person is extremely stubborn. He has a route he has charted in his heart and is no longer human. If he can’t become a hero who changes the world in the future, he has to become the Devil Lord who destroys the world.” Zhang Chunqiu sighed.

Zhou Wen understood what he meant and said in frustration, “Does it mean that no matter what, he will change the order of the world?”

“An inhuman heart probably doesn’t abide by the ways of the world. If such a person establishes a new order, it will definitely be through bloodshed.” With that said, Zhang Chunqiu bade farewell and left.

Zhou Wen couldn’t calm down for a long time. After he completely calmed down, he set off for Luoyang.