Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1824: Invincible Existence

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Chapter 1824: Invincible ExistenceTranslator: CKtalon

The giant city is quite interesting. It doesn’t depend on strength but on size. If it were an extremely huge Mortal creature, wouldn’t it be able to dominate the giant city? Zhou Wen thought to himself.

However, it was unrealistic when one thought about it. No matter how large a Mortal creature was, they maxed out at the size of dinosaurs or whales. It was impossible for them to compete in size with a mythical creature like Behemoth.

Just as Zhou Wen was considering how he could enter the city without changing his size, he saw the city gates suddenly close. The void shadows that filled the sky vanished. Dawn had broken.

Zhou Wen was immediately alarmed, afraid that something would happen to Tsukuyomi and Imperial Lord Behemoth.

Thankfully, he could still sense Imperial Lord Behemoth’s existence. It likely wasn’t in danger.

I can only wait for the next opening of the city. Zhou Wen didn’t know the rules of the city’s opening, so he could only stay here and wait for it to open again.

“Li Xuan, do you have any huge Companion Beasts on your side?” Zhou Wen contacted his friends and told them about the city.

There were a total of twelve palaces in the city. Now, only two of them were occupied and there were still ten palaces available. It would be best if someone could use them.

Unfortunately, huge Companion Beasts weren’t easy to find. The largest Companion Beast an ordinary person had was the size of an elephant or whale. Such Companion Beasts would probably be devoured when they walked in front of the huge human head.

Zhou Wen didn’t have many that could match the size of the human head. Only Torch Dragon’s size had the absolute advantage.

The remaining Companion Beasts—even the dragons—weren’t even the size of the human head.

Li Xuan and company didn’t have any especially large Companion Beasts. The biggest was a common dragon Companion Beast from the West District. It wasn’t much bigger than a dinosaur, so it was impossible for it to occupy a palace.

An Sheng asked Zhou Wen to leave a few spots for him if they were still available.

Zhou Wen replied that there were still many spots. Even if Torch Dragon and he occupied two more spots, there were still eight empty palaces.

After a while, An Sheng sent another message: “Young Master Wen, according to our team’s calculations, the giant city should be related to the twelve Titan Gods. If you have a way to enter and occupy the palace, you don’t have to worry about your size. If our calculations are correct, you will return to your normal size after leaving the giant city.”

“Got it.” Zhou Wen had also thought of this possibility, but he wasn’t willing to take the risk.

He originally wanted Imperial Lord Behemoth to come out, but the city had closed too quickly and he hadn’t had the time.

He would get Imperial Lord Behemoth to come out the next time the city opened. That way, he would naturally know the outcome.

While Zhou Wen waited in front of the huge city, he sat under a nearby tree to grind dungeons, hoping to find other Apocalypse-grade dungeons. However, some dungeons disappointed him. They weren’t as strong as he imagined.

I wonder how strong the Guardian in Ant City is now. Zhou Wen thought of Ant City’s Guardian.

However, that thing was a Guardian, not a dimensional creature. It was hard to say if it would drop a World Fragment if he killed it.

Since he had nothing to do, Zhou Wen activated the Ant City dungeon, planning on visiting Ant City’s Guardian.

He carefully arrived at the spot where Ant City’s Guardian was, but he wasn’t attacked by her. This surprised Zhou Wen.

On careful look, he realized that she was sitting cross-legged above Ant City. Her appearance was no different from a human, like a graceful girl.

However, her eyes were closed as she sat in a lotus position like an immortal. Her body emitted a strange halo.

It was like an immortal glow protecting her body, but also like a Buddhistic glow that was holy and inviolable.

Sensing Zhou Wen’s arrival, Ant City’s Guardian opened her eyes and glanced at him. She still had no intention of attacking him.

Her previously orange-red pupils had now turned crystalline black.

After glancing at him, she closed her eyes again as though she didn’t want to bother with him.

Since he was already here, how could he leave after taking a look? Zhou Wen summoned Prisoner and got him to blast Ant City’s Guardian with his strongest strength.

Prisoner’s long silver hair danced like a devil. Silver light bloomed in his eyes like two silver lasers that instantly shot at Ant City’s Guardian.

Ant City’s Guardian remained sitting there without moving. She opened her eyes again and looked straight at Prisoner’s silver beam without dodging.

However, under her gaze, the silver beams shot out from Prisoner’s eyes collapsed like pixels.

In the next second, even Prisoner’s body disintegrated into countless pixels. He died.

What ability is this? Even the Apocalypse-grade Prisoner can’t withstand a single blow from her. He couldn’t even withstand a glance. This fellow has definitely advanced to the Apocalypse grade. Furthermore, it’s not an ordinary Apocalypse grade… Zhou Wen was alarmed.

The growth speed of Ant City’s Guardian was terrifying. He felt that he had no hope of killing her in this lifetime.

Zhou Wen summoned a group of Companion Beasts to attack Ant City’s Guardian, but with just a glance, all the Companion Beasts turned into pixels and shattered. Zhou Wen didn’t escape the same fate. The game screen went black again.

What a sick fellow. Zhou Wen was somewhat helpless. The earliest dungeon turned out to be the most difficult one.

In the past, he could exchange a few blows with Ant City’s Guardian. It even looked like there was a slight chance of killing her.

Now, Zhou Wen was many times stronger than before, but he realized that the difficulty of killing Ant City’s Guardian was even higher than before. There wasn’t even a sliver of possibility.

He tried a few more times, but he still suffered a crushing defeat. Ant City’s Guardian didn’t even move a finger before she killed Zhou Wen with her gaze.

An Sheng’s arrival made him feel much better.

“Young Master Wen, how’s the situation here?” An Sheng came to Zhou Wen’s side and sized up the huge city.

“Nothing has changed. The city hasn’t re-opened yet. Imperial Lord Behemoth is still alive inside,” Zhou Wen said.

“That’s good. It’s all thanks to you. If we can successfully evolve this batch of Companion Beasts to the Calamity grade, it will be an extremely important bargaining chip for the entire An family,” An Sheng said as he summoned six Companion Beasts.

Although the six Companion Beasts looked different, it was obvious that they were from the same species—an extremely huge giant.

“Do you think they can defeat that head with their size?”

“It shouldn’t be a problem. What Companion Beasts are these?” Zhou Wen looked up and sized up the giants. Although their sizes weren’t comparable to Imperial Lord Behemoth, they were about half the size of it after its gigantification. They were more than enough to deal with the huge human head.

“These are all Giant Companion Beasts in Norse mythology. They are evolvable Mythical creatures, but it’s rather troublesome to evolve them. There aren’t enough resources to support them. Now, if we can use the giant city to turn them into Calamity-grade creatures, we won’t have to worry about lacking laborers in the future…” An Sheng said excitedly.

“You want to use a Calamity-grade Giant for manual labor?” Even Zhou Wen felt that An Sheng was being too extravagant.

“It’s rather difficult to use a dimensional zone’s energy. Progress has always been very slow. You’ve helped us resolve a huge problem.” An Sheng smiled and said, “Although Overseer didn’t say anything, I can tell that he’s very happy.”

“Whether he’s happy or not has nothing to do with me. I just don’t want to waste it,” Zhou Wen said with a pout.

The two of them waited outside the city. After another night, the city underwent another change when night fell again.

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