Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1830: Heaven

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Chapter 1830: HeavenTranslator: CKtalon

“What about the people you care about?” Holy God stared at Wang Mingyuan.

“Everyone has to abide by the rules. There are naturally no exceptions.” Wang Mingyuan looked straight into Holy God’s eyes. “What about you? Do you choose to be confined by the rules or be outside the rules?”

“I already know my fate at my age. How can there be any rules? I’m just waiting for death,” Holy God said with a smile.

“Then let me send you off.” Wang Mingyuan waved his sleeve and instantly sliced Holy God’s body into two.

However, on careful look, he realized that it was only Holy God’s robe that had been torn into two. His whereabouts were unknown.

Wang Mingyuan looked at the robe that had dropped to the ground and couldn’t help but frown slightly. He muttered to himself, “I hope you really are aware of fate.”

Zhou Wen finally locked onto another dimensional zone. It was the legendary Heaven.

This was a popular dimensional zone recently. Many humans went to Heaven and obtained angel Companion Beasts there.

The Heaven dimensional zone was a relatively safe dimensional zone. As long as a human could reach the Mythical stage, there was a high chance of obtaining an angel Companion Beast in Heaven.

Now, many people believed that Heaven was a land bestowed by the heavens and would be the final salvation for humanity. More and more people from the West District headed to Heaven. There were already a few large factions who wanted to build a base there.

From the information they had obtained, most of the angel Companion Beasts obtained by humans in Heaven were ordinary two-winged angels. Legend had it that someone had obtained a four-winged angel, but there was no video or photo evidence.

However, there were also people who said that the so-called Heaven dimensional zone might not be the real Heaven, but the Garden of Eden.

Heaven was the kingdom of God. It shouldn’t appear on the land, so it could be the Garden of Eden.

Be it Heaven or the Garden of Eden, Zhou Wen wanted to take a look. Perhaps he could find information related to Sweetie.

“Old Zhou, are you really going to Heaven? That’s not auspicious,” Li Xuan teased.

“I want to take a look even if there’s a Western Paradise, let alone Heaven,” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

“You don’t say. The Western Paradise does exist. Someone discovered a mountain suspected to be the legendary Mount Numinous. However, that place is too terrifying. No one returned. Those who went might have really gone to paradise,” Li Xuan said with a smile.

“Where’s Mount Numinous?” Zhou Wen was somewhat surprised. He hadn’t seen any information regarding Mount Numinous.

“Legend has it that it’s near the Himalayas, but it’s not in a fixed spot. Occasionally, someone will see Mount Numinous appear before they can enter. It depends on fate if you can really find it yourself.” Li Xuan told him the information regarding Mount Numinous. This was a report he had obtained not long ago. He hadn’t had the time to tidy it up and add it to the database.

Zhou Wen thought to himself, If I don’t gain anything in Heaven, I can try my luck there.

When they heard that Zhou Wen was going to Heaven, Feng Qiuyan and Ming Xiu were rather interested. Together with Wang Lu and Qin Zhen, the five of them headed to the Heaven dimensional zone.

Li Xuan had originally wanted to go, but unfortunately, there were still many things he needed to deal with in the ancient city. All he could do was stay behind gloomily.

Zhou Wen never expected Li Xuan to have the patience to manage the ancient city. He was more like the city lord than Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen had the intention of making Li Xuan the City Lord in name and in practice, but unfortunately, Li Xuan wasn’t willing. All he said was that the city belonged to the two of them. He was the body of the ancient city, and Zhou Wen was the soul of the ancient city. Neither of them was replaceable.

Zhou Wen teleported everyone to the place suspected to be the Heaven dimensional zone. There were people everywhere.

Thankfully, Zhou Wen had the foresight to disguise himself. Otherwise, Human Sovereign’s arrival would definitely cause a stir.

“This place is almost a market.” Ming Xiu looked around and realized that many people were setting up stalls to sell Companion Eggs. There were even people selling angel Companion Eggs.

Occasionally, one could see someone walking around with an angel Companion Beast, attracting many envious gazes.

“Angel Companion Beasts are very beautiful!” Wang Lu said as she sized up an angel Companion Beast.

The angel Companion Beast flapped its wings and flew in the air, following behind its master. It had blonde hair and white clothes, looking unimaginably handsome.

However, its beauty was a little neutral. It was impossible to tell if it was male or female.

“There’s no need to be envious. We’ll get a few later and form an angel legion for you,” Ming Xiu said with a smile.

Upon hearing Ming Xiu’s words, someone beside him found it unacceptable.

“Outsider, don’t be too arrogant. Angel Companion Beasts are bestowed by the heavens. It’s already a blessing to obtain one.” The elder who was setting up a stall beside him seemed to be a pious parishioner as he looked at Ming Xiu.

“What era are we in? Why are you still talking about such things? If there’s really a god, why would the world become what it is now?” Ming Xiu retorted.

Ming Xiu’s words immediately incurred the wrath of everyone. The people nearby glared at him angrily. If they didn’t know that foreigners who came here weren’t to be trifled with, they would have long pounced on Ming Xiu and tied him up before sending him to the gallows.

“Swordsman Tomorrow, Feng Qiuyan, Female Sword Immortal. Why are the three of you free to stroll around our West District? Could it be that you are also interested in the angel Companion Beast?” A blonde, blue-eyed man with an angel Companion Beast walked over.

Ming Xiu sized up the man and clearly recognized who he was. He curled his lips and said, “Fred, do you own Heaven? Can’t we come and enter?”

“I’m just giving you a friendly reminder. God loves the world. As long as you are grateful, you can naturally go anywhere. I’m just afraid that you have evil intentions. If you really enter Heaven, not only will you not obtain an angel Companion Beast, but you will also be sent to Hell,” Fred said with a faint smile.

“I hate your Cape family’s nonsense.” Ming Xiu glanced at Fred in disgust.

Qin Zhen explained to Zhou Wen that Fred was one of the more famous experts in the Cape family in recent times. It was said that the Guardian he had contracted had already reached the Calamity grade, allowing him to conquer many mysterious dimensional zones in the West District.

“As a friend, I just want to remind everyone. This friend is?” Fred sized up Zhou Wen.

It was because he suspected Zhou Wen’s identity that he stood up and said that nonsense to Ming Xiu.

“It has nothing to do with you.” Ming Xiu didn’t want to attract attention here, so he spoke first.

Without caring what Fred was up to, Ming Xiu had already passed him and led Zhou Wen and company towards the entrance of Heaven.

It was a strange river that wasn’t too wide, but it was enveloped in white fog. Even those with special eye techniques couldn’t see through the white fog to see where the river headed.

There was a small boat docked by the river. There were no boatmen on the boat, but as long as someone was sitting on it, the boat would automatically sail into the fog.

Not long after, the boat returned by itself, but the person on the boat was gone.

“Only the most pious believers can take the Ship of Salvation to Paramita. Take heed if you aren’t pious believers,” Fred said indifferently.