Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1831: Ship of Salvation

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Chapter 1831: Ship of SalvationTranslator: CKtalon

As they spoke, someone else jumped onto the boat.

The boat looked very sturdy. It had already carried many people into the fog.

However, when this person jumped onto the boat, the boat seemed to be a phantom. The person’s body passed through the boat and landed in the river.

The river wasn’t wide, and it flowed very slowly. However, after the person fell in, he didn’t even struggle before sinking to the bottom and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

The water didn’t even splash. A life was lost just like that.

“This is what happens when you aren’t pious,” Fred said with a smile.

Zhou Wen and company looked at each other. Although they had already learned of this situation from the intelligence, they were still somewhat alarmed.

Even though someone had died in the water, there were still many people lining up to board the ship.

After all, there were very few dimensional zones where one could obtain a Companion Beast without fighting. Furthermore, it was at least a Mythical Companion Beast.

Although it was a Mythical Companion Beast that couldn’t evolve, it was enough to make ordinary people go crazy.

“Coach, have you figured out anything?” Ming Xiu asked Zhou Wen.

“Ming Xiu, those words of yours are gratuitous.” Feng Qiuyan’s expression seemed to say that confidence was a given when it came to Coach.

“Everything is within Coach’s expectations.” Qin Zhen nodded as though she agreed with Feng Qiuyan’s point of view. She also felt that Zhou Wen had definitely figured out everything.

Zhou Wen looked at the three pairs of eyes that were filled with anticipation and admiration as a string of curses ran through his mind.

Why did I even bother bringing the few of you along. It’s really killing me. I have nothing! Zhou Wen was depressed.

He was only here to take a look at the situation. These three fellows had made it seem like he would commit a heinous crime if he didn’t continue.

“Zhou Wen, let’s board the boat together,” Wang Lu suddenly said.

“Alright.” Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu and saw her nod at him. He immediately understood that Wang Lu had absolute confidence. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have said such words.

The few of them followed behind Wang Lu and lined up at the back of the line.

“You want to board the boat together?” Fred heard their conversation and said with a faint smile, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. The Ship of Salvation can only ferry one person at a time. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pass.”

“Just because others can’t cross it doesn’t mean that we can’t.” Seeing that Zhou Wen had already accepted Wang Lu’s suggestion, Ming Xiu thought that Zhou Wen had a plan and immediately counterattacked.

“Is that so? Then I really want to see how all of you are going to cross the River of Heaven together. How about this? You don’t have to queue. Just go. I still have the authority to determine so.” Fred had already confirmed Zhou Wen’s identity.

There was probably no other person in the world who could win Ming Xiu and Feng Qiuyan’s trust so completely.

“There’s no need. We can just line up here.” Wang Lu rejected Fred.

If they really wanted special treatment, there was no need for them to use Freds privileges. If they revealed Zhou Wen’s identity as Human Sovereign, everyone would probably automatically let him board the boat first.

Fred didn’t say anything else as he watched from the side. He wanted to see how Zhou Wen and company crossed the River of Heaven.

It was impossible for the Ship of Salvation to carry two people at once. Furthermore, Zhou Wen and company had a total of five people. The Cape family had tried many times. Death was certain if more than one person boarded it.

If Human Sovereign died in the River of Heaven, it would be great news for the Cape family.

Be it Zhou Wen or An Tianzuo, they had a terrible relationship with the Cape family. There were many conflicts.

The Cape family had many talented experts who had died at the hands of Zhou Wen and the An family. At that moment, Fred didn’t dare fall out with Zhou Wen because he knew that he was no match for him, but he hoped that Zhou Wen could die an early death.

The Cape family would only clap and cheer for the demise of Human Sovereign. At most, they would say regretfully, “There’s a price to pay for being young and frivolous.”

Zhou Wen and company lined up in a long line. After two to three hours, it was finally their turn.

Fred couldn’t wait any longer. He wished he could push everyone in front of Zhou Wen into the river so that Zhou Wen and company could quickly board the boat and have the Cape family’s greatest enemy drown.

“I’ll board the ship first. You guys can follow.” As Wang Lu spoke, she gently leaped and landed on the Ship of Salvation.

Ming Xiu and company were still somewhat worried and prepared to save her at any time. After all, they knew that Wang Lu wasn’t a believer of God.

Fall down… Fall down… Fred cursed inwardly. He hoped Zhou Wen’s entire team would be wiped out.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as he hoped. Wang Lu stood firmly on the boat.

It’s fine. I’m afraid Zhou Wen won’t dare to board the boat if Wang Lu were to fall immediately. Fred only hoped that Zhou Wen would be the second to board.

If the two of them boarded the ship together, the Ship of Salvation would definitely sink.

His prayer seemed to receive a response from God. Zhou Wen was really the second to jump onto the Ship of Salvation.

Zhou Wen also knew that the two of them would sink if they boarded the boat. He was worried that an accident would happen, so he was the second to jump onto the Ship of Salvation.

Fall! As Zhou Wen’s toes landed on the boat, Fred nearly shouted.

There were still many believers in line on the shore. They also looked at Zhou Wen and company. The Ship of Salvation could only redeem one person at a time, but the two of them had boarded together. Weren’t they courting death?

To their surprise, Zhou Wen landed firmly in the boat. He didn’t fall into the water, nor did the Ship of Salvation sink.

How did this happen? Fred’s face was filled with disbelief.

The rule of sinking once there were two had been easily broken. Fred refused to believe that Zhou Wen and Wang Lu were pious believers of God.

Furthermore, no matter how pious they were, the boat couldn’t accommodate two people.

Could it be that God bullies the weak and fears the strong? This blasphemous thought appeared in Fred’s mind.

The other believers were already dumbfounded. This was the first time they had seen two people board the boat without causing it to capsize.

What shocked them even more was that Feng Qiuyan, Ming Xiu, and Qin Zhen jumped onto the boat one by one.

Soon, all of them stood firmly on the boat. None of them fell into the water, and the boat didn’t sink.

“Heavens, how pure is their faith? They can actually board the Ship of Salvation together?”

“They must be extremely pious believers to receive such a gift.”

“Merciful God is so kind to his believers.”

There were exclamations of praise on the shore, amusing Ming Xiu.

“Ignoramuses. This is all because of our coach’s might. What has it got to do with their God?” Feng Qiuyan curled his lips and muttered softly.

Zhou Wen looked at Wang Lu. He knew very well that he hadn’t done anything. Everything was thanks to Wang Lu, but he didn’t know how she had done it.

Although Wang Lu was considered a person of faith, her faith wasn’t in God.

Seeing Zhou Wen and company enter the fog on the Ship of Salvation, Fred’s expression didn’t look too good.

After the Ship of Salvation returned, he immediately jumped onto it to see if Zhou Wen and company had obtained an angel Companion Beast.