Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1832: Forbidden Fruit

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Chapter 1832: Forbidden FruitTranslator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen and company had never seen such a luxurious dimensional zone.

Gold bricks paved the ground with silver lining the railings. If this were before dimensional zones appeared, ordinary people wouldn’t have to worry about food for the rest of their lives. They could just dig out a few pieces.

The huge square was filled with people. Zhou Wen and company followed the crowd, and everywhere they passed was luxurious and beautiful.

After passing through the square, they saw three gardens. Most people rushed towards the garden in the middle. That was where they could obtain angel Companion Beasts.

Zhou Wen and company followed them into the garden. The garden was also paved with golden bricks. In the middle was a pool that churned with white fog.

Having followed them at some point in time, Fred said from the side, “That’s the Angel Reincarnation Pool.”

Before coming, Zhou Wen and company had already done their homework, so they naturally knew that it was the Angel Reincarnation Pool.

If a human jumped into the Reincarnation Pool, an angel Companion Beast would naturally return with the human who jumped in.

If the person was unlucky, they would never return.

As for how to obtain an angel Companion Beast under the Reincarnation Pool, there was no detailed information.

There were many people who came to the Reincarnation Pool, but not many people dared to jump in. Some people who were determined to obtain one inevitably hesitated in front of the Reincarnation Pool. Many of them gave up.

Seeing that there were many people queuing in front, Zhou Wen said to Wang Lu and company, “Line up here first. I’ll go to the other gardens to take a look.”

Among the three gardens in Heaven, the Reincarnation Pool was the safest. As long as one didn’t attempt to jump into the Reincarnation Pool, there was no danger.

However, the other two gardens were different. Few people came out of one, while nobody came out from the last one.

“Do you want me to accompany you?” Wang Lu asked.

“There’s no need. I’ll feel more at ease with you here.” Zhou Wen shook his head. Without Wang Lu here, Zhou Wen was afraid that something would happen to Feng Qiuyan and company.

He left the Reincarnation Pool Garden alone and went to the garden on the left. He heard that there was a fruit tree there. It was suspected to be the garden where Adam and Eve had stayed.

This was also one of the reasons why people felt that this was Eden and not Heaven.

Some people could enter and leave this garden, but others couldn’t. It was said that only those who plucked the fruit could come out, but not everyone could pluck the fruit.

“Friend, it’s best that you be careful. It’s easy to enter this garden, but it’s not that easy to come out.” Fred also followed Zhou Wen to the orchard. He seemed to be warning him out of goodwill, but he was actually goading him.

Zhou Wen couldn’t be bothered with him. There weren’t many people in front of the entrance, so he walked straight in.

There were still golden bricks and silver walls in the garden. In the middle was a fruit tree. It had golden branches and silver leaves, but the fruit was as red as fire. It looked a little like an apple.

Zhou Wen had previously obtained a golden apple that could change a person’s Life Providence, but he had kept it unused. Now that he saw the apple, he was somewhat puzzled as to why there were so many myths related to apples in Western myths.

There were only about ten people in the garden. They were all thinking of ways to pluck the apples.

It was strange. Among the dozen or so people, some were climbing the tree, some were tiptoeing to grab the branches, but no one flew up to pluck the apples.

Fred followed and said to Zhou Wen with a smile, “There’s a taboo in the orchard. Your feet can’t leave anything solid at the same time. If you want to pluck an apple, you have to climb up yourself.”

“What’s the use of these apples?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Eating it can raise one’s cultivation level.” Fred didn’t elaborate on how many levels it could raise.

Isn’t this similar to the effects of the Ginseng Fruit? It’s probably useless to me. It can be used to feed Companion Beasts. Zhou Wen saw a person climb onto a tree branch and reach out to pluck an apple.

Without any difficulty, he ripped out an apple and eagerly stuffed it into his mouth before eating it in big mouthfuls.


Just as he finished eating the apple, the person suddenly fell from the tree and lay on the ground, motionless.

Just as Zhou Wen was about to go forward to check on him, the person’s body suddenly moved. His limbs twisted strangely as his entire body trembled violently.

Fine scales grew on his skin, and his eyes became strange. Scales also grew on him, but the scales were transparent.

Soon, the person had turned into a monster that was half human and half snake. A snake-like tail even grew from his buttocks.

Getting up from the ground, the person charged at the other humans as though he had gone mad, looking like he was about to devour them.

The angel behind Fred blinked forward and condensed a light sword in his hand, killing the half-human, half-snake monster.

“This fruit isn’t something anyone can eat. Only kind-hearted pious believers can eat it. If you have evil intentions or have impure beliefs, you will become such a half-human, half-snake monster. Friend, do you still want to try?” Fred smiled at Zhou Wen.

“Can only kind believers eat it?” Zhou Wen asked again.

“Of course,” Fred answered without hesitation.

“Then, have you eaten the fruit on the tree?” Zhou Wen asked as he sized up Fred.

“Of course.” Fred puffed out his chest proudly.

“That relieves me.” Zhou Wen seemed relieved.

“What do you mean?” Fred looked at Zhou Wen suspiciously.

“If you can be considered a kind person, I definitely can’t be considered evil.” With that said, Zhou Wen walked towards the apple tree.

Let’s see how arrogant you can be when you eat the forbidden fruit and become a monster. Fred was depressed as he thought that he had asked an unnecessary question.

When he looked at Zhou Wen again, his mouth gaped open in surprise.

Zhou Wen stood in midair as though he was stepping on an invisible staircase. He walked to the side of a fruit and reached out to pluck it.

What the hell. The garden’s restrictions are actually ineffective against him! Fred’s expression turned nasty, but he couldn’t help but praise inwardly. Human Sovereign really lives up to his name. Even a dimensional zone at the level of Heaven is ineffective against him. He’s really terrifyingly strong. Unfortunately, such a person has a bad relationship with my Cape family. It’s really a headache.

After Zhou Wen plucked an apple, he didn’t stop. He walked to another fruit and soon, he plucked seven or eight fruits. From his stance, it looked like he wanted to pluck all the fruits.

Fred was immediately alarmed as he hurriedly stopped him. “Friend, each person can only eat one forbidden fruit. The more you eat, the greater the punishment. You can’t pluck too many.”

Fred naturally wasn’t reminding Zhou Wen out of goodwill. Although the fruits could turn people into monsters, as long as they weren’t affected by the fruits, they could break through the natural barriers and advance to the Mythical stage as pure humans. They didn’t need to rely on the Guardian’s power or use the alien genes like before. Every forbidden fruit meant a pure Mythical human. How could he allow Zhou Wen to pluck all of them?

Zhou Wen didn’t seem to hear him as he constantly plucked the fruits, plucking almost all the fruits on the tree.