Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1833 - Death-Deserving Heretics

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Chapter 1833: Death-Deserving Heretics

Translator: CKtalon

Fred wanted to stop him, but he didn’t dare. All he could do was watch as Zhou Wen plucked all the fruits from the tree.

Fred’s heart bled for the fruits as he watched Zhou Wen put them all away.

You didn’t even eat them, but you plucked them all. God will definitely punish you, Fred cursed inwardly.

This time, he didn’t remind Zhou Wen that the fruit couldn’t be taken out of the orchard for there would be punishment.

Zhou Wen put away all the fruits and turned to walk out of the orchard.

While Fred cursed Zhou Wen inwardly, Zhou Wen left the orchard unscathed. It left Fred alarmed and furious.

From the looks of it, Heaven’s taboo powers are useless against me. Zhou Wen didn’t find the tiny palm symbol, but he wasn’t flustered at all.

When he returned to the Reincarnation Pool, Wang Lu and company were still queuing. There were still many people in front.

“Coach, any gains?” Ming Xiu hurriedly asked when he saw Zhou Wen return.

“I plucked a few fruits. I’ll give you guys some when I figure them out.” Zhou Wen didn’t want to randomly give Ming Xiu and company the fruits for consumption. It wouldn’t be good if they became monsters that were half-human and half-snake.

“Forget about the fruit. I haven’t completely digested the Ginseng Fruit from last time.” Ming Xiu shook his head repeatedly.

He hadn’t completely assimilated the energy given to him by the Ginseng Fruit.

Fred, who had returned with Zhou Wen, gritted his teeth when he heard that. He didn’t treat the forbidden fruits as treasures at all.

After queuing for a while, many people in front gave up. It was finally Zhou Wen and company’s turn.

“I’ll head down to take a look,” Zhou Wen said as he walked towards the Reincarnation Pool and jumped in.

When he landed in the Reincarnation Pool, Zhou Wen didn’t feel himself plummet. Instead, he felt as though he was floating in mid-air.

It was white everywhere—white fog. He couldn’t see anything.

Just as he was feeling puzzled, something seemed to walk towards him from the white fog.

“Sweetie!” Zhou Wen nearly cried out in pleasant surprise when he saw the figure.

Who else could this lovely girl be but Sweetie?

Sweetie walked over with a smile. She didn’t say a word as she walked in front of Zhou Wen and pressed her hand on his head.

Immediately, a holy glow enveloped Zhou Wen’s body. Only then did Zhou Wen realize that the Sweetie in front of him wasn’t corporeal, but a realistic projection.

As the light descended, a crystalline Companion Egg appeared in front of him.

It wasn’t the common white or silver, nor was it a luxurious golden color. Instead, it was a Companion Egg that was transparent like a colorless crystal.

Inside the Companion Egg, strange light circulated and intertwined, as though there was a mini pocket universe inside.

“Covenant Garden… Covenant Garden…” When Zhou Wen picked up the Companion Egg, the glowing Sweetie’s projection gradually vanished. Only a voice seemed to echo in Zhou Wen’s mind.

Covenant Garden. Isn’t that the last garden? Zhou Wen was wondering if Sweetie meant for him to enter the last garden.

As he was thinking, he felt a gentle force lift his body out of the Reincarnation Pool.

Zhou Wen landed on the ground. The people around him looked at him, but they didn’t see the angel Companion Egg in his hand. They knew that he had already put it away and were somewhat disappointed.

“Head down in order.” Zhou Wen wasn’t worried that anything would happen to them. Since this was Sweetie’s territory, she probably wouldn’t let anything happen to his friends.

Feng Qiuyan, who was right in front, jumped into the Reincarnation Pool without any hesitation. Soon, he rose from the Reincarnation Pool.

Unlike Zhou Wen, he held a golden Companion Egg in his hand.

“Heavens! It’s a golden Companion Egg. It’s a six-winged seraphim Companion Egg!” Many people exclaimed.

This was the first time they had seen someone obtain a golden Companion Egg. It was a Companion Beast that was born at the Calamity grade.

Fred’s eyes widened when he saw this. Why could Zhou Wen, a bunch of faithless fellows, obtain the six-winged seraphim Companion Egg just by going down? Why did he, a believer of God, only obtain the two-winged seraphim?

“It’s my turn.” Ming Xiu was eager to give it a try and jumped down after Feng Qiuyan came up.

Seeing Ming Xiu go down, Zhou Wen asked Feng Qiuyan casually, “What did you see down there?”

“I didn’t see anything. A Companion Egg just fell from the sky and landed in my hand…” Feng Qiuyan recounted the process. It was similar to Zhou Wen’s, but he hadn’t seen Sweetie’s figure.

Soon, Ming Xiu also rose up. He was also holding a golden angel Companion Egg.

Madness! This was madness!

The golden Companion Eggs hadn’t appeared for a long time and now two had actually appeared in succession.

Fred’s eyes turned red. He really couldn’t comprehend how Zhou Wen and company could obtain the golden Companion Eggs. They were clearly a group of heretics, so they should have been burned to death.

What was even more devastating was that after Qin Zhen went down, she came up with a golden Companion Egg as well.

This time, everyone was already numb to the turn of events as they looked at Zhou Wen and company, dazed.

There were even genuine believers who began to suspect if they were representatives chosen by God. Otherwise, how could they be so lucky?

“It looks like God dotes on us very much,” Ming Xiu said with a smile.

“Wang Lu, it’s your turn.” Zhou Wen urged Wang Lu.

Wang Lu nodded and walked to the side of the pool before gently jumping in.

Fred’s eyes were about to split open. Even his breathing seemed to be spewing out scorching air. He widened his eyes and stared at the Reincarnation Pool. If Wang Lu were to bring another golden Companion Egg up, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to withstand such a blow and would explode on the spot.

That can’t be. How can God dote on these detestable heretics? We are the people of God… Fred felt extremely resentful.

Wang Lu seemed to spend a much longer time down there than Feng Qiuyan and company. After a while, they saw Wang Lu’s figure rise up.

In Wang Lu’s hand was a gold and silver Companion Egg. Golden and silver light intertwined and circulated inside. It was holy and beautiful.

“What Companion Egg is that? Why is there such a Companion Egg? There’s both gold and silver colors. What is it?” Everyone looked at the Companion Egg in Wang Lu’s hand, puzzled.

Could there be a Companion Beast higher than the six-winged seraphim? This thought made Fred doubt himself.

What right did they have to receive such a gift from God? They were clearly not believers of God.

Wang Lu quickly put away the Companion Egg and left the Reincarnation Pool Garden with Zhou Wen.