Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1834: Covenant

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Chapter 1834: CovenantTranslator: CKtalon

“Head back now. I’ll go to the other garden to take a look.” Zhou Wen still had his mind on Sweetie.

Sweetie’s projection had signaled for him to head to Covenant Garden. Perhaps Sweetie’s true body was there.

Zhou Wen had long wanted to find Sweetie, so he naturally wasn’t willing to let go of such an opportunity.

However, from the intelligence, none of the people who entered Covenant Garden could come out. Zhou Wen wasn’t willing to take the risk with Wang Lu and company.

“We will just wait for you here. It’s so slow to return by ourselves,” Wang Lu said with a smile.

“Alright. Wait for me here.” With that said, Zhou Wen walked towards Covenant Garden.

After passing through the door of Covenant Garden, he immediately realized that it was completely different from the other two gardens.

There were no gold bricks paving the ground, nor were there any silver. This garden was really a garden. There were all sorts of green plants everywhere, and beneath his feet was ordinary soil.

Zhou Wen originally imagined that there was something special about the plants and that he might be able to obtain something good. To his surprise, after careful inspection, he realized that the plants were very ordinary. The energy contained in them was extremely low, no different from the weeds by the roadside.

He used the Teacher Domain to scan the huge garden and quickly realized that there was a huge box made of gold among the plants.

The huge box was about the length of a person. It was made of gold without any adorning patterns. It looked simple and spartan, but it was also very luxurious.

Strangely, there wasn’t even a slit on the box. Although it was called a box, it was more like a huge golden brick.

However, for some reason, Zhou Wen felt that it was a box and not a whole piece of gold.

“Sweetie, are you inside?” Zhou Wen called out a few times, but there was no reaction.

Don’t tell me you want me to split open the box to save you? Zhou Wen scanned the entire Covenant Garden and found nothing other than the golden box.

He didn’t know where the people who had entered had gone. Even if they were dead, they should have left behind some bones, right? However, there wasn’t any blood here.

With a thought, Zhou Wen condensed Sword Pill in his hand and slashed at the golden box.


Despite the metallic clang, the golden box remained intact.

He tried a few more times and even used his In the Human World strength, but the golden box remained undamaged.

What kind of box is this? Zhou Wen was alarmed as he became even more certain that Sweetie was inside. It was very likely that she was trapped in the box for some reason.

At that moment, Zhou Wen could only summon Demonic Neonate. Demonic Neonate glanced at the golden box and didn’t draw her sword. She took off her Vajra Chakram and threw it over.

With a thud, it smashed into the golden box, leaving a dent.

Zhou Wen was overjoyed as he watched Demonic Neonate command the Vajra Chakram to smash the golden box again and again. Soon, a crack appeared.

He hurriedly got Demonic Neonate to stop as he looked into the crack.

With a glance, Zhou Wen was immediately dumbfounded. Sweetie wasn’t in the golden box. All he saw was a piece of tattered cloth inside.

Zhou Wen extended his hand and sucked the tattered cloth out of the gap.

The white cloth was mottled with dark brown stains. It looked like a used bandage.

What’s this? Zhou Wen was puzzled. It was impossible to put an ordinary bandage in such a sturdy box.

No matter how he studied it, he didn’t discover anything special about it.

However, this thing was unlikely simple. Zhou Wen attempted to pull it, but he failed to snap it.

“Sweetie, where are you?” Zhou Wen called out for a long time without receiving any response.

From the looks of it, Sweetie isn’t here. Could it be that she got me to come here just to obtain this rag? Zhou Wen thought for a moment and couldn’t help but look at the golden box.

Since he was already here, he couldn’t just take the piece of cloth back. Zhou Wen attempted to store the golden box in his storage space, but he realized that he couldn’t.

Since he couldn’t store it, he could only carry it back. Zhou Wen attempted to lift the golden box.

He realized that he could do so when he exerted his strength. Although it was very heavy, Zhou Wen could still just about lift it.

“Sweetie, if you aren’t here, I’m leaving.” Zhou Wen lifted the deformed golden box and walked out of the garden.

He didn’t receive any response even when he walked out of Covenant Garden.

Fred and many others were waiting outside. They wanted to know if Zhou Wen could become the first human to walk out of Covenant Garden.

If it were before they came, no one would believe that he could walk out alive.

However, Wang Lu and company’s shocking performance in the Reincarnation Pool made them less certain.

Fred looked at Covenant Garden’s entrance in frustration. He didn’t wish for Zhou Wen to come out, but Zhou Wen’s absence made him feel uneasy.

Who knew what Zhou Wen was doing inside? Perhaps he was plundering the good things in Covenant Garden. Those treasures belonged to the believers of God.

Suddenly, Fred saw a figure walk out of Covenant Garden.

“What’s that?” Fred was first taken aback when he saw the deformed golden box on Zhou Wen’s shoulder. However, after careful thought, his expression immediately turned nasty.

“That… That… Don’t tell me it’s the Ark of the Covenant!” Fred almost cried out.

Legend had it that God had signed a contract with humans, and the contract was placed in the Ark of the Covenant. It was the most precious treasure in the mythology of God.

The garden’s name was Covenant Garden. The Cape family had always suspected that it had something to do with the Ark of the Covenant. Now that Zhou Wen was carrying such a golden box, Fred couldn’t help but make connections.

However, if it was really the Ark of the Covenant, how could it be reduced to such a state? It looked like it had been deformed by a hammer. It even had a crack on it.

“Is this the Ark of the Covenant?” It wasn’t just Fred who thought of this. Many believers outside the door seemed to guess that the golden box was likely the legendary Ark of the Covenant.

There were already pure believers praying to the golden box. There were even believers blocking Zhou Wen’s path.

That was an item that God had made a covenant with humans. To them, it was the most precious treasure in the world. As long as the covenant remained, God would protect his believers. Even after death, they could obtain God’s protection and enter Heaven.

However, if the covenant was destroyed, these believers would definitely be abandoned by God. They refused to let an outsider take away the Ark of the Covenant even at the cost of their lives.

Seeing the red-eyed believers surrounding them, Feng Qiuyan and company hurriedly went closer to Zhou Wen and protected him.