Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1840: The Mystery of Ah Yong’s Past

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Chapter 1840: The Mystery of Ah Yong’s PastTranslator: CKtalon

“That’s not right. The king isn’t the only one who has ascended the Destiny Platform. The person isn’t dead either.” Zhou Wen was puzzled.

“That’s because the Destiny Platform hasn’t been activated yet. When the Destiny Platform truly activates, all creatures who have ascended it, no matter where they are, will be transported to the Destiny Platform and undergo the baptism of the power of Destiny. The person who can ultimately survive the baptism of Destiny shall be the King of the Dimension.

“It’s said that the last time the Destiny Platform opened was when the supreme Immortal Thearch of the Immortals appeared. She was the true King of the Dimension. In the years after the Immortal Thearch’s reign, the Destiny Platform never activated again. I don’t know if it’s because the time hasn’t come or if there’s no one worthy of activating the Destiny Platform. Now that the Destiny Platform has activated again, it looks like a new era is being ushered in.”

Emperor of Shang told him some of the legends regarding the Destiny Platform.

“That explains it.” Zhou Wen was secretly glad that he hadn’t rashly attempted the stone steps.?If I’m not wrong, the last dimensional king recognized by the Destiny Platform should be The Thearch trapped in Chess Mountain.

He asked Emperor of Shang a few more questions, but since Emperor of Shang knew very little about the outside world, Zhou Wen had no choice but to give up.

“Heavenly Happiness God… I have a question for you…” Just as Zhou Wen was about to leave, Ah Yong, who had been silent, finally spoke.

“Please speak.” Emperor of Shang smiled at Ah Yong.

“Please tell me… Who’s my father… Where is he…” Zhou Wen and Emperor of Shang were taken aback by Ah Yong’s words.

“Are you in the wrong place? This is the Heavenly Happiness Temple, not the Destiny Temple. I don’t know how to read fortunes,” Emperor of Shang said with a bitter smile.

Like Zhou Wen, he originally imagined that Ah Yong was here to pray for children, but he never expected her to be looking for her father.

However, Ah Yong shook her head and said, “My mother told me that she met my father here where she fell in love with him, resulting in my birth. So you must know who my father is, right?”

“Is that so? What’s your father’s name?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Mother said that she doesn’t know my father’s name either. She only knows that my father is human,” Ah Yong continued.

“Human?” Emperor of Shang was even more puzzled.

The Heavenly Happiness Temple was connected to the source of life. It did indeed have the ability to allow asexual creatures to reproduce. This was also the Heavenly Happiness Temple’s job.

Although the Heavenly Happiness God was somewhat similar to Elder Moon—a matchmaking deity—Heavenly Happiness God wasn’t involved in matchmaking. Furthermore, he was alleged to be a matchmaker between a creature and a human. Emperor of Shang couldn’t remember when he had done such a thing.

“Yes, he’s a human.” Ah Yong nodded with certainty. “My mother said that he’s a very outstanding human man.”

“Then who’s your mother?” Emperor of Shang really couldn’t recall such a person, so he could only ask again.

Ah Yong hesitated for a moment as though she had some concerns, but in the end, she gritted his teeth and said, “My mother told me not to tell anyone her name. I hope you can help me keep it a secret.”

“Your mother’s name will definitely not come from me,” Emperor of Shang said solemnly.

“My mother’s name is Fate,” Ah Yong said carefully as though she was afraid that others would hear her.

“Fate Goddess of the Trajectory race!” Emperor of Shang was alarmed when he heard that.

“You really know my mother. In that case, you know who my father is, right?” Ah Yong was overjoyed as she asked again.

Emperor of Shang carefully sized up Ah Yong. After a while, he slowly said, “I don’t know who your father is.”

“How is that possible? You clearly know my mother…” Ah Yong immediately panicked, as though she would attack at any moment.

“Hear what I have to say first.” Emperor of Shang seemed to sink into his memories. After a while, he slowly said, “After the Immortal Thearch, there was no true king in the dimension. The powerhouses of the various races had the intention to become king. Back then, there were a total of five people who had the greatest chance of becoming the next dimensional king. The Trajectory race’s Fate Goddess was one of them…

“The Fate Goddess wanted a child, so she came to the Heavenly Happiness Temple. However, something unexpected happened. The Fate Goddess didn’t give birth to a descendant in the source of life. Instead, she met a human.”

“That human is my father, right?” Ah Yong asked excitedly.

“That human is very likely your father.” Emperor of Shang confirmed Ah Yong’s guess.

“Doesn’t that mean you know? Why did you say that you don’t know who my father is? You made me so disappointed,” Ah Yong argued.

“I only know that he’s a human, and I also know that he left with your mother. In theory, he should be your father. However, I can’t be sure. After all, I didn’t see you being born, and I don’t know where that human came from or who he is.” Emperor of Shang sighed and said, “You came here to find him, right? I’m helpless about this. I don’t know where he came from or where he went.”

“Don’t you even know his name?” Ah Yong was stunned.

“I don’t know. I only know that he came down from a large ship,” Emperor of Shang said.

“Ship!” Zhou Wen and Ah Yong shouted in unison.

“Why did you shout?” Ah Yong glared at Zhou Wen.

How could Zhou Wen not shout? If the huge ship that Emperor of Shang mentioned was the one that belonged to An Jing’s mother, there would be a problem.

When the ship was struck down, Ah Yong’s mother came to the Heavenly Happiness Temple after the ship was destroyed by The Thearch.

By then, An Jing’s mother had already died and The Thearch was trapped in Chess Mountain. Why would the ship appear again?

Could it be that the ship wasn’t completely destroyed after The Thearch struck it down? It still sailed for a period of time? No matter how Zhou Wen thought about it, something was amiss.?Perhaps the ship that Emperor of Shang mentioned isn’t the ship that An Jing’s mother used.

“Is this what the big ship you mentioned looks like?” Ah Yong reached out and took out a pocket watch. She opened it, revealing a circular photo on the inside of the pocket watch’s lid. It was a picture of a ship with a melancholic woman standing at the bow. She was probably Ah Yong’s mother, the Fate Goddess.

However, Zhou Wen’s focus wasn’t on Fate Goddess. He kept looking at the ship in the photo.

Zhou Wen was alarmed because he was now certain that the ship was the huge ship that Gaia had mentioned—the ship that An Jing’s mother was piloting.

It was obvious that the ship had been severely damaged. It was certain that this was a photo taken after The Thearch had struck the ship down.

Back then, it should have been the time when the trapped world-level lifeforms escaped the ship, or perhaps slightly later in time. When Ah Yong’s father alighted from the ship, was he also a lifeform trapped on the ship? But were there such existences among humans back then? Humans who could be trapped with lifeforms like God and Shiva? Zhou Wen looked at the photo in a daze.