Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1841: Too Similar

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Chapter 1841: Too SimilarTranslator: CKtalon

Unfortunately, this photo only captured Ah Yong’s mother and not her father.

“It’s this ship. Back then, this heavily damaged ship that looked like it was on the brink of collapse actually flew out of the source of life. It gave me a fright. Back then, the Fate Goddess and that man were at the bow of the ship and were taken far away by it. This is everything I know. I don’t know what happened subsequently,” Emperor of Shang said.

Ah Yong clearly had some hope. She thought that she could find out who her father was by coming here, but things didn’t go as planned.

Zhou Wen couldn’t bear to see Ah Yong in such a state, so he asked, “Your Majesty, do you still remember what that man looks like?”

“It happened thousands of years ago, but I still remember some of it. After all, it hadn’t been long since I arrived back then. Furthermore, this was the first time I’d seen such a shocking scene. It’s also the only time I’ve seen something fly out from the source of life,” Emperor of Shang said with a smile. He already understood what Zhou Wen meant. Without waiting for Zhou Wen to say another word, he extended his finger and drew on the ground.

In a way, Emperor of Shang’s drawing skills were rather good, but they were somewhat different from the popular drawing styles. His drawing was realistic, but not completely.

In terms of abstraction, it wasn’t completely abstract. It gave off a godlike feeling, and the details weren’t that exquisite.

However, as he watched, Zhou Wen’s expression gradually changed as the portrait became more and more complete.

He looked at the portrait and then at Ah Yong. His gaze became even stranger. He finally knew why he had found Ah Yong familiar. It wasn’t an illusion. She really looked familiar. Ah Yong looked very similar to someone he knew.

“It’s probably such a person that gives off such vibes. The details might not be completely the same, but the overall feeling can’t be wrong,” Emperor of Shang said.

“Is this my father? He looks quite handsome,” Ah Yong said happily.

Although she still didn’t know who her father was, she finally knew that she really had a father, and a good-looking one at that.

“He should be your father. You look very similar to him. However, you are a woman and he is a man, so there will be some differences, and your temperament is different,” Emperor of Shang said.

“Your Majesty, is this really what the man looks like?” Zhou Wen asked Emperor of Shang in disbelief.

Emperor of Shang glanced at him and said indifferently, “My artistic achievements were the best in my era.”

How is that possible? Do they only look alike? People may look alike, but how can the vibes they give off be the same??Zhou Wen looked at the portrait as countless thoughts raced through his mind.

He was too familiar with the person in the portrait, but he couldn’t associate this person with the word ‘father.’

How can he have such a big daughter??Zhou Wen kept sizing up the portrait and Ah Yong. The more he looked at them, the more they resembled each other. It was f*cking him.

“What are you looking at?” Ah Yong felt uncomfortable under Zhou Wen’s gaze as he roared at him.

“Well, if there’s someone in this world who looks very similar to the person in this painting—I mean very similar—but it probably isn’t your father, do you want to meet him?” Zhou Wen said hesitantly.

“What’s the point of looking alike? He’s not my father,” Ah Yong said with a twitch of her lips.

“That’s true.” Zhou Wen thought that it made sense. That person couldn’t be Ah Yong’s father.

Ah Yong looked like a girl, but in fact, it was unknown how old she was. After all, her parents had met thousands of years ago.

However, he couldn’t help but look at the portrait on the ground. It looked too similar. Zhou Wen had never gotten such vibes from another person.

This f*cking resembled An Sheng, but how old was An Sheng? It was impossible for him to have such a daughter.

“In that case, let’s bid each other farewell. I want to go to Destiny Platform to take a look.” Although Zhou Wen still had some doubts, he felt that it was impossible. He could tell An Sheng about this when he returned.

“Wait a minute, I’ll go with you,” Ah Yong hurriedly said. “You haven’t returned the cornerstone treasure to me. How can you leave just like that?”

Zhou Wen didn’t mind. With an Apocalypse protecting him, he could save himself a lot of trouble along the way.

After bidding Emperor of Shang farewell, Zhou Wen and Ah Yong rushed to Destiny Platform.

“Zhou Wen, where is the person you said looks like my father?” As she walked, Ah Yong suddenly asked.

“On Earth,” Zhou Wen answered.

“Does he really look like my father?” Ah Yong asked again.

“Yes. The facial features might be a little different from the portrait, but they are extremely similar,” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

“Can you take me to see that person?” Ah Yong’s words caught Zhou Wen off guard.

“He just looks like him. He’s not your father. Why do you want to meet him?” Zhou Wen was somewhat worried.

He wasn’t worried that Ah Yong would cause trouble on Earth. With Ah Yong’s personality, she probably wouldn’t go overboard.

What Zhou Wen was worried about was what impression this would give the other dimensional Apocalypse-grade creatures if a dimensional Apocalypse-grade powerhouse were to appear on Earth.

They would believe that the taboo power on Earth was already very weak and was enough to support their true bodies’ descent. This was the situation Zhou Wen didn’t wish to see the most.

Be it Earth or humans, they weren’t prepared for the dimension’s incursion.

“I don’t feel anything from looking at the portrait. I just want to see what the real person looks like. It’s good to have a reference.” Ah Yong said it very casually, but Zhou Wen could tell that she had probably made up her mind to go.

“Can you go to Earth?” Zhou Wen asked.

“I don’t know, so you have to be responsible for taking me to Earth to meet that person. Otherwise, return our cornerstone treasure.” From the looks of it, Ah Yong was going to keep clinging onto Zhou Wen.

“The rules in Earth’s universe reject dimensional creatures. If you go, you might be suppressed by Earth’s rules. Have you thought it through?” Zhou Wen asked.

“Have you forgotten that I have half a human bloodline? Perhaps it’s not as exaggerated as you say.” Ah Yong’s words left Zhou Wen taken aback.

He had really forgotten that Ah Yong still had half a human bloodline.

Zhou Wen wasn’t sure what would happen when Ah Yong arrived on Earth. All he could do was say, “I’m going to the Destiny Platform first before returning to Earth.”

“Ain’t I accompanying you now? You can accompany me to Earth to take a look at that person. Forget about the cornerstone treasure. I won’t tell anyone that you stole it,” Ah Yong said as she walked.

“I didn’t steal it. I took it,” Zhou Wen corrected her.