Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1842: Lake of the Sky

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Chapter 1842: Lake of the SkyTranslator: CKtalon

According to Emperor of Shang, the location of Destiny Platform was called Dimensional Airspace. The so-called airspace was an area void of everything.

In that area, there was nothing other than the Destiny Platform. Furthermore, it was virtually infinite. To find the Destiny Platform in the dimensional space depended on whether one was destined to find it.

Currently, most of the creatures that had ascended the Destiny Platform’s staircase had likely gone through the Cube. They had never been to the Dimensional Airspace.

It looked like the Cube had reduced the difficulty of ascending it, but in fact, it had increased the mortality rate.

In the past, people couldn’t find the location of the Destiny Platform by going through the Dimensional Airspace. They knew that it wasn’t their fate. Giving up on ascending the Destiny Platform gave them a chance to escape from the Dimensional Airspace.

However, creatures that went via the Cube would find themselves on the staircase without even a chance of giving up.

“Wait for me here. I’ll come out after I’m done,” Zhou Wen said to Ah Yong as he looked at the bottomless, mirror-like lake.

This lake was called the Lake of the Sky, the entrance to the Dimensional Airspace.

“I think I’ll go in with you.” Ah Yong was worried about Zhou Wen entering alone. He was afraid that if he ran away, nobody would be able to take her to see the person who resembled her father.

“Alright.” Zhou Wen thought for a moment and felt that it wasn’t a big deal. After all, there wasn’t any danger in the Dimensional Airspace. At most, they would be trapped inside.

Just as the two of them were about to jump into the Lake of the Sky, they suddenly saw a huge maelstrom appear in the lake.

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A horned head rose from the vortex, followed by a snow-white body and hooves. It was a snow-white unicorn.

After the unicorn emerged from the water, it walked on the water surface with its four hooves. As though sensing Zhou Wen and Ah Yong’s existence, it glanced over and turned to gallop over.

Zhou Wen looked at the unicorn warily. With the augmentation of the Human Realm domain, he could sense that the unicorn was extraordinary. It was probably an Apocalypse-grade existence.

The unicorn came close and stopped on the lake. It sized up Ah Yong and suddenly said, “When did the Fate Goddess have a descendant like you? You’re actually half-blood.”

Ah Yong was immediately enraged as a terrifying power spread out from her body. The entire space began to distort and tear.

Zhou Wen was alarmed. Ah Yong’s New World power could actually distort and tear through space. This was a rather powerful ability.

In the distorted space, the surrounding area was torn apart. White light rose from the unicorn’s body, but it wasn’t injured by the distorted space.

“If the Fate Goddess was still alive and came in front of me personally, she might have been able to injure me, Karoman. Your powers are lacking,” the unicorn said proudly.

“You are Karoman?” Ah Yong’s expression changed slightly when she heard the unicorn announce its name.

“So you know my name.” Karoman raised his head proudly and spoke to Ah Yong and Zhou Wen with his nostrils aimed at them.

“On account of the Fate Goddess, I’ll give you a way out. You are a descendant of Fate. Since you’ve inherited her powers, you shouldn’t be fooled by the Dimensional Airspace. Take me to the Destiny Platform and you may leave,” said Karoman.

“Who is he?” Zhou Wen couldn’t help but ask Ah Yong.

Ah Yong hurriedly gave Zhou Wen a look and whispered, “It once competed with my mother for the title of dimensional king. It was one of the strongest creatures of that era.”

“I see.” Zhou Wen nodded slightly when he heard that, but he didn’t pay much attention to it. One of the strongest creatures of that era referred to the strongest creature ranked behind The Thearch. It was naturally incomparable to The Thearch.

“A mere human actually dares to look down on me. Do you really think that you can run amok in the dimension just because you defeated Transcendent Immortal?” Zhou Wen’s attitude made Karoman very happy. He also recognized Zhou Wen.

Before Zhou Wen could say a word, the white light over Karoman’s body suddenly expanded like a sun that illuminated everything around him.

Ah Yong’s New World immediately shrank from the pressure. Ah Yong’s expression didn’t look good as she tried her best to power the New World to protect herself and Zhou Wen.

However, the range of her New World was shrinking. It could hardly envelop their bodies any longer.

With a thought from Zhou Wen, the three Companion Beasts—Mystic Thearch, Prisoner, and the Child of the Land of Depravity’s Holy Spirit—attached themselves to him in the form of souls.

After Mystic Thearch attached itself to Zhou Wen, it enveloped him in black armor.

Prisoner turned the gaps in the armor to white light.

The Child of the Land of Depravity’s Holy Spirit made six pairs of black wings appear on Zhou Wen’s back. There was also white light at the edges.

Zhou Wen’s entire body emitted white flames that burned black in the middle as though a devil had descended.

“Ah Yong, move aside.” Zhou Wen wanted to give it a try to see how far he was from a true Apocalypse-grade expert.

Ah Yong retreated when she heard that and looked at Zhou Wen’s back in surprise. The aura Zhou Wen emitted wasn’t inferior to hers.

Now, Zhou Wen had the augmentation of two Apocalypse-grade Companion Beasts. Together with his and Mystic Thearch’s strength, he was good enough to fight ordinary Apocalypse-grade experts.

“Are you even worthy?” The white light on Karoman’s body intensified under the provocation. However, when the white light arrived in front of Zhou Wen and touched the black and white flames on his body, it melted.

Two New World powers—Prisoner’s All Life plus the Child of the Land of Depravity’s Holy Spirit’s Darkness—augmenting Zhou Wen’s Human Realm domain might not be able to suppress Karoman, but his New World powers were made useless.

The six pairs of wings on Zhou Wen’s back spread out as feathers with black and white flames transformed into sword beams that tore through Karoman’s domain. They swept towards him like a river of stars.

“Strange!” Karoman shouted as a terrifying sword beam shot out from his eyes, tearing apart the sword stream that came lunging at him.

However, in the next second, the thousands of sword feathers vanished into thin air and appeared out of thin air again, slashing at Karoman from all directions.

Karoman leaped into the air like a bolt of lightning. With a stomp of his hooves, a terrifying shockwave immediately shattered all the sword feathers. Light scattered everywhere.

“Human, you are still lacking.” The light in Karoman’s eyes intensified as he instantly shot through Zhou Wen’s body like a laser.

However, it was only an afterimage. Zhou Wen’s body had already appeared behind Karoman. The huge shadow of Holy Hell King appeared behind Karoman and struck out at him.


Caught off guard, Karoman was slammed into the Lake of the Sky.

Zhou Wen instant transmitted to the surface of the Lake of the Sky and passed through it.

It was a clear lake, but when he passed through it, he didn’t feel any water pressure. It was as though he had passed through a bubble.

After entering the Lake of the Sky, he realized that it was an empty sky. It was the sky both top and bottom. He no longer saw the Lake of the Sky from before.

Not far away, Karoman was glaring at Zhou Wen angrily. It didn’t think much of Zhou Wen, but it had been slapped down by him. Although it hadn’t injured him, it had infuriated him.