Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1844: Zhou Wens Guess

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Chapter 1844: Zhou Wen’s GuessTranslator: CKtalon

There was no sense of direction in the dimensional space—no up or down, left or right. One didn’t even know if they were walking in a straight line.

Without any reference, how could one be sure that they were walking in a straight line?

Just like humans living on Earth might think that Earth was flat. The feeling humans gained from their senses was sometimes very unreliable.

However, Ah Yong wouldn’t get lost in such an airspace, it was only a matter of time before she found it even though she didn’t know where the Destiny Platform was.

After searching for about two or three days, the duo finally saw the stone steps of Destiny Platform.

Looking at the Destiny Platform with their own eyes was even more shocking than what was presented on the Cube. The path leading to heaven spiraled up to the sky.

Zhou Wen took out his phone and snapped a picture of the tiny palm symbol on the first stone step. The phone immediately entered the download screen.

“What are you doing?” Ah Yong sized up the phone in Zhou Wen’s hand curiously.

“Taking a picture as a memento,” Zhou Wen said with a smile.

“What’s a photo?” Ah Yong still looked confused.

“It’s just taking a picture and recording the scene. You can look at it when reminiscing in the future, just like the picture on your pocket watch,” Zhou Wen explained.

“So a photo is taken with this thing? I thought it was a spatial scene that was frozen with some kind of ability.” Ah Yong felt more intrigued.

“It’s normal that you haven’t seen something like a phone in the dimension. How about this? I’ll take a photo for you as a memento.” Zhou Wen took out an ordinary phone and aimed it at Ah Yong.

“What should I do? Where should I put my hand? Should I stand like this?” Ah Yong was immediately at a loss.

Zhou Wen pressed the shutter, hoping to snap her flustered look.

However, Ah Yong didn’t appear on the screen. It was as though she didn’t exist.

Creatures above the Terror grade could no longer be sensed with the naked eye or equipment. One had to use special equipment to see them. Ordinary phones didn’t have this function.

“What’s it like?” Ah Yong flashed behind Zhou Wen and looked at the phone screen in anticipation, but she realized that she wasn’t on the screen. She looked at Zhou Wen in puzzlement and asked, “Why didn’t you take a picture of me?”

“Wait a moment.” Zhou Wen put away his phone and took out a piece of paper and a pencil. He froze the paper in midair before drawing on the paper.

Although Zhou Wen didn’t know how to draw, it wasn’t difficult for him to replicate a painting with his present abilities.

Zhou Wen drew Ah Yong’s helpless look from memory. Behind her were the stone steps of Destiny Platform.

There could be thousands of beautiful photos, but it was probably difficult to have a second picture of an Apocalypse-grade big shot with such a blank and innocent look.

“Is this how a photo is produced? Why is it different from mine?” Ah Yong asked in puzzlement.

“There are all sorts of different types of photos. This is a rather special photo. It’s much better than your photo.” Zhou Wen was actually somewhat puzzled as to how Ah Yong’s father had managed to snap the Fate Goddess.

Thinking of Ah Yong’s father, Zhou Wen thought of An Sheng. He couldn’t figure out if that fellow was Ah Yong’s father.

Zhou Wen remembered that An Sheng had said that he had been picked up by An Tianzuo after he lost his memory. Even his name was given to him by the An family.

With this in mind, Zhou Wen felt that An Sheng might really be Ah Yong’s father. After all, even An Sheng himself didn’t know who he was in the past. Who knew?

Thinking of amnesia, Zhou Wen thought of Ah Lai. He was the person Zhou Wen had brought out of the Trajectory Holy Temple. He seemed to have lost his memory as well.

According to Ah Lai, he had gone out to sea with his father to fish, but they encountered a huge storm. When he woke up, he was already in the Holy Temple; he hadn’t seen his father again.

Furthermore, the timeline Ah Lai mentioned didn’t match the timeline in the Holy Temple.

Ah Lai was like an ancient person who had transmigrated to modern times. He was very unfamiliar with everything modern. Zhou Wen believed that what he said was likely true.

But how did an ordinary person like him cross the river of time and enter the Trajectory Holy Temple from the sea?

Previously, Zhou Wen had no clue, but now, he thought of a possibility.

Ah Yong’s father was on a large ship before entering the dimension where he met the Trajectory race’s Fate Goddess. They fell in love and even gave birth to a mixed child.

Then, was there a possibility that Ah Lai and his father had encountered a flood and not a simple storm?

Ah Lai was like Ah Yong’s father. He had boarded the ship during the flood. However, Ah Lai was unconscious while Ah Yong’s father was conscious.

For some reason, Ah Lai was taken to the Trajectory Holy Temple by the Fate Goddess, so he was trapped there.

Of course, these were only Zhou Wen’s wild guesses. It was very likely that they were worlds apart from the truth. Perhaps Ah Lai had never encountered a huge ship, nor had he interacted with the Fate Goddess and Ah Yong’s father.

“It’s done.” Zhou Wen handed the portrait to Ah Yong.

“Why did you draw me so ugly?” Ah Yong took the portrait and curled her lips.

“Give it back if you don’t like it.” Zhou Wen reached out to take the painting.

However, Ah Yong quickly turned to her side with the painting in hand and said, “Your drawing is so ugly. I have to put it away myself to prevent others from seeing it.”

“We’ve already seen the Destiny Platform. It’s time for us to leave.” Just as Zhou Wen was about to leave, he suddenly saw a flash on the steps of the Destiny Platform. A figure appeared on the first step.

Zhou Wen hurriedly teleported far away with Ah Yong to prevent himself from being captured by the Cube.

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but be taken aback when he saw the person on the stone steps from afar. Why is this old fellow here?

The person on the stone steps had black hair and eyes. His body was muscular and energetic. He was clearly a young man, but his eyes gave off an aged feeling.

That person was naturally the rejuvenated Jing Daoxian. Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled. Why would a scheming person like him take the risk to participate in the Cube’s battle?

Only one person will remain standing on the Destiny Platform eventually. Even if he can ascend the Destiny Platform, he will ultimately have to fight Wang Mingyuan to the death. How can he be Wang Mingyuan’s match? Zhou Wen found it odd no matter how he thought about it.

With Jing Daoxian’s personality, even if he didn’t know that only one person could remain standing on Destiny Platform, he wouldn’t have done such a thing. Could it be with his body turning young, he had become impulsive and hot-blooded?

As Zhou Wen sized up Jing Daoxian, Jing Daoxian also discovered him. He looked at him and moved his mouth as though he was saying something to Zhou Wen, but he only mouthed his words without making a sound.