Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1845: Human Hero?

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Chapter 1845: Human Hero?Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen looked at the shape of his mouth. He was likely saying the words “Lost Immortal.”

Lost Immortal Sutra? Why is he suddenly telling me this? What does he mean? As Zhou Wen frowned, Jing Daoxian had already turned around and walked up the stone steps.

He was different from all the creatures who had taken the staircase. Jing Daoxian walked very quickly.

Other creatures, be it humans or dimensional races, had an abnormally difficult time walking the stairs. Even Wang Mingyuan, who didn’t look like he had expended any effort, didn’t travel that briskly either.

However, Jing Daoxian was walking very quickly as though he wasn’t walking on the dimensional staircase, but ordinary stone steps.

This speed continued without any signs of slowing down.

“Holy sh*t, when did such an amazing person appear among us humans?”

“Those legs are definitely not human legs. They are practically divine legs. They are about to lift off.”

“Indeed, us humans are filled with talents. Any one of us can crush all those dimensional creatures.”

“My feet are eager to try it just from watching. I want to go up and take a walk.”

The livestream was about to explode. No one expected a human they had never seen before to perform so well in the Cube’s battle.

Now, everyone wanted to know who this person was. Why had they never heard of such a human?

“Professor Gu, have you heard of this human powerhouse? Why have I never heard of such a human powerhouse before?” Su Yi said excitedly.

“In this era, there are many geniuses among humans. It’s normal for there to be human powerhouses that we have never heard of.” Professor Gu looked as though he had experienced plenty and was unfazed.

“Then in your opinion, Professor, which faction does this new human powerhouse belong to?” Su Yi asked again.

“No matter which faction he belongs to, he’s the hero of humanity,” Professor Gu said righteously.

Recently, he had been the victim of online outrage. He had been accused of feigning knowledge he didn’t know. He had been accused of having a foul mouth, the foulest mouth king, the king of jinxes, the master of suckers, and so on.

Professor Gu didn’t even dare to go online to read the comments due to the online vitriol. That was why he restrained himself today. He didn’t analyze or make comments. He was just talking in a roundabout way.

I won’t draw any conclusions or make any judgments. You can’t call me a jinx that way, right? Professor Gu thought to himself.

The audience in the livestream was very tolerant of Professor Gu this time. They felt that he was right. No matter who it was, as long as they were human, they would be bringing glory to humanity if they stepped up. They would be heroes of humanity.

“Professor Gu is not bad when he is in control of his mouth.”

“That’s right. If your standards aren’t up to par, don’t make empty analyses. Can’t you just play the fool?”

“Professor Gu, you’ve finally come to your senses.”

“I think it’s fine to heap praise. It would have been better if he had given such commentaries. Why did he insist on making blind analyses? He ended up winning his reputation as a jinx.”

Many people were sufficiently accepting of Professor Gu’s performance this time. They felt that Professor Gu was finally taking a steady approach.

Jing Daoxian, who was walking on the staircase, flew up. It made one’s blood boil.

Restrictions? Inability to walk? Falling down? None of them existed for Jing Daoxian. He had almost reached the Destiny Platform before the first stone step fell.

Jing Daoxian didn’t even stop when he took the final step that Drought Demon Fairy took with all her might.

“Holy sh*t, this is too amazing. I feel like he’s stronger than Wang Mingyuan!”

“Amazing. This person is really amazing. Even if Human Sovereign were here, he probably wouldn’t be that fantastic.”

“This speed definitely makes him first. Otherwise, there’s no justice.”

Everyone was about to go crazy. They had never seen anyone ascend the steps like this. This unfamiliar human instantly became the focus of everyone’s attention.

Jing Daoxian stood on the Destiny Platform with his hands open as though he was welcoming something.

In the next second, infinite energy surged towards him like a heavenly river.

Jing Daoxian wants to use the Destiny Platform’s power to advance to the Apocalypse grade? Zhou Wen looked at Jing Daoxian with interest.

Zhou Wen knew that Jing Daoxian cultivated a remake version of the Lost Immortal Sutra. He had seen the power of Jing Daoxian’s self-created version of the Lost Immortal Sutra. It was indeed very powerful.

However, compared to the original Lost Immortal Sutra, Zhou Wen still felt that Jing Daoxian was lacking something.

Now, Zhou Wen knew why Jing Daoxian had said the words “Lost Immortal.” Jing Daoxian wanted Zhou Wen to see his Lost Immortal Sutra.

Jing Daoxian had relied on the Lost Immortal Sutra to easily reach the Destiny Platform.

Instead of saying that he had walked up, it was more like he had cheated.

He didn’t withstand the power of the stairs at all. The Lost Immortal Sutra had played fate for a fool. Not only did it fool the stairs, but it also fooled the Destiny Platform, allowing him to undergo the baptism of destiny.

Jing Daoxian had originally wanted Zhou Wen to take a good look at his Lost Immortal Sutra. He wanted to tell Zhou Wen that his Lost Immortal Sutra wasn’t inferior to Zhou Wen’s.

What a talent. He clearly can’t cultivate the Lost Immortal Sutra, but he managed to take another path and forcefully create a Lost Immortal Sutra that’s similar to the Lost Immortal Sutra. No one else in this world can do it. Zhou Wen sighed in amazement.

Despite knowing that Jing Daoxian was comparing himself to him, Zhou Wen still felt that this person was indeed a rare genius.

With countless lives on Earth and the dimension as witness, Jing Daoxian seemed to ascend as his body floated in the air. The surrounding space distorted more and more until people could only see a huge distorted space floating above the Destiny Platform. They couldn’t see what Jing Daoxian was doing inside.

No one understood what had happened to Jing Daoxian even after the Destiny Baptism ended, but the Cube’s screen switched to the rankings.

Unexpectedly, Jing Daoxian, who had walked up the Destiny Platform so quickly, was only ranked third. He was still behind Drought Demon Fairy. He didn’t rank first as people had expected.

However, no one discussed this problem because all their attention was attracted by the words “Jing Daoxian” on the rankings.

To the Federation, these words were almost equivalent to evil.

The title as the Federation’s serial killer, the greatest devil in human history, the Bloody Butcher, and so on could be associated with this name.

It could be said that this name was the childhood trauma of all Federation citizens. When children were disobedient, adults would say that Jing Daoxian would come to eat up the naughty children. Immediately, children would be so frightened that they wouldn’t dare cry again.

No one expected such a young-looking man to be Jing Daoxian.

Professor Gu looked at Jing Daoxian’s name as the corners of his mouth twitched violently. He had the strong urge to curse.