Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1850: Stand Firm. Dont Fall

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Chapter 1850: Stand Firm. Don’t FallTranslator: CKtalon

Laughing Li’s armor shattered and flew into the air; he continued clenching a piece by his palm.

“Old Pal, stay with me for a while longer.” Laughing Li clenched his fists as he stared at the Destiny Platform in front of him. There seemed to be some strange power surging in his body.

“Why aren’t you moving? Move! Move! Weren’t you very capable when you bullied me? Why aren’t you moving now? Walk forward!” Li Xuan slammed the Cube’s screen hatefully.

“Calm down. Wait for me.” Zhou Wen’s figure flashed and instantly vanished.

As though he had heard Li Xuan’s cursing, Laughing Li moved again. He took a step up the stone steps.

Blood gushed out as fine patterns appeared on his leg as though they had been cut by a knife.

Laughing Li walked up step by step. With every step he took, his body seemed to be sliced open by invisible blades. Blood flowed out of his body, and in three steps, his clothes were almost dyed red with blood.

“Overseer, can he reach the top?” An Sheng asked.

“Yes, of course. No one in this world is more reliable than that fellow,” An Tianzuo said firmly, but his palms were covered in sweat.

Laughing Li walked up step by step. He was covered in blood and one couldn’t tell the color of his clothes.

The people who had previously claimed that Laughing Li was relying on a Guardian were now silent.

Many people held their breaths as though they would make Laughing Li collapse if their breathing were any louder.

The stone steps behind kept falling and were about to catch up to Laughing Li. As for the stone steps in front of Laughing Li, there was only one left. He only needed two steps to reach the Destiny Platform.

However, Laughing Li’s vision was already a blur. His eyes were covered in blood and he felt dizzy.

Laughing Li clenched his fist tightly as the Guardian armor fragment in his palm stabbed into his flesh.

The pain had already numbed Laughing Li. He wasn’t using the pain to jolt himself awake; he wanted to clench his fists tighter.

“Move!” Laughing Li gritted his teeth so hard that they were about to crack. His body felt like it was being pressed down by a mountain, and he couldn’t even lift his toes.


Laughing Li raised his leg with sheer force and stepped onto the last stone step. Blood immediately flowed onto the stone steps, leaving a blood-colored footprint. Countless wounds on his body were gushing out blood.

The final step.

Laughing Li raised his leg again and stepped up. His blood had almost run dry and his body had already shriveled up. All his bones were groaning in pain. It was a miracle that he wasn’t dead.


It was as though a bone had snapped. The right leg that held up his center of gravity had snapped.

Laughing Li propped his left leg on the ground and looked at the last step in front of him. As long as he completed this step, he could ascend Destiny Platform.

The stone steps behind him had all fallen, leaving only the one under Laughing Li’s feet.

“Go, go, go!” Li Xuan roared as he grabbed the screen depicting the Cube.

In fact, it wasn’t just Li Xuan. Many people watching the livestream were already beginning to hope that Laughing Li could reach the top.

Laughing Li’s face distorted as his vision blurred. His brain was about to stop functioning, but he still maintained one thought—I want to go up. Laughing Li tried his best as he exerted strength with his left leg. His broken right leg moved for the final step.


His left leg bones fractured, but his right foot had already stepped onto the Destiny Platform. The last stone step had also fallen.

“He’s up!” Li Xuan was overjoyed.

Many people heaved a sigh of relief. The trip up to the Destiny Platform was one filled with anxiety.

However, Laughing Li, who had one foot on it, lost his balance and fell backward.

His legs were already broken—he couldn’t support his body at all. He fell backward and was about to fall off the Destiny Platform.

Damn the heavens, can’t you let me defeat him once? Laughing Li closed his eyes and allowed his body to fall into the void.

He had already done his best; he could only accept this outcome.

“Laughing Li!” An Tianzuo’s body trembled as his eyes turned bloodshot, as though everything in his eyes had turned blood-red.

Li Xuan couldn’t utter a single word. He leaned on the Cube and watched as Laughing Li collapsed. His mind went blank.

“Is it over?” Su Yi saw that Laughing Li’s toes were about to leave the Destiny Platform and fall into the void. She secretly wiped the corners of her eyes.

“That’s what a man is.” Many people felt pity for Laughing Li’s failure.


“Stand firm. Don’t fall.” A figure appeared behind Laughing Li and pressed a hand on his back. He whispered into his ear and pushed him back.

Laughing Li’s eyes were already filled with blood. He couldn’t see anything. His ears were also filled with blood. He couldn’t hear anything either. All he could feel was someone pushing him from the back. His body returned to Destiny Platform. His legs were twisted and he couldn’t stand upright. However, he remained standing. He used his twisted legs to stand. His broken leg bones pierced through his flesh and stabbed into the ground, supporting his body.

Zhou Wen pushed Laughing Li as his body was repelled by a force. He instantly fell into the void and vanished.

“Did you see that? What was that?”

“That’s… Human Sovereign…” Everyone immediately recognized the black-armored Zhou Wen.

“Holy sh*t, Human Sovereign was touched by this person and came to save the day.”

“As expected of Human Sovereign. With him around, nobody can stop anyone from going up.”

“I was wondering why Human Sovereign didn’t come to clear the level. So he can go up whenever he wants. Not only can he go up himself, but he can also help others!”

As people discussed, the energy on the Destiny Platform had already surged towards Laughing Li. The terrifying energy rapidly regenerated his flesh.

The Guardian armor fragment in Laughing Li’s hand also rapidly grew and connected with his flesh.

Strange trajectories of light streaked across Laughing Li’s body. There were countless wounds that looked like he had been sliced by blades.

Under the condensation of the terrifying energy, the wounds turned into beams of light.

The energy used to repair these wounds was far more intense than the ones repairing his fractured legs.

This was because the injuries of these wounds had been delayed. Laughing Li’s injuries were originally worse than this. He should have died before he could even reach the top.

However, the effects of his injuries came slower than others. This was the effect of his Trajectory Body.

However, the injuries were only delayed; they still existed. After the delay, the injuries would snare their heads even more violently, so it was even more difficult to recover.

Thankfully, he was already standing on the Destiny Platform. No matter how serious his injuries were, as long as he wasn’t dead, he could be healed.

When the armor completely covered Laughing Li’s body, the Cube’s screen changed to the rankings.

The words “Eldest Son of the Li family” appeared in fourth place on the rankings. Laughing Li didn’t leave his name, but his identity.

Now, he could tell everyone that he was the eldest son of the Li family and not the Holy Son of the Holy Land, Xiao.