Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1859: Breaking the Seal

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Chapter 1859 Breaking the Seal

Reign supreme? Zhou Wen glanced at Grim Demon and said nothing.

Grim Demon felt a little uncomfortable under Zhou Wen’s gaze. He sent another voice transmission. “I swear with my life that those guys definitely won’t dare to hurt Master. You have to trust me.”

Zhou Wen thought to himself, As if I’ll believe you. You’re loyal to Demonic Neonate, but not to me. You only said that they won’t hurt Demonic Neonate, but you didn’t say that they won’t hurt me.

Zhou Wen ignored Grim Demon and turned to look at the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed. Then, he pulled out the Human Sovereign Stone Saber and used Sin of All Life.

Infinite power surged into Zhou Wen’s body from all directions, boosting his strength. Energy even seeped out of Karoman and Grim Demon and surged towards Zhou Wen.

“What are you trying to do?” Grim Demon shouted in horror. He wanted to stop Zhou Wen, but he didn’t dare.

Zhou Wen ignored him. When his strength reached a certain level, Human Sovereign Stone Saber slashed at the exposed ear with the terrifying New World nomological power.


The nigh indestructible huge ear was sliced apart by Human Sovereign Stone Saber like an island cleaved off from the mainland.

Although the ear was severed, no blood flowed out. There was still indestructible flesh inside.

“From the looks of it, it wasn’t this ear that was injured,” Karoman said after some thought.

Zhou Wen didn’t say a word as he shattered the crystal over another ear. He used Sin of All Life again to slice open the ear.

However, there were still no signs of him severely injuring the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed. Zhou Wen had no choice but to shatter the crystal that enveloped another ear.

One ear after another was split open by Zhou Wen, but he only managed to slice them off; he didn’t discover the weakness of the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed.

He had sliced off six of the seven ears on the left, leaving only one. “This should be this one,” said Karoman.

Zhou Wen once again condensed the Sin of All Life and sliced off the ear, but he still failed to discover the weakness that Karoman had mentioned.

“What did you just say?” Zhou Wen wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked at Karoman.

After using the Sin of All Life seven times, Zhou Wen’s body suffered immense pressure, but he didn’t find the weakness that Karoman had mentioned.

“Ahem, isn’t it the left? Then it should be the right,” Karoman said awkwardly.

“You said the left,” Zhou Wen said with a frown.

“That was what was on my mind. The Devil King isn’t left-handed, so when slapping the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed with his right hand, he would definitely hit ear on the left. I never expected the miscalculation. Could it be that the Devil King is left-handed?” Karoman pretended to be in deep thought.

“Do you believe that I’ll slap you to death with my left hand?” Zhou Wen stared at Karoman angrily.

He never expected Karoman to be so unreliable as to use such a method to deduce the location of the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed’s injuries.

Karoman knew that it was in the wrong and pretended not to hear Zhou Wen. It said awkwardly, “It must be the right. Try again.”

Helpless, Zhou Wen rested for a while before preparing to chop off the ears on the right.

“Are you crazy? They are all Master’s strongest helpers. With them, you can regain control of the dimension and become the lord of the dimension. What’s the point of killing it?” Grim Demon sent a crazy voice transmission to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen found him annoying and got Demonic Neonate to unsummon him into the Demonic Sword. His ears immediately enjoyed silence.

Zhou Wen held his saber and walked towards the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed again despite finding Karoman unreliable. It was very likely that the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed didn’t have any so-called weakness.

However, there was no other way now, so he decided to give it a try.

Zhou Wen didn’t discover anything when he sliced off the first right ear. It was the same for the second and third ear. However, when Zhou Wen sliced off the fourth right ear, he realized that there was a hole in it.

It was obvious that the hole was formed because of fractured bones. It was different from the normal ear structure of the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed.

“So the legend is true. The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed’s ear was really injured by the Devil King…” Karoman cried out excitedly.

Zhou Wen was somewhat speechless. Karoman was just taking hearsay seriously. It was just lucky to get it right.

Karoman didn’t care about this. It flew into the ear hole, planning to kill the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed from the inside.

Zhou Wen didn’t follow. He waited outside with Demonic Neonate for the outcome.

Zhou Wen knew that Karoman was in a rush to enter because it wanted to find the New World Fragment of the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed. It was afraid that Zhou Wen would get to it first.

Zhou Wen also wanted the New World Fragment, but he wasn’t sure if the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed was dead or alive, nor was he sure if it still had the ability to fight. Zhou Wen didn’t wish to take the risk.

If Karoman wanted the New World Fragment, he could let it have it. Since it couldn’t leave the bottom of the Dimensional Airspace, it could only rely on Zhou Wen. When the time came, he wasn’t afraid that it would not cough it out obediently.

Terrifying light flashed from time to time through the ear hole. Karoman was probably wreaking havoc inside.

Crack! Crack!

Karoman was engaged in wanton destruction inside, but it didn’t know that cracks had begun to appear on the crystal over the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed.

Zhou Wen watched as cracks spread across the huge crystal. He was somewhat alarmed and puzzled. This fellow is actually still alive. Furthermore, its strength can break through the crystal. This is somewhat strange. Since its strength can break through the crystal, why is it sealed here?

“Karoman, come out now. Something isn’t right outside.” Zhou Wen shouted into the ear hole.

“If there’s anything wrong, wait for me to come out.” Karoman’s voice came from inside, but it had no intention of coming out.

“Cracks are appearing on the crystal. It’s best if you come out quickly,” Zhou Wen said again.

“Haha, you want to trick me into leaving so that you can come in and snatch the New World Fragment, right? I’m not easily fooled. I’m about to break through the doorway to the New World and obtain its New World Fragment. Don’t even think about snatching the fruits of my labor. After I obtain the New World Fragment, I’ll naturally leave and see what cracks there are…” Karoman answered smugly.

No matter how benevolent I am, I can’t redeem a person who has a death wish. Zhou Wen shook his head slightly and didn’t say anything else. All he did was watch the cracks on the crystal constantly expand.


The cracks were as big as a canyon, but it was also like a river that meandered over the crystal. Soon, large chunks of crystal fell from the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed’s body.

Crystals that were as large as a mountain or even a huge island fell. The scene was unimaginably spectacular.

It was as though Earth had cracked open and the continent had collapsed into the sky.

Zhou Wen picked up Demonic Neonate and placed her on his shoulder as he watched this beautiful and magnificent scene.

Karoman had no idea what was happening outside and was still dealing damage inside.

Most of the crystals that enveloped the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed had already peeled off with nothing but a few crystals remaining. Its huge moon-like eyes suddenly opened. They were like two pitch-black moons, but also like deep black holes. Just a glance was enough to make one feel like they were being sucked in.