Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1860: Master

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Chapter 1860 Master

“Achoo!” The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed sneezed and spat Karoman out of its nostrils.

Karoman was wrapped in a bubble. Despite it desperately stabbing at the bubble with its horn, the bubble didn’t shatter. It was nothing like ordinary bubbles.

No matter what Karoman unleashed, all the bubble did was distort and deform-it couldn’t be pierced.

Karoman was actually trapped by the bubble. Its sharp horn couldn’t even pierce through it.

After the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed finished sneezing, it roared at the sky. The wound on its ear quickly healed and it recovered in the blink of an eye.

It looked down at Zhou Wen and company. When its gaze landed on Demonic Neonate, it suddenly bent down and slowly extended its huge head in front of Demonic Neonate’s feet. A strange voice sounded at the same time. “Master… You’ve finally woken up…”

Karoman originally imagined that a huge battle would ensue, but when it saw this scene, it was dumbfounded. “Master… Could it be… That’s the Devil King…”

Demonic Neonate looked at the almost prostrating Nine Tribulations Devil Seed with a puzzled expression.

She didn’t understand why “food” would address her as master.

The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed seemed to discover a problem and immediately flew into a rage. It looked at Zhou Wen with its deep black eyes.

“You… You dare turn Master into such a state… You… Will suffer eternal damnation…” The enraged Nine Tribulations Devil Seed’s eyes seemed to turn into a black hole as a terrifying suction force pulled Zhou Wen’s body towards its eyes.

Suddenly, Demonic Neonate stood in front of Zhou Wen and threw out the Vajra Chakram.

When the Vajra Chakram struck the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed’s head, it immediately let out a tragic cry and tumbled down.

The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed had an extremely powerful body. It quickly recovered from the Vajra Chakram’s strike and flew back to Demonic Neonate.

“Master…” The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed remained respectful despite being hit by Demonic Neonate. It didn’t dare show any disrespect.

Demonic Neonate held the Vajra Chakram in one hand and the Demonic Sword in the other as she glared fiercely at the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed.

The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed seemed to understand something. It looked at Demonic Neonate, who was glaring at it fiercely, and slowly said, “Master, you have indeed come up with a flawless plan. Back then, when you established this body, you once said that we were to wait for your devil soul to be restored if you couldn’t recover your true self. From the looks of it, this is the time.”

As the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed spoke, a terrifying demonic aura rose from its body. As the demonic aura on its body surged, eight other terrifying auras also surged into the


The crystals around the eight terrifying creatures—Skyfiend Concubine, Hell’s Gatekeeper Dog, Six-path Devil Heart, Seven Sins Phoenix, Star Devourer, Devilish Trichilio Eater, Defy Bone Spirit, Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate-cracked and peeled off as they shattered.

Zhou Wen couldn’t help but frown when he saw the terrifying creatures shatter their crystals.

These fellows were once extremely terrifying existences of that era. Without the Devil King and Immortal Thearch, they were invincible.

When the dimension was at its peak, all the races had to join forces to defeat the Devils. Yet, these fellows could still carve out a bloody escape route to this place. It was obvious how terrifying they were.

In this era where Immortal Thearch wasn’t around, it was probably difficult to find an existence in the dimension that could fight them.

“You’re finally back? My dear master…” Skyfiend Consort swung her waist and walked over. Every move she made seemed to emit infinite charm that was irresistible. It made one want to throw themselves into her arms.

Woo! The Hell Gatekeeper Dog’s mouth that seemed to be able to devour the world opened slightly in the void as it let out a deep roar that signaled extreme danger. Its red eyes stared intently at Zhou Wen as though it wanted to devour him at any moment.

A man who looked like a true immortal from heaven had six halos behind him like overlapping moonlight. The white robe on his body fluttered as he carefully sized up Demonic Neonate. He slowly said, “Why has Master become like this? She looks no different from when she was born. What happened?”

The Seven Sins Phoenix, who was covered in rainbow light and seemed to be transformed from color glazed, let out a baby-like voice. “It looks like something has indeed happened to Master. She hasn’t regained her memories.”

At first, it had the innocent voice of a baby girl, but it changed with every word. Sometimes, it sounded like an ancient elder, sometimes like a seductive girl, sometimes seductive to the core, and sometimes ferocious like a ghost.

This sentence had countless variations. If one were to carefully distinguish it, they would discover that they were switching between a total of seven voices.

“Master hasn’t awakened yet. Why did you wake me up?” The black hole-like Star Devourer emitted a strange voice. The voice didn’t vibrate in the air, but seemed to ring in one’s mind.

“That human looks delicious. Why don’t you let me eat him first?” The body of the Devilish Trichilio Eater looked like a giant, but on careful look, his body was made of countless broken limbs. His chest was formed by heads placed side by side, and there were all sorts of severed limbs on his arms. His entire body was covered in distorted mouths and strange eyes.

It was as though there were creatures squirming and twisting in his body.

“You eat the body. The soul belongs to me.” The Defy Bone Spirit stood there as its body phased in and out of existence like a demonic spirit in the shadows.

“Screw off. I want both the body and soul.” Devilish Trichilio Eater snorted coldly.

“Shut up. Let me see what’s going on with Master.” The only one who looked more like a normal human, Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate, came in front of Demonic Neonate and bowed slightly. “Master, do you still remember me?”

“There’s no need to ask. I don’t know what’s wrong. Master’s memories haven’t awakened at all. It’s time to use the Devil Spirit that Master left with us,” said the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed.

Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate stared at Demonic Neonate for a while and nodded slightly. “Master, don’t be anxious. We will let you recover your true self.”

As Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate spoke, he turned to the other terrifying creatures and said, “Stop fooling around. Quickly extract Master’s Devil Spirit and help her recover her true self.”

With that said, Immortal Slaughterer Ancient Subordinate reached out to grab his head. He pulled out a black spirit flame from between his eyebrows and threw it at Demonic Neonate’s forehead.

The black spirit flame floated towards Demonic Neonate’s forehead.

Demonic Neonate threw out the Vajra Chakram and smashed it at the black spirit flame. However, when the Vajra Chakram smashed into the black spirit flame, it seemed to hit an illusion-it passed through the black spirit flame without being affected at all.

Demonic Neonate shook the Heaven Shrouding Bell next. Spatial ripples distorted space, but the black spirit flame remained unaffected as it floated in front of Demonic Neonate.

Demonic Neonate pulled out the Demonic Sword and quickly slashed at the black spirit flame. However, no matter how many times the Demonic Sword struck the black spirit flame, it was as though it had slashed at an illusion. Again, the black spirit flame wasn’t affected at all.

The black spirit flame seemed to lock onto Demonic Neonate. No matter how Demonic Neonate retreated and dodged, she couldn’t affect its approach. The black spirit flame was close to landing on Demonic Neonate’s forehead.