Let Me Game in Peace (WN)-Chapter 1861: Damaged Ship

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Chapter 1861 Damaged Ship

Demonic Neonate’s figure suddenly vanished and returned to Zhou Wen.

The power in Zhou Wen’s hand grabbed the black spirit flame and held it in his palm.

He could clearly tell that the black spirit flame was only a spirit body. It likely carried a sliver of the Devil King’s spiritual consciousness. Although all sorts of powers couldn’t injure it, it likely lacked any lethality. It was only effective against Demonic Neonate.

Zhou Wen grabbed the black spirit flame and quickly flew away.

The Devil King’s pets were alarmed and furious. Shocking New World rules enveloped the world as they intertwined and bombarded Zhou Wen.

Under the interweaving of the terrifying New World rules, everything was wiped out. Even Karoman, who was wrapped in the bubble, was crushed.

“I share a life with your master. She won’t live if I die,” Zhou Wen shouted coldly.

The terrifying laws that were about to land on him immediately came to a halt and didn’t touch him.

The six pairs of wings on Zhou Wen’s back flapped crazily as he transformed into a shadow and instantly vanished into the horizon.

The nine Devil King pets were alarmed and furious as they immediately chased after him. The Seven Sins Phoenix flapped its wings and appeared beside Zhou Wen like a ghost. Its wings transformed into rainbow threads that wrapped around Zhou Wen’s body.

Skyfiend Consort also appeared above Zhou Wen like a fairy in the clouds. She stepped on Zhou Wen’s head with her bare feet.

The other terrifying existences appeared beside him. Zhou Wen’s speed was incapable of shaking them off. Zhou Wen’s body vanished into thin air and he couldn’t teleport out of this godforsaken place, he could only use instant transmission here.

When the nine Devil pets caught up to Zhou Wen again, they realized that Zhou Wen had landed on the deck of the damaged ship. He bent down and rushed into the cabin.

When they saw the ship, they were taken aback. They didn’t rush in to capture him immediately. “This ship looks a little familiar,” the Seven Sins Phoenix said.

“That’s an understatement. It’s that ship,” the Defy Bone Spirit said coldly.

“Why is it here? And in such a state?” The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed stared at the ship and frowned.

“What’s there to be afraid of? We weren’t afraid back then. Now that it’s in such a state, the people inside are probably long gone. What’s there to be afraid of?” As Devilish Trichilio Eater spoke, he slapped the ship.

His huge hand was almost half the size of the ship. A strange mouth opened on his hand, revealing a mouthful of fangs that were about to crush the ship.

However, when his hand grabbed the hull, the gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth failed to tear apart the seemingly damaged ship.

His teeth scraped against the wooden planks, producing creaking sounds. They snapped, leaving only teeth marks on the wooden plank. He failed to tear through it.

“Ah!” Devilish Trichilio Eater suddenly cried out in pain and retracted his palm.

On the palm, there was an additional wound on the mouth as black blood flowed out.

Zhou Wen stood in the cabin with the Human Sovereign Stone Saber in hand. The saber was still dripping with black blood.

The faces on Devilish Trichilio Eater’s hand squirmed as though they wanted to apply pressure and heal the wound, but they couldn’t.

“Strange, why can’t this tiny wound heal!” Devilish Trichilio Eater exclaimed in surprise.

“I wonder what method this fellow used to control Master’s Destiny Body. He is quite something,” Seven Sins Phoenix said.

“A mere human. Let me control him and he’ll beg for death.” As the Defy Bone Spirit spoke, its shadow-like body transformed into a terrifying shadow that enveloped the entire space. When the shadow reached the cabin’s entrance, Zhou Wen held Human Sovereign’s ancient saber with both hands and activated In the Human World to slash at the shadow.

“Human, your saber can’t injure me… Ah…” Just as Defy Bone Spirit was speaking eerily, it suddenly let out a tragic cry. The incorporeal shadow had been cleaved open by the Human Sovereign Stone Saber.

“Strange… How strange… It’s impossible for a corporeal body to injure my Spirit Body… How can this be…” Defy Bone Spirit retreated. There was a small wound on its shadow-like body that couldn’t heal.

Instantly, the few terrifying existences were somewhat surprised. Zhou Wen’s strength was nothing in their eyes, and this injury was nothing, but for him to injure them with unhealable wounds was somewhat unbelievable.

“You idiots who only know how to kill, let me do it.” Skyfiend Consort smiled sweetly as she walked towards the ship.

Although her body was like a giant, her figure was extremely graceful. Every move she made emitted infinite charm, making one’s mind involuntarily attracted to her.

“Sweetie, come into my arms. I’ll let you enjoy the most extreme joy in this world…” Skyfiend Consort landed on the deck and spoke to Zhou Wen with a smile.

Looking at her flirty appearance and hearing her soul-stirring voice, Zhou Wen’s eyes seemed to blur as he walked out of the cabin. “Come, sweetie. I’ll let you die of bliss…” Skyfiend Consort emitted strange rules that distorted the original rules of the world.

Zhou Wen walked in front of her when she reached out to grab him.

Suddenly, a saber beam flashed. Skyfiend Consort exclaimed as a wound appeared on her palm. Zhou Wen had already returned to the cabin.

Skyfiend Consort struck out in exasperation in a bid to shatter the entire ship with her terrifying power, but only a few tiny cracks appeared on the deck when it landed. They were almost unnoticeable.

The other terrifying existences were even more surprised. Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate looked at Zhou Wen in the cabin and said, “Human, it’s easy for us to kill you. We only didn’t kill you because of Master that resides in you. If you are willing to return Master, we can guarantee you live and give you a huge opportunity.”

“You claim that Demonic Neonate is your master, but she’s actually just a tool. If your Devil King wants to snatch her body to be revived, what will happen to her soul?” Zhou Wen said calmly.

“From the looks of it, there’s been a misunderstanding. She’s not the tool you mentioned. She’s our master’s actual body.” Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate patiently explained, “Back then, our master’s body was severely damaged, so she had no choice but to use the Rejuvenation technique to allow herself to be reborn. She’s the Devil King, so there’s no such thing as possession. The Devil Spirit is only her past life’s memories. Even if she doesn’t accept the Devil Spirit now, she will awaken her past life’s memories in the future. Accepting the Devil Spirit is just bringing forward the process. It won’t do her any harm.”

Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate could tell that Zhou Wen was very protective of Demonic Neonate and wasn’t just trying to stay alive. Therefore, he persuaded, “Even if her memories of her previous life are awakened, her present memories won’t disappear. She’s the Devil King, and the Devil King is her. Why would she erase her memories? You did a good job protecting Master. Even if the Devil King awakens her memories, she will definitely view you in a different light. Why do you have to do something that only brings harm to others without benefiting yourself?”

Zhou Wen thought to himself, Good job my ass. I killed her and made her my pet. If her memories really awaken, will she still be nice to me?

“In that case, hand the Devil Spirit over to me. I’ll help her,” Zhou Wen said as he guarded the cabin door.

“Bullsh*t. What if you go back on your word after we give you the Devil Spirit?” the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed said angrily.

“Then give it a try and see if you can snatch her from me,” Zhou Wen said calmly.

“Ancient Subordinate, why waste your breath on him? Leave it to me,” Six-path Devil Heart said indifferently.

“It looks like that’s the only way.” Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate nodded slightly.

Six-path Devil Heart landed on the deck gracefully like an immortal. He didn’t walk to the cabin and only looked at Zhou Wen.

Laws were intangible. Zhou Wen stared warily at the Six-path Devil Heart, unsure what he was up to.

Six-path Devil Heart looked at Zhou Wen for a while as his expression turned odd. The two of them stared at each other as the atmosphere gradually became awkward.

“Devil Heart, what are you doing? Quickly fuse your mind with his,” the Nine Tribulations Devil Seed shouted.

“This person is really strange… I can’t sense his mind…” Six-path Devil Heart said awkwardly.

The Devil pets were alarmed and puzzled. Even they were somewhat afraid of the fusion of Six-path Devil Heart’s mind. They had to pay a certain price to not be controlled by him.

A mere human had actually prevented Six-path Devil Heart from sensing his mind. This was strange. Could it be that he was a dead person without a mind?

“Since this method doesn’t work, we can only shatter the ship and leave him with nowhere to hide. Then, we can trap him and forcefully extract Master’s body,” said Immortal Slaughtering Ancient Subordinate.

“That’s a good idea.” Six-path Devil Heart returned and nodded.

“Then let’s work together to shatter this damn ship. Let’s see what else he can rely on.” The Nine Tribulations Devil Seed was already impatient as it came to the side of the


Nine extremely terrifying creatures surrounded the ship as all sorts of terrifying laws intertwined.

When the nine terrifying forces landed on the ship, the entire ship trembled. The wooden planks creaked as the nails popped out.


Wooden planks snapped one after another.

The strength of the nine Devil pets was just too powerful. The damaged ship ultimately couldn’t withstand their strength and was close to disintegration.

Zhou Wen looked at the tottering ship and couldn’t help but frown. Without the protection of the ship, it would be difficult for him to withstand the nine Devil pets.

Now that the laws of the nine New Worlds had locked onto the entire space, he didn’t even have the chance to use spatial teleportation to escape.

Crack! Crack!

More and more wooden planks broke apart as nails flew everywhere. With a boom, the deck and planks on the ship shattered and collapsed. The ship instantly turned into a skeleton, revealing the various instruments inside.

Zhou Wen’s body fell and landed on the ship’s keel. He couldn’t help but be stunned when he saw the scene inside.

In the middle of the keel, the outer shells of many instruments had shattered. Zhou Wen saw a figure sitting cross-legged in the cubic crystal.